i couldn’t take it


i didn’t want to let another night pass without saying hello and giving you a quick update. days have been long, cold and wet in ny this week while i shopped for fabrics and trims, obsessed about the booth and tried to tie up the endless loose ends.

needless to say you never know what’s going to happen till the day of reckoning. but i did want to share these sweet pieces:msginabottle_mg_4405.jpg

by artist amy leonard who’s making lamp sculptures for the show. she’ll be at the booth all week, so if you love her pieces, please come by! ok, the one thing i’ve mastered this week is when to say when and that is right about NOW! lots more to come, tomorrow is another (fleamarket) day!


ps: if you remember, i wanted to do a fab friday finds but never really got it together. well luckily, courtney of nesting instincts came into my line of site. she finds wonderful things on the web…on FRIDAYS! so for now, take a look at her beautiful pics if you get a chance, she has an eye for art that soothes me! pss: i know it’s not friday but i don’t go by days of the week anymore till this show is over!

psssssssssss: this is the link for the show itself:


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float like a butterfly


dirty but pretty.

this is from hotel carnavalet in paris. i don’t know if they know. i was dying to use this on the homepage of my site but thought better of it. but i hope my blog buds appreciate it. as soon as this show is over i’m gonna start on working on the rendezvous to paris in may. these salons are a trip all their own.


this is from another salon in paris, hotel soubise, an amazing home with the prince and princess’ suites still intact. it looks imposing from the outside but it’s got drop dead interiors. don’t get me started on the walls!


i satisfied my shopping/fleamarketing/weekend and overall tune out and found these at the ny flea’s garage. i love it there. always something inspiring.


we’re going to blow these up. they’ll be on canvas so you can hang or lean them.

more on the flat stuff: we’ll have it for sale at the show and on the site.

i think this would be great for girls too, minus the black sheets!


here it is in creme


this is another flat headboard. the detail is amazing.


anyway, that was my happy distraction for tonite. now back to the grind. sent my guy off to florida and have ny to myself. now i’ve really got no excuses! i usually wing stuff like this but i’ve been asked for the layout. who can predict that? oh well, luckily there’s an art store across the street so here goes nothing!



omg i did it thanks to a friend who clued me in to the scale thing! i’m going to bed!!

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picking up the pieces


the tiniest bit of surfing today led me here to nesting instincts, thank god.

meanwhile, my puzzle is coming together, got the beaded wallpaper in 40 x 60. still don’t have the walls nailed down, but am working on it. the rest is cake! well, except for the upholstery, transport, set up and those dang walls…


anyway for the past couple i’ve been working at nite with sara of sadie olive to create my new website, www.theparisapartment.com! it’s in progress so more layers and tweaks are coming. i hadn’t touched my old site for so long…now i’m inspired to keep adding to it, a whole new hobby! if you need anything done, on the web or graphically, ask sara. she is a dream come true to work with! thanks Sara, you’re my hero(ine)!

as for the rest of my day? well i’ve been at it nonstop (till now, finally going to eat).

the pics below are from one of the vendors from paris who’s sending stuff for the show! it’s all flat, so you could apply the door panel to your door and have an instant architectural element. the books are flat too, look at them on the mantle. it’s just frenchy good fun.





and this below? i can’t remember where i found it but it’s sort of inspiring me, if anyone knows of it’s heritage please say so :P


more to come, must eat!

final note: just stumbled onto apartment therapy.com and found de Gournay. for the wallpaper lovers:



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