one thing at a time


hey guys how are you doing this fine tuesday? it’s nippy in ny but the sun is popoing in and out thad those bits of brightness are bringing me a lot of joy. here come some rays now! i’m working from the apartment kind of just like the shot above (i wish)! so i couldn’t help but post it. i leave in a few hours and this trip has left me with a lot of opportunities. i have to decide if i could live in the city again and change up life as i know it.



in the meantime i was messing around on pinterest since i have a few moments to spare. between the photos, creativity and endless inspiration, it’s also instructional.


the shots that people take blow me away. and tweaking them is incredible too. from instagram, hipstamatic, photoshop, and iphoto there’s a whole world out there. i want to be a better photographer and have been bookmarking some pages to go through.


would you ever do a challenge like this?


are you obsessed with photography? everyone has such an individual style. i’d love to see books on pics in phones each year. it would be a great chronicle!


well anyway i hope to find some time to actually go and check out these sites in depth. if you do let me know! if you want to do the challenge let me know that too, it could be fun! ok, well it’s off to work we go. have a spectacular day!

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