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bonjour, toute la monde, ça va? hope you’re having a good weekend. it’s been chilly here so it was a good reason to play online this afternoon. after the last couple posts looking on back on how some of our favorite icons lived, i thought it was time to check in on how the girls of our time are living. each of the following ladies has opened her home shared the most intimate spaces, from her dressing room, bath, salon and of course, boudior. i won’t go into the accolades of who’s who but rather let the shots speak for themeselves. one thing the girls all have in common is their passion for creating a refuge to live, love, create and play. they’re my muses for today and a bunch who’ve inspired me to step it up. hope you enjoy a look into their pretty worlds:

Daria Werbowys


Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.27.48 PM

daria werbowy at home drawing - vogue australia by derek kettela





Linda Rodin




Erin Featherston

img-new-bedroom-image-apt-erin_190302620559-620x869erin-fetherston-paris-apt-flikr16-apt-lsd-erin_172238118013-620x553 17-apt-lsd-erin_1722397668441-620x823

Lauren Conrad




Alison Rubke

theeverygirl_fairefroufrou4fitting rm FaireFrouFrou

faire frou frou mirror

2445_homeScreen Shot 2015-02-07 at 5.29.22 PM2 faire frou frou allure magazine carine gilson jed root


Jessica Stam

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.07.33 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.08.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 6.02.49 PM


and that’s a wrap on the  eye candy inspiration although i do admit it could go on and on but as scarlett o’hara says tomorrow is another day…at any rate i think it’s time to freshen up my own chateau. think i’ll start with some fresh flowers at the farmer’s market tomorrow. but for now, bonne nuit!

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it’s a woman’s world


bon soir cheres amis! what are you up to? it’s a change for me to be blogging at this hour (minuit)! but i have a bit on my desktop including books and magazines to review, blog about and GiVeAwaY so what better time than the present?


the first is a magazine that comes out every so often and is devoured fresh off the press. it’s the ‘where women create’ spin-off from the books.  the issue they sent me is the one below. it is so rich and full of inspiration and creativity. i could’t show more than one or two spaces because there is just so much eye candy but i’ll start with my favorite cause it reminds me of my first store and the joy that it was to really let loose in a space.


meet Jill Garber
Le Nouveaurose


i just love her over flowing, unabashed collections of linens, furniture and tiny details.


you can feel her whimsy and i see how she couldn’t help but create in this space.  she has a sweet mix of both traditional and vintage decor. it looks like a playground!


kind of the antithesis  to jill is becki. funny, but in a way you could say the exact same things about both of them; the collections, the mix, the sweetness. the inspirational workspace.


Becki Crosby
Whippy Cake

well it’s a little later than i promised to do this but we’re giving away the latest issue. if you’re interested, leave a comment and i’ll send it out choosing a random number on monday.


in the meantime i hope we all get a chance to tweak our own creative spaces. maye this weekend?


till then, have a great night and enjoy this midnight hour! bonne nuit!

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what good is a blog

unless it actually keeps a web log of  your life?



good morning friends and happy friday. the photo above was so fascinating i had to post it. it’s the return of the mona lisa to the louvre after the nazi invasion of paris.  once they were conquered she was free be the paris we take so for granted. our muse!

rue rosier (1)

i hope you don’t mind a second day posting about my trip to paris with okl. they posted a lot of information on their blog about the trip yesterday after susan’s container sale went up. since they took the time to interview me about my favorite markets, i turned into a jpeg that can be read below. for me it’s a virtual scrapbook and this is the best place to keep it cause, hey,  a blog is forever. (sort of)! hope you enjoy it!

iokl final blog

day trips to paris markets


iphone app


flea market style


thanks for coming by and hope you got some info and maybe a bee in your bonnet to go to paris or anywhere soon, there’s nothing like traveling. i’ll be putting my trip together for late summer and fall soon and will keep you posted on the progress. maybe i’ll close up the apartment here since i have to move and just hit the road for a couple months. after all, times they are always a changin’ and you never know what’s next. till then, have  a bon weekend!

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