the women who started it all

hey guys,  how’s your day going? we’re in full swing chez nous. tomorrow we’re heading out to the maison objet for opening day. our client has arrived and will be shopping for her store so it will be fun with miles and miles of eye candy. i got a press pass so i’ll take lots of pics and hope to share them, at least a little each day. till then i’m trying to keep up with packing and before these goodies got bubbled and boxed i thought you’d enjoy a sneak peek of some of the stuff for the OKL sale coming up in november. claudia’s finds are a great addition and made me see think about the women who really started the trends we still follow today! anyway it’s back to le bubble! have a great nuit!

September 6, 2012. Fashion, France, Maison et Objet, Marie Antoinette, Paris, Paris Trip, Shopping. 5 comments.

marie antoinette is alive and well

i’m stopping by for a quick allo as i have guests arriving in about a minute. just wanted to share some of the love the city still has for our girl marie and admire how her legacy lives on. she may be the most influential fashion icon of all time cause she’s still reigning how many years later? and to think there were no photos of her at all. so much for technology…well, bonne nuit from paris!

September 6, 2011. Fashion, Marie Antoinette, Paris. 4 comments.

she just never gets old

hey guys, happy monday, and more importantly, happy spring! hope yours is off to a bright start. please excuse the fact that these photos have no links. i was searching through images of marie antoinette and as usual, started saving to my desktop absent mindedly. i will try to figure out what came from where i promise, but i know you’re probably sick of my empty promises to do that cause i never seem to have the time to go back. i’m a bad blogger…it’s one of my pet peeves so again, apologies!

have you ever googled marie antoinette? she’s got to be one of the most searched celebrities of all time and never seems to go out of style. these are just random images that surfaced and it’s just reaffirming my passion for 1700s design.

this above is from way before her time, but you can see the influences (it’s louis xiii, she was more louis xvi so there’s a couple kings between her). of course, m.a. didn’t create all this style but she definitely left her mark with her colors, clothing, and interior decor.

anyway, these are just some pretty pics of stuff that came up. for some reason, i look to her every spring to renew my love affair with all things french, and paris in particular. it’s funny how with all that’s new under the sun, this era never seems to get tired.

ok, i do know where these came from, it’s one of my favorite sites, in fact she has some pics up of even more ways this style stays au currant.

i mean, this is an antique and looks like it’s just off the runway!

anyway, maybe it’s your thing and maybe not, but suffice it to say that there is something in this period that translates to every modern room today, even if it’s just one element.

so marie, this is just a nod to you, thank heavens you’re just a search engine click away for inspiration.

and she may have nothing to do with all the paperwork i’m about to tackle, but somehow, it’s just nice to be around her pretty world.

well, that’s it! enough play time, it’s time to tackle my overgrown inbox! have a beautiful day with whatever inspires you!

March 22, 2010. Design, Marie Antoinette. 27 comments.

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