the paradox of passion

IMG_3043 bonjour mes amis, comment ça va? we’ve been enjoying the june sun and the bliss of  being able to stroll through the city without the worry of weather. i have just the slightest bit of guilt knowing i should be hitting the museums i’ve never seen and yet just can’t resist the lure of the markets, brocantes, street fairs and vide-greniers that take over so many neighborhoods this time of year. for me it’s as much fun as any tourist attraction and utterly irresistible so i won’t apologize for it, knowing that the museums will be there on some rainy day in the near future. in the meantime it feels good to to indulge this passion/obsession and enjoy every moment of it. today i wanted to share a little insight into finding these markets with those of you who share my petite addiction. IMG_3125 i’ve written about this before but wanted to post again because it is just so helpful when you’re in search of that perfect afternoon outing any day of the week. i was so grateful when my friend lorraine turned me onto this and i just love passing it on to my friends too. the very first thing i do upon arriving in paris is pick up a copy of ‘alladin’ magazine. there’s a pull-out section which lists each of the scheduled markets in paris and all over france. those numbered ’75’ are central paris. the number after paris is the arrondissement, or neighborhood.IMG_3011 it then tells the metro or the name of the event. sometimes you’ll find pamphlets in antique shops which are also good guides like this one put out by joel garcia and they have the schedule online: it helps to put the google translation bar on your search engine for even more description as to who what and when. i find it an invaluable tool: IMG_3025 the first one we hit today was close to our apartment so we walked, but in general one of my favorite tools is an app for the metro designed by zuti. you enter your location and then the destination and it maps it out with directions and time, changes and stops. IMG_3121 if you’re on foot, google maps will work without wifi and you can do the same by entering your starting point and destination. not having to use wifi is great and it tracks your path if you have location settings turned on. IMG_3013 IMG_3018 it was an aMaZiNg experience to enjoy antiques, ephemera, vintage clothing,  jewlery, perfume bottles and powder boxes in the glorious setting by the saint sulpice church which is famous for everything from the da vinci code to catherine deneuve’s apartment overlooking the square. IMG_3023 IMG_3110 keni got into the vintage fashion and always has an eye out for pieces for his collection at the museum of fashion, like this delicious YSL two-piece number IMG_3104 and he waited so patiently when i got caught in a rain shower with one of my favorite diversions, a booth full of ephemera, and the lovely vendor allowed me to take pics of her collection. most of the stall was paper from the well known parisian printer, ‘stern’ and was a colorful collection of prototypes and images she ammased when they closed their doors recently. they had printed everything for anyone who was anyone from birth announcements to wedding invitations, menu templates, family crests and logos, foil stamps, engravings, gold and silver edged card and oh so much more…

(let me know if you’d like to contact her via email, i have it but don’t want to post it here)


anyway it’s getting late and there are a few i’d like to hit bright and early tomorrow so.. one last thing for you to bookmark, a couple great resources if you’re putting your own trip together: d’accord, my friends are tired of hearing me type and it’s 3am! c’est tout pour ce soir, bonne nuit!

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around the world 80 days


bonjour tout le monde, coming to you from gay paree! i spent the last few days at the flea market with clients from perth, australia who are buying for their antique business which will be set in a gorgeous church they’re converting into a store.


i promised to keep it hush hush for now and will be blogging more about it when it’s ready to go. but i couldn’t resist sharing a little of our time together. they asked me to help them find a lamp post to hang their shingle and i knew just where to go to look, but what we found surprised even me. next to an everyday light that had been removed from a paris street were three magnificent lamposts that had come directly from the Champs-Élysées!


hard to believe this magnificent piece of history was available for purchase but then again, that’s the beauty of the french flea market; it’s a place where you can take piece of history home with you, even if that means all the way around the world to australia.


the details were beautiful and on one hand i can’t understand how they could have been slated for removal after all these years, but on the other,  i’m grateful that they’re there for the taking for someone who truly appreciates them.


the plan is to get them to their new home within the next 80 days for the grand opening, so they’ll be packed up and shipped on monday.


i can’t wait to see them in their new home! we’re finishing up tomorrow, so  for now, it’s  lights out!

ps i’m in paris for the next couple weeks so if you’re interested in shopping the markets together email me at bonne nuit! 


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infinite potential around the corner


an empty room has so much power


four walls can be absolutely anything


of course good bones don’t hurt! images above via pinterest:

morning guys and happy saturday! thank you all so much for your beautiful comments and good wishes over the last couple days. i’ll treasure them forever! there was no way i could hone in on just a couple winners for the giveaway so at a point i just cut it off and noted that everyone above that comment would get a book. i have to wait till they come out but will get a couple cases and send them over to you. that’s going to be a bit of a project so we have a little time to collect your addys and info. in the meantime i thought i’d share a bit of what we’ve been doing over here.


it’s been month waiting for the shipment from france and it prompted me to rent a space at a local antique mall for when it did come in. i chose the sugar chest.  it’s open and full of great vendors and now our own empty space  is  filled with the pieces that finally arrived from paris over the past couple days.

photo (1)

the beds are stacked 4 deep and the armoire is full of linens, we did have a couple incidents with breakage but overall i think it will be alright and this is a good place to store it and shoot it for our next sale.


while we were waiting for our ship to come in, we couldn’t help tap into the gems that line the streets right here in the usa. we started putting collections together and had some fun with the freedom of not having to ship, do customs, have a broker, pay duties, taxes, fees, bills of lading, power of attorney and uncrating it all. it’s amazing what’s in our own backyards. how we skim over great pieces or think we have to travel far and wide to find and bring them back. it’s fun, don’t get me wrong, but we are jam packed with stuff right here, even at the sugar chest! this little collection was based on the etching above, an early coquette.

coquette collection


we started making her a glamorous  boudoir of course! it’s been fun having everything around till it goes up on OKL (in fact i think some already is).  my own apartment is kind of an empty space that keeps changing with what’s coming in and out. i love getting to enjoy them awhile!







i keep saying ‘we’ meaning candy and me so i thought you’d like to see who our mystery muse is! these chairs were her investment to the sale! well i better jet,  i’ve got an impromptu trip coming up on monday i’ll tell you about later tonight if i can get back here. till then have a fantastic and memorable day and if you’re out antiquing locally, enjoy  the freedom of it!!

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