leaving a legacy



good morning and happy friday! are you enjoying your in-between time?



i love the days that separate the hubbub and mayhem. they’re filled with moments that are quiet and contemplative.



they give us a chance to reflect on what we’ve just accomplished both throughout the year and in the past few weeks.



the other day i was called a ‘media hoarder‘ by a genius at the mac store. i wasn’t offended but realized that so much is being stored, whether real or virtual. but if it’s not seen and shared, what good is it?



it got me thinking about the written word, blogging, journaling, chronicling and creating. over the holdiays my god-daughters told me they wanted to learn script writing but it was being removed from their school curriculum.



where would we be today without those who left their mark on the world with bound books, whether hand written, photographed or filled with pressed flowers and keepsakes?

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 10.19.26 AM


this post got to be a little long because i delved into one of my favorite obsesions: journals. it almost seems like a trivial pursuit but some of them are even published like peter beard’s above.



i’m especially drawn to old textiles. each page is a once in a lifetime experience with real fabric and handwritten notes



A British reverend’s daughter named Barbara Johnson (1738-1825) kept a meticulous diary of the fabrics she used and details of the garments she made with them. The original diary is now a part of the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection. It was reproduced in the 1980s and published under the title A Lady of Fashion: Barbara Johnson’s Album of Styles and Fabrics.






second to fabrics is a love for pattern





maybe it’s time to go through all the photos, the ephemera, scraps and souvenirs and turn them into something special.





it doesn’t have to be complicated



so for now i’ll leave you with some images i came across while working on the post. maybe it will inspire you to start your own journal this year.



there could be one for travel



another for fashion



one for ideas



a love of vintage





things to accomplish






or something to pass down



the one above is diane keaton’s and the the one below was cecil beaton’s!



these may help jumpstart something for you:





you can store them in something special and take them out as you get inspired to work on them.





maybe it’s a sort of voyeristic thing but they’re fascinating to look through



and endlessly entertaining and unique! no one but you can make yours!



i believe writing is a powerful tool that we should foster, maybe scrapbooking too. with all the technology today it’s so easy to lose the magic of the page. if you keep a journal or are starting one this year, let us know and maybe we can share pages with scapbook saturdays or something fun like that. till then, enjoy your down time and i hope you have a great weekend!



December 27, 2013. illustration, Journals, Life. 17 comments.

between the covers

good morning and happy friday gang! it’s 7:42 which means i have 3 minutes to get this up before the doorbell rings and quickbooks takes over the day.  i had a chance to crack this mag , nos loisirs (our leisure) from 1927. it’s  another time capsule, pages filled with articles, little ads and all the things we think about today. i thought you’d enjoy it~

it was a time of new ideas…and branding!

this is a cutex ad!

so many great designs, so many ways to tie a long scarf!

it was a new era, what was chic was being rethought for the moderne gal

and having bebe look good is always in style

eyelash ad

the ads were so sweet. fonts were always a big deal!

and you could have all this for 3150 francs, not sure how much that was but maybe about $350? dad?

ok she’s here, gotta dash, have a wonderful weekend!

September 21, 2012. illustration, Paris Trip. 9 comments.

my brush with greatness

hi all! how’s your holiday weekend going? i hope you’re still playing until at tomorrow in celebration of another year’s hard work! it started as a dreary rainy day here but my clients and i braved the drizzle and hit the fleas first thing in the am. as usual we were rewarded with incroyable finds all day long. i guess my favorite was this original pen and ink drawing that was a fresh and chic as the day it was penned. (above and below). i couldn’t take my eyes off the detail and for only 20 euros it was a steal. one of my clients fell in love with it so of course, clients first! she ended up taking it home.

but first i did take a photo of it and when i got home googled the artist, rene vincent. turns out he was very active in paris in the 20s and drew ads for everything from cars to furniture that really captured slices of life at the time. i spent the past hour looking at his works and hope you enjoy them as much as i did. i’ll never have the the original (unless she wills it to me  :)  but if you click on the pics above you’ll see the remarkable and exacting detail of his work. it seems he was never really more than an ad man but to me he’s a true artiste! i guess that’s the beauty of the paris fleas, they’re a museum where you can take home priceless works of original art if you sift through papers and boxes. you just never know what you’ll find. digging is key!

i got a little obsessed with his work for a furniture store called au bucheron on rue de rivoli. his illustrations show a slice of life in a golden age. as a furniture lover it’s fun to see the many ways he depicts the pieces in everyday ways.

the artist in her studio

the happy couple shopping for the maison

an avant garde daybed

le armoire

le mirror

chic fabric

taking the dog for a promenade

is she reading madame’s diary?

the perfect place to pose

le shopping

packing for le voyage

at her husband’s office

help with the holiday meals

le foyer

the red heels, tres moderne

turns out he was best known for his car ads

and this we’ve all seen. kind of amazing he’s not more well known. at least not to me.

women were just getting their feet wet with a new independence, racing cars, changing tires…

ok yes, i romanticize the 20s but it was such a delicate and pretty time, despite all the bad times. but i guess that wasn’t till ’29 actually. well enough for tonight! the market is open again tomorrow and this time i hope to get something special for my collection. oh and i saw some things for you too and will have a fabulous giveaway tomorrow. see you then. sweet dreams and have a great day off!

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