Top 10 Paris Perfect Apartment Rentals for a Soirée Privée

Bonjour friends, ça va ? I hope your summer’s in full swing and you’re savoring delicious August.

It’s been pretty busy this summer with trips and guests and tours and clients and friends. I split my time between Paris and Miami and always keep an eye out for apartments to stay in, and lately for spaces that could work as petite venues too. We’re planning to host a sort of a modern Salon this spring in Paris with events and dinners, and apartments work well because of the intimacy they offer, the luxuriousness of having a real home and the joy of being able to cook, converse, share ideas and entertain. (Quietly and respectfully bien sur)!

I’ve had the pleasure of staying in some of the apartments on this list thanks to my colleague and friend, Madelyn, of Paris Perfect Apartment rentals. Madelyn is a legend with all that she does to restore, renovate and rebuild some of the most interesting and exquisite apartments in the city. All for our pleasure! Paris is her passion and she’s worked tirelessly to bring us the full experience by considering every 5 star detail. She also has a youTube channel where you can see her process. This was her first episode and it’s packed with good stuff!!

So…in celebration of our 10th year of camaraderie, it’s my honor to surprise her with a showcase some of my personal favorite ParisPerfect apartments that would be a dream for entertaining, creating and making memories. Some of these are contenders for the upcoming salons. Each has a different vibe and was chosen for the state of the art kitchen and bath, gorgeous decor and that overall glorious Paris Apartment feeling. Some are long term, all have different styles and capacity, but each has an undeniable charm that begs to be enjoyed and adored! Let’s dive right in:


How could we not fall in love with this sweet apartment with French doors and muted tones? The open air layout still with separate rooms is beyond elegant in this petite space. A great place to entertain with a big table, lots of light and antique accents.

Two luxurious bedrooms have been beautifully remodeled to include central heating, and a fully-equipped kitchen with modern appliances. Both bedrooms have quiet courtyard views and air conditioning for warm nights in Paris. The Beaune is located in the 7th arrondissement on Paris’ Left Bank and is surrounded by chic cafés, boutiques, restaurants and open markets.


Definitely one of my faves, but then I’m a sucker for floor to ceiling windows and an original mantle mirror. Toss in a chandelier, that deep plum velvet and the view, what’s not to love? And there’s enough space to have separate convos including the terrace that can be accessed by both rooms.


Set in the 7th arrondissement, the Chatillon is a magnificent two bedroom in a spectacular neighborhood. The balcony can be entered from the living room or dining room for incredible Eiffel Tower views. This spacious apartment features gorgeous décor, an ultra modern kitchen and two comfortable bedrooms overlooking the courtyard. Every detail in this deluxe apartment has been carefully finished, from the intricate details of the historic woodcarving to the exquisite marble in the bathrooms.


With all the opulence and design in Paris, it’s nice to find an apartment like this with wood beams, wide plank floors and natural elements. Compact yet exactly what you’d need with comfy chairs and ample dining table. The pretty kitchen is separated which adds to the ability to have multiple goings on at once.

Lussac is a one bedroom in the heart of the Latin Quarter, a lovely neighborhood with an open-air market. It’s a peaceful setting to enjoy the charm of Parisian life while being just a stroll from the Seine, Notre Dame, fabulous food, shopping, and all the best of the lively Latin Quarter. Set in a building dating from the 1600s, it features historic stonework, original tiles and beautifully restored wooden beams throughout that add so much character. Not to mention the antique chandeliers, gorgeous tile work and antique armoire doors that are built into the kitchen and bedroom!


This is such a fabulous apartment, although only available for long term stays. Not a bad place to call home with its giant windows, chevron floors and balcony…and it’s a fantastic place for a small group to cook and converse comfortably.


The Aloxe offers everything you need for a comfortable long term stay, including air conditioning in the two bedrooms, a 5th floor location with elevator, and a light and airy open plan living room, dining room and kitchen. The fully equipped kitchen is designed in the angle of the dining area, making meals easy to prep and enjoy with family and friends. Each of the two bedrooms is beautifully designed and features an en suite bathroom. Large windows throughout and its upper floor setting means loads of light all day long. Beautiful architectural details, crown molding, marble fireplace mantels, shimmering chandeliers and elegant Parisian style are all packed in to this lovely apartment.


This apartment has big green trees out the windows and the cozy bedrooms with baths that are just divine. There are 3 tall windows that open onto a beautiful street where you can see the Eiffel Tower. The living and dining room have an open plan making it easy to work and entertain at the same time.

Beaujolais is a gorgeous two bedroom, two bath in the charming 7th arrondissement on Paris’ Left Bank. It’s been fully remodeled and features a beautifully decorated living room, a lovely dining area, spacious kitchen and en suite bathrooms in both bedrooms. The sofa in the living room opens to create two single beds. With an additional half bath, Beaujolais comfortably welcomes up to five guests. 


It’s hard to describe this apartment because it’s a really interesting duplex but suffice it to say that it’s one of the most unique spaces in Paris. It’s great for dinner parties and events because there are multiple rooms and places for smaller conversations. The decor, the floors and the windows make it even more enticing and an excellent space for a meeting of the minds.

In the heart of Paris’ 1st arrondissement, the Clos Jolie is a fully remodeled 3 bedroom apartment. It features a modern kitchen, elegant and comfortable living room and gorgeous dining room. The first bedroom overlooks the quiet courtyard of the historic building. The Clos Jolie features a mezzanine level with two bedrooms and a bathroom. 


Warning: You may not leave this apartment as it has everything you could want and more! Floor to ceiling windows, open plan for entertaining, table for 6, wrap-around balcony and the view! I also like that there are 3 bedrooms and 2 are upstairs.

Lalande is a three bedroom duplex on Paris’ Left Bank. An open-plan living and dining room with traditional French design and a warm neutral palette emit style and elegance. A second living area to the rear of the property provides a great spot for putting your feet up. The fully equipped kitchen has all you’ll need for preparing meals. Adjoining the living room, you’ll find the first bedroom, complete with a cute writing desk and large French windows. Upstairs are two more bedrooms. The pièce-de-résistance is the wrap-around balcony, wide enough for a bistro table, with Eiffel Tower views.


J’adore this apartment for the architecture, windows and walls and doors and floors! Not to mention the bedrooms…however this is a long term rental…which might not be such a bad thing…especially with 3 bedrooms. it’s the perfect place for a small group to stay comfortably and the huge living and dining rooms are separated which makes it great for separate activities.


This spacious three bedroom apartment is the epitome of Parisian living. Situated in Le Marais, Cavailles is surrounded by authentic and thriving markets, shops and bistros. It’s packed full of French charm with beautiful parquet flooring, traditional wainscoting and high ceilings. Two large balcony doors bathe the room in natural light. A decorative mantelpiece and plush sofas make the salon the ultimate space to relax. The living area leads into a formal dining area, with ample space to entertain. A modern kitchen is opposite the living room and has a sleek finish throughout, beautiful floorboards and marble countertops. The kitchen is not only beautiful, but is equipped for the best of chefs!


This beauty is a spectacular space that’s large and cozy at the same time. French windows, wood floors, views and, well, where else do you need to go? Top it off with a wrap around balcony that’s basically another room and it’s a slam dunk in every way.

 Margaux is a three bedroom, two bathroom where the magic of Paris dances across the rooftops, and the evening light sets the scene for the Eiffel Tower’s show after dark. The apartment is surrounded by the beauty and charm of the 7th arrondissement on the Left Bank. It’s here you’ll appreciate stepping out on a huge wrap-around balcony where to get a glorious view of the Eiffel Tower while dining al fresco, lingering over breakfast, or lounging on the comfortable sofa as the sun sets. Margaux has been fully remodeled and is a spacious apartment, measuring 1,210 square feet, located on the 7th floor of a historic and traditionally Parisian building.


It’s hard not to love the big open rooms and soothing palette of this magnificent flat. Combined with the chandeliers, crown molding, parquet floors, marble kitchen and bath and all the space you could ever need, it checks all the boxes. Oh, and that bathtub…

The magnificent Montagny is a welcoming two bedroom, two bath in the heart of the 7th arrondissement near the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. It’s an inviting home with room for six. The living room serves as a central gathering area with comfortable furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower. The living room features an open plan dining area that is both intimate and accommodating, with ample elbow room for family gatherings. The kitchen will delight the chefs in the family, with a bright and airy atmosphere and enough counter space for multiple cooks. With a gracious layout and touches of elegance around every corner, the Montagny truly feels like royal retreat.


Such a sweet place it’s just my bonus choice for a small get together. Sometimes you only need a little something without too much fuss. And even though it’s petite, it has enough glamour and flavor to rival any of the above!

Quincy is a charming and oh-so-Parisian Left Bank apartment with beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower. Fully remodeled and decorated with unique Parisian touches throughout, this apartment is located on the top floor with great natural light and captivating views. The 560 square foot apartment has 2 bedrooms and can sleep 5 comfortably. Located in an elegant building on a lovely street near the Eiffel Tower and the Champs de Mars gardens, restaurants and cafes, bustling Parisian shopping along the rue du Commerce, a quiet, undiscovered park at the Place Dupleix, and the wonderful open-air market at Boulevard de Grenelle.

Well, that sums it up for this list although I could have added quite a few more. It was a lot of fun to put together.

I’ll keep you posted on plans for the spring if you’re interested. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask and if you’d like to get in touch with Paris Perfect directly, use the contact info below. Tell them I sent you for an additional discount! Enjoy the rest of your summer! xoc

Email: Call USA: 1-888-520-2087

PS If you liked the first image, check it out here for a more tête-à-tête soirée:

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hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon

hello and happy friday! it’s that quiet time between christmas and new years when we sort of slow down stop the madness. it’s during those slow times when we can really let go, indulge and enjoy falling into the abyss that is the internet!

while at my parents’ house yesterday, i came across this little book i picked up in paris. it’s so sweet with a pencil attached by a silk ribbon and list of dances inside including the waltz and polka. i knew a little about these books but when i started really looking into it, realized that it’s more than just a novelty, it represents a way of life for mankind since time immemorial.

these ‘carnet de bal‘ were cards that a woman would use to keep track of her dance partners at a formal or organized event. today they’re just souvenirs but upon closer inspection, they tell a wonderful story.


we could go back in time to the caveman, the etruscans, the egyptians and every other civilization in between and find that all cultures danced. a lot.

i wonder why our own day and age we sort of abandoned dancing as a society?  it seems that it’s something that brought people together in a way we might not even realize we need. of course we have clubs and salsa nights, even tango on the seine in paris. but what about balls or supper clubs where on any given night, there’s dinner and dancing?

back in the day, dancing was a simply way of life. at home, you just rolled up the rug and got down!

digging deeper i found there are many others who are fascinated by this custom that was once a part of daily life but has all but left our culture now.

anyway it was fun to delve into it and there’s an infinite amount of info from the kinds of dances like the charleston and foxtrot, to the rules that were observed at the events.

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

it was probably a great way to meet people…

to get dressed up and just have a good time…

collect these pretty little keepsakes

and have a sort of diary of the evening

the carnets are a piece of history, a memoir of a night of great fun

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”

things are never perfect in any era no matter how much we romanticize it

but the dances were a time when differences were put aside and people of all ages came together for just one thing

with an unbridled joy

“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
-Sarah Dessen

today these are lovely relics of nights long ago

do you know any old dances? wouldn’t it be fun to revive a few?

anyway i love this invitation to the ‘pleasure ball’ where their tagline is “While we live, let us LIVE.”

they were really living it up. well enjoy your holiday, i hope you dance the night away on new years and beyond!

PS we’re hosting a giveaway for the little dance card book. if you’re interested, let me know in the comments and we’ll choose the winner on monday. good night!

images via pinterest and google

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there are no silver linings without clouds

bonjour dear blog friends, how are you? i hope you’re doing well. it’s been a long hiatus but i’m back with a new perspective on all things old. so where oh where have we been, you and i? well truth is that i’ve been here all along, just working behind the scenes since i truly needed a break from the technological side of life. taking time off from tech taught me a lot about what it was to live again instead of dreading the things i once loved. if you follow this blog you know it’s been a struggle to ‘find time’ to be creative and enjoy the little things like photography and writing. so what’s changed? well let’s see…i started to pull back from all the excesses and minimize in every way.

this gave me a chance to really look at what was important as far as what and who is in my world. After paring down the physical stuff like excess clothing, papers and clutter, it left one thing, the people. what’s funny is that it opened up the opportunity to forge closer relationships with my friends and family who are now not only a part of my private life, but also a part of my work life too. in fact, they’re now going to be helping with research and development of The Paris Apartment and they’ve taken on tasks like digging deeper into areas i’d previously skimmed over. case in point, we’re learning a lot about some of the little pieces we brought back from paris and are starting to understand what they are and where they’re from.

for example, this little pillbox may not have been a pillbox at all. in fact, my sister in law, jean found out that they’re often called ‘patch boxes’ and were where the french would sometimes keep those small black dots we see on the faces of the fashionable men and women of the past. beyond that, she discovered the meanings of some of the hallmarks that are pressed into the silver and gold and that each has significance. on this little sterling box, were two marks on the underside, one of an anvil, signifying the maker’s mark, in this case, paul canaux who was in operation in the 1800s: Paul Canaux, a manufacturer jeweller-silversmith, active at 30 rue des Francs-Bourgeois in Paris succeeded the silver-plater Joseph Mégemond and entered his mark on 9 August 1888. Paul Canaux based his sponsor’s mark (an anvil as symbol) on that of his predecessor Mégemond. He was a manufacturer of silverware, cutlery, tea sets, centerpieces, serving dishes, etc. His maker’s mark was struck off on the 12th of April 1892 and at the same date a new maker’s mark “PC & Cie” was registered, as the house changed its style to Paul Canaux and Company.

The Makers Mark is for ‘Maitre Orfevre’ Paul CANAUX and shows a P and a C separated by an anvil.
Paul CANAUX registered his mark on August 8th 1888 and cancelled it on April 12th 1892.
He was succeeded in 1892 by his sons under Paul CANAUX & Compagnie.
His workshop was located 30 rue des Francs Bourgeois in Paris

she also discovered the other mark referred to the amount of silver contained in the piece was and still is known as a ‘tête de minerva‘ (head of minerva, referring to Roman goddess) a mark which ranges from the 1st to the 2nd percentage. the french standard for silver is higher than most other countries and requires at least 95% silver to be of the first caliber (the 2nd is just 80%). our little box marked ‘Rosa” is of the first quality. and can be identified with the symbol below, always in an octagon (the second is in an oblong square).

the best part about it is that many of the gold and silversmiths set up shop in the marais on the very street where we often stay in paris, making it even more fun to learn about who is behind so many of the pretty little things we often overlook.


this little box below is one i’m obsessed with for its intricate beauty. it’s so exquisitely detailed that it’s almost a meditation whenever i hold it. who created it and how? when i’m trying to created something i think about the patience and creativity it took to make this by hand with such precision and perfection. as we’re researching we found that there are two small circles on the inner lid with tiny swans inside. the meaning is a little unclear but it seems that the swans signify silver articles of unknown origin coming into france around 1864. meaning this was made sometime before then but it’s undocumented up to that point.

you can see the tiny scratch marks on the lip where the creator must have used a very fine tool.


the inside is almost a gold hue making me think that it’s not all silver but there’s no way to tell the full percentage. the truth is that this society was very complicated and there are books and historians who go into great detail about the marks that range from rhinos to owls.

at the paris markets we often come across this vendor at vanves who sells metal tools and iron stamps. these may not have been used on the boxes per se but they give us a look into what it may have been like to forge these tiny gems that we see among the scattered tables each weekend.

anyway that’s about it for me tonight, i’ll be back soon. i hope you come by and say hello. if you’d like to keep in touch you can now follow the blog again on the link at the bottom right sidebar. alors, bonne nuit! xoc

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