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hi gang, hope you’re in the throes of a great saturday. i’m starting to remember why weekeknds were invented and have spent a peaceful few hours absolutely no agenda. that said, i’m ready to rock and roll after a bit of a respite. i’ve been trying to refine what i can control and actually noticed changes right away in all areas. what surprised me was that i was in a rut and had no idea.  it wasn’t till my friends rearranged the apartment last night that i realized that i have a tendency to keep things status quo. once something was in place i was hesitant to change it around. i’ve been moving things around since i could slide an armoire so it was a bit of a shock. the decor is not perfect but i’m inspired with my bed now facing east and my head is not against windows (mom’s pet peve) which now can open!


now that the chi is flowing, i’m noticing what’s been blocked. the first is that i miss ye ol’ pen and paper. have you stopped writing as much since we got smart phones? it’s rare to even find a pen half the time. with pen and pad i’ll make and take notes, jot down phrases, ideas, designs and great things people say. in my quest for refinement in things i have control over, i’m boycotting the multi-task feature in my brain. focusing on one thing and doing it well has been an interesting struggle but it’s paying off  by forcing me to double check my work and stop rushing (what is all the rushing about anyway)?, work with precision and be more conscientious on all levels. everything can be done if we make time for it. i just came across this from  live and love richly:

    1. Write out a weekly list.
       We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and understimate what we can accomplish in a week. However, for me I still overestimate what I can accomplish in a week. Now when I write out my weekly to do list I identify the top three most important things that I want to accomplish at work that week. Before I would list 9 or 10. I wasn’t completing tasks. Then I identify things that need to get done that week, or projects that I want to work on. Keep it simple. Just six major things in your business. Some of these tasks may take time each day and may have several mini action steps in them.
    2. Integrate work-life balance into your weekly list. Include the rest of your life in your to do list. The reason many of us never get to the rest of our life is because we give priority to planning our work lives.We have to bring the same discipline into planning our fun time and free time. If we don’t I guarantee it will be taken up by something else.Often because we haven’t decided what we want to do, and because we tend to value our work more than we do our free time. Include household projects. Make a list of the important areas in your life. Health, Finances, Spiritual, Friends Family, community
    3. Include lifestyle prosperity in your list. Now think about what would really make your heart sing this week. What would be fun? Maybe you need to relax, maybe you don’t need any more fun and stimulation. Would fun involve getting together with friends, or having an evening out with your spouse? Or would it involve having some alone time and just being quite, sipping tea, journaling, watching a movie. Give this some thought when you write out your weekly to do list and decide when you will do it and what you want to do.
    4. Transfer your weekly list to your daily list. Don’t feel like you have to accomplish all your personal goals that are listed on your weekly list, maybe it will take you two weeks. It doesn’t mean that every week you have to accomplish something regarding heath, spiritual, fun or relationships. The important thing is that there is balance overall, not perfection.
    5. Be willing to be flexible and give yourself breathing room. Give yourself permission to be inspired. To take breaks. Go for a walk, take a nap. Make the process more important than the end result. Make it your goal to end up with energy by the end of the day. Our goal is to check off a certain amount on the list. Make it a goal to choose the things on your list that you feel pulled toward doing.







well i’m going to make time while the sky is blue to conquer this weekend by doing all of the above, mostly number 5…enjoy whatever you’re working on!



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happy mother’s day!


it’s a beautiful day to celebrate! happy mother’s day to the most important woman in my life…that’s you, mom!


thank you for showing me such a wondrous world.


you taught me that beauty can be found everywhere when you look for it.


you helped me become an independent thinker, life lover and hard worker.


i hear your words of wisdom all the time.


you’re never far  away, even though we’re apart.


this last photo reminds me of when you used to pull over and dig up wildflowers in fields and bring them home to our enchanted garden! remember to always have a shovel in the car!


i love you, sweet mama! happy day to all you magical moms and daughters!

all photos found here: http://www.pinterest.com/parisapartment/fleurs

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work it out

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 9.52.16 AM

good morning and happy saturday! what are you doing this weekend? for me it’s taking it down a notch. it’s been way too long since i’ve been on a truly healthy regime. seems like with work and friends it’s easy to get caught up in everything but taking care of myself. a bit of food poisoning yesterday woke me up to the glory it is to be in good shape and the hell it is when you’re knocked down for even a short time. the bottom line is that from this day on, if i’m not working, i’m doing something good for myself which includes excercising and eating right. it’s time to grow up and i’m excited for it!

images (2)why is it so easy to fall into partying and late nights? i’m no angel and i know that no good will come of it. i want to start planning for the future. i already know i want it to be filled with health and good times above all else. so it’s time to clean up my act in every area, fill up on knowledge,  classes, excercise and the abundance of good food, fruit and veggies we have in every supermarket. what a blessing!




our own little worlds, our bodies are ours to shape and design. i want to start this summer with a great shape and that means no more blueberry sconces and haagen dazs. i’m letting it all hang out right now but this is a web log, right? why not set the intention and alert the universe! anyway it’s not so hard with a formula, something like this:


i give people with stamina, perseverance and consistency such credit. now i want to be one of them.  i hope i can stay on the path. if you’re doing it, what’s keeping you on the straight and narrow?

images (3)


results help! can’t wait to get into a bikini again!



i guess i just want to be smart. not be someone who knows better but won’t DO better. i’d like to be strong, not weak, be a mindful eater, not a borg who does and eats things by rote.


i’d love to hear what you’re including in your regimine this spring and what your goals are! let’s do it together! have a great weekend!

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