memoirs of the court of louis xiv


the memoirs are just one of a thousand things i came across tonite working on a new project, i couldn’t resist sharing some of them so, if you’ve got the time,



these are the places



i don’t want you to fall into the abyss and blame me so that’s all pour maintenant! (plus we found a kitten today and she’s on my lap and i’m typing with one finger. bon nuit!





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bonjour encore!

i have about 1 sec before i get shut down but had to share these tiny miniatures in a gallery around the corner from the hotel. they’re described as ‘memories’ by the artist and are about the size of dollhouses. oh no i’m melting, gotta go but a quick update, paris is as amazing and full of life as ever, maybe even more than ever. i’ve already taken over 500 pics and have discovered hundreds of new places that i will share tomorrow i promise!! xoc

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float like a butterfly


dirty but pretty.

this is from hotel carnavalet in paris. i don’t know if they know. i was dying to use this on the homepage of my site but thought better of it. but i hope my blog buds appreciate it. as soon as this show is over i’m gonna start on working on the rendezvous to paris in may. these salons are a trip all their own.


this is from another salon in paris, hotel soubise, an amazing home with the prince and princess’ suites still intact. it looks imposing from the outside but it’s got drop dead interiors. don’t get me started on the walls!


i satisfied my shopping/fleamarketing/weekend and overall tune out and found these at the ny flea’s garage. i love it there. always something inspiring.


we’re going to blow these up. they’ll be on canvas so you can hang or lean them.

more on the flat stuff: we’ll have it for sale at the show and on the site.

i think this would be great for girls too, minus the black sheets!


here it is in creme


this is another flat headboard. the detail is amazing.


anyway, that was my happy distraction for tonite. now back to the grind. sent my guy off to florida and have ny to myself. now i’ve really got no excuses! i usually wing stuff like this but i’ve been asked for the layout. who can predict that? oh well, luckily there’s an art store across the street so here goes nothing!



omg i did it thanks to a friend who clued me in to the scale thing! i’m going to bed!!

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