float like a butterfly


dirty but pretty.

this is from hotel carnavalet in paris. i don’t know if they know. i was dying to use this on the homepage of my site but thought better of it. but i hope my blog buds appreciate it. as soon as this show is over i’m gonna start on working on the rendezvous to paris in may. these salons are a trip all their own.


this is from another salon in paris, hotel soubise, an amazing home with the prince and princess’ suites still intact. it looks imposing from the outside but it’s got drop dead interiors. don’t get me started on the walls!


i satisfied my shopping/fleamarketing/weekend and overall tune out and found these at the ny flea’s garage. i love it there. always something inspiring.


we’re going to blow these up. they’ll be on canvas so you can hang or lean them.

more on the flat stuff: we’ll have it for sale at the show and on the site.

i think this would be great for girls too, minus the black sheets!


here it is in creme


this is another flat headboard. the detail is amazing.


anyway, that was my happy distraction for tonite. now back to the grind. sent my guy off to florida and have ny to myself. now i’ve really got no excuses! i usually wing stuff like this but i’ve been asked for the layout. who can predict that? oh well, luckily there’s an art store across the street so here goes nothing!



omg i did it thanks to a friend who clued me in to the scale thing! i’m going to bed!!

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  1. Alyssa replied:

    Oh boy I can’t wait to go shopping with you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. parisapartment replied:

    LOL! you know it!


  3. Dorothy replied:

    What gorgeous, fabulous photos, Claudia! I absolutely love the ‘peaks’ into the world of the French!!



  4. parisapartment replied:

    thanks dorothy! both the highs and lows of french peaks are still pretty pretty!


  5. Antique Paperie replied:

    WOW – They are gorgeous! Love them – such renaissance rich with etched beauty…I love that. Such an Antique feeling to the actual carvings in the photos. They look so historical! Hope you are doing well pretty girl!
    xo Sherri


  6. parisapartment replied:

    um, thanks for calling me pretty sherri!


  7. kay ellen hammar replied:

    Love the salon in paris…
    all the molding is amazing.
    The high ceilings add so much drama.
    I want to sit down and the velvet french chairs and have a cup of tea :)



  8. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    gorgeous !! well I love the cream headboard !!want the same one


  9. Jrizzo replied:

    Love these! of course I am partial to handpainted things…;) Thanks for sharing them.
    Jen R


  10. Country French Antiques replied:

    OMG Claudia!!!!
    Those drawings are going to be FABULOUS blown up transfered on canvas!
    I can’t wait!!! I might have to use that idea at my shop! This suspense is killing me!


  11. parisapartment replied:

    Thanks for the votes of confidence. Every day is bringing new vendors and ideas…edit edit edit!


  12. Paul replied:

    I love the way you laid out the series of photos – nice work!


  13. Firefly Hill replied:


    Yes I agree the canvas thing sounds fantastic! Great idea!



  14. theredvelvetshoe replied:

    You find the most amazing beauty everywhere. . .you have such a gift and am so pleased you choose to share these beautiful photographs! It makes arm chair travel far too easy!!



  15. Irene replied:

    I had done a project in French for the Musee Carnavalet when I was in College. The colors used in times past are amazing.Beautiful inspiration.


  16. chatrine replied:

    Love all your pictures today!


  17. jen replied:

    ALWAYS love your posts! So much eye candy.


  18. Sheila replied:

    Gorgeous, Gorgeous, all of it! Remember to take a breather when you can!


  19. Lisa replied:

    What beautiful detail in the moldings. I love the drawings too. What a wonderful find.


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  21. kayellen replied:

    OHHHH such a lovely post Claudia!
    I am leaving Boston tonight headed back to Cali.
    So much history here in the bean city:)
    Little time to work and a little time to play.Never enough play time.
    Happy October first!
    Here comes fall:)



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