picking up the pieces


the tiniest bit of surfing today led me here to nesting instincts, thank god.

meanwhile, my puzzle is coming together, got the beaded wallpaper in 40 x 60. still don’t have the walls nailed down, but am working on it. the rest is cake! well, except for the upholstery, transport, set up and those dang walls…


anyway for the past couple i’ve been working at nite with sara of sadie olive to create my new website, www.theparisapartment.com! it’s in progress so more layers and tweaks are coming. i hadn’t touched my old site for so long…now i’m inspired to keep adding to it, a whole new hobby! if you need anything done, on the web or graphically, ask sara. she is a dream come true to work with! thanks Sara, you’re my hero(ine)!

as for the rest of my day? well i’ve been at it nonstop (till now, finally going to eat).

the pics below are from one of the vendors from paris who’s sending stuff for the show! it’s all flat, so you could apply the door panel to your door and have an instant architectural element. the books are flat too, look at them on the mantle. it’s just frenchy good fun.





and this below? i can’t remember where i found it but it’s sort of inspiring me, if anyone knows of it’s heritage please say so :P


more to come, must eat!

final note: just stumbled onto apartment therapy.com and found de Gournay. for the wallpaper lovers:



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  1. Alyssa replied:

    The new site looks great!!!


  2. parisapartment replied:

    thanks alyssa!!


  3. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    I love your new site !!! great job and is it the painting of the ” escarpolette ” in the right side ???
    The last picture , the chairs are great !!! and so is the room …
    have a wonderful week end !!
    byt the way , your french is great , Claudia


  4. Vicki replied:

    Another wonderful post Claudia!!! Your new website deisgn is fabulous!!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!!!


  5. Bebe replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    Just took a peek at your new website ~ everything is just lovely!! Just keep doing what you are doing ~ it will be beautiful when you are finished!

    Great French antique pictures ~ tres merveilleux!! Love those chairs!

    Bebe :)


  6. Cindy replied:

    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!!

    Bonne weekend~


  7. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Hey girl!
    Everything looks great as one would only expect from you. But…I keep having a deja vu when I tap on the link for Degournay. Is it just me?
    Love Lisa & Alfie


  8. Rosemarie replied:

    I absolutely love the new look of the website!!! I will need to buy the book!!!


  9. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    Hi Sweetie! Wow I mean wow, nice website. Totally impressed with your”press” page. Wish we lived closer I’d bug you all the time :) You’re so famous! Where can you buy the flat panels? The ones from paris,I love them, I’m trying to do something with the old hum drum everybody has them style kitchen cabinets, wouldn’t those panel be awesome. I can’t believe the pretty beaded wallpapers. Everything is stunning thanks for that post!! Hugs, Kim


  10. Antique Paperie replied:

    Oooh La La!
    I adore the new look! Everything looks fabulous my dear.
    My favorite photos are the gorgeous Antique Books!! Oh how I wish I could grab a few right out of the photo and browse through them…..
    Hope you are doing well – I am going to buy a copy of your book and I cannot wait to get it – I think I am the only one who doesn’t have one yet!!!
    xoxo Sherri


  11. Paul replied:

    Your posts are just so beautifully composed, & a treat to look at!


  12. Gloria replied:


    Your new site is gorgeous! You must be loving it so much! Looking forward to seeing more and more.
    P.S. I just sent another email to you with my address.
    Many thanks, gloria


  13. Passementerie replied:

    Gorgeous and inspirational pictures as always! I’m glad everything is coming together for the show and SO GLAD that you got the fabulous beaded wallpaper!


  14. rochambeau replied:

    Love the new look!! So glad your show is coming together.
    Will email you later this week.


  15. Jrizzo replied:

    The new site looks great! I love Sara, she’s amazing!
    Jen R


  16. Courtney @ nestinginstincts replied:

    your website is soooo impressive and gorgeous. I’m sending my readers your way…bragged about you a little bit today at Nesting Instincts. thanks again!


  17. Polly replied:

    Well, that sounds like hardly any work left at all =) I’m kidding, of course. But with all that gorgeousness around you, I suppose you’re just dying to get at the website. I can’t wait to hop over and take a look. hop, hop… Have a wonderful afternoon. Blessings… Polly


  18. parisapartment replied:

    aw you guys are so sweet. you keep me motivated that’s for sure! after this is over i am going to take it easy. come and visit you and cheer YOU on!! thank you, i love you!


  19. Villa Anna replied:

    Claudia, thank you ever so much for taking the time out of your crazy schedule to keep us updated with your pending show. I get more and more excited with every new post at seeing the finished result. I know it’s going to take my breath away. Your posts and you constantly inspire me.

    p.s Your new home page looks perfect. I definately need to send Sara an email.

    Anna :)


  20. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Oh my goodness, Clauda…the new site looks really fabulous! You always have the prettiest pictures on your blog :-)

    Best Wishes,


  21. Cindy replied:

    All of your images are so inspiring!! As always!!
    I think the above photo you were wondering about may be from Garden rooms in January.

    Blessings to you~


  22. Wendy replied:

    Hi Claudia! Haven’t had blogging time lately, but so glad I took a minute this morning! Love the web site and these images are fabulous!! Hope the show is a great success!!!


  23. jennifer Paganellli replied:

    so beautiful, I love and want it all…


  24. Pretty In Pink, Part II — Elizabeth Anne Designs replied:

    The Paris Apartment…


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