battling the elements


bonjour dear friends! it’s my last day in paris although i fought and lamented the bitter cold, eventually i fell under the spell of the snow that dusted the city.


i spent the day visiting my favorite museum, musee carnavalet which is just down the street from the apartment. it draws me in every single time i’m in town.


it’s one of those places that’s pure soul food, full of inspiration. i must have shot 600 pics!


but what stood out in the edits today were not the interiors (i’ll share them tomorrow) but instead, the snowy shots. it seems to be a rare and disarming occurrence according to taxi drivers, locals, weather reports and airports.


and once i got into it, saw that it did cast a magical spell on just about everyone and everything.


looking through the paintings it’s obvious that a little snowfall never stopped this city from  celebrating grandeur even on the bleakest and most overcast and snowy days.


painters were inspired to capture the elements and capture the moments of silent, white winter streets


i march through the city slush and sometimes take for granted what it took to build and protect it


before photography the painters were the historians, giving us a glimpse into a difficult but marvelous time


somehow without heat, running water and electricity the women were still able to look chic


and even bundled up were the essence of sophistication


i honestly don’t know how they did it, i couldn’t have made it without my uggs


i guess that’s why paris has always been the benchmark for elegance despite the weather


now it’s all about the right gear; duck boots, down jackets, hoodies and hand warmers


but the eternal beauty of the city will never fade and that’s the magic of paris i guess! well, see you on the other side, sweet dreams and stay warm!

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redefining the art of conversation

hi guys, happy sunday! i’m kicking back finally going through stacks of mags and mail and happy to find my article on the salon hostesses of paris in romantic homes’ april issue.


it’s a subject that just fascinates me. the idea that people would gather with no intention other than to converse. not that talking is so odd of course, but that in an era so abundant (the age of enlightenement)! with beauty, science and fine arts, society would place conversation above it all, regarding the spoken word as the highest art form, even though there was nothing recorded, in fact nothing retained at all except memories of those witness to it.


guess i wish i could have been there. i always visit the salon hostesses’ homes in paris. i never get tired of them and there seems to be another to discover around each corner.


these are some of the random shots taken in my travels. it’s incredible passing through the rooms, imagining the guests, their clothes, their wit and brilliance. wishing those walls could talk! maybe someday archaeology will include recording sound waves from walls. but i digress!


seems like we only gather face to face now if it’s for a reason. but we do have salons if we consider blogging an offshoot. and twitter is an ongoing conversation too. maybe it makes us be more thoughtful about what we say when it’s just a one liner or a bi weekly post. anyway, i’m glad we have our little corners of the world with each other. your comments are wonderful conversation, hopefully recorded for a good long time. but it’s just ether so guess that’s fleeting too! oh well lets enjoy it while we have it!

by the by romantic homes has a new forum set up to become more interactive with their readers:

also, if you want to submit an article or your creative work, the editors are dolls! here’s the contact info:

Jickie Torres

Senior Editor

Romantic Homes

265 S. Anita Dr. Suite 120

Orange, CA 92868

and if you’re fascinated by the salons too, these were some of my resources:


florine stettheimer painting

and some of my old posts about salons and writing this article. i can’t believe it took a year of working on this before it actually happened! anyway enjoy your night and hope your weekend was wonderful!

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a little off the top


off the desktop that is!

hi guys, can i just take a moment and tell you how much i adore you? without you it just wouldn’t be any fun at all! thankfully you are here and please know i’ll be there to visit too, i really fell behind with the holidays and am back at cruising speed, at least for tonite.



and thank you mom and dad for all you do. i know i’m a lot of daughter. =]
i got these images with about 30 others from the manhattan picture library when i was there for the holidays. i had a big article due and my dad scanned them all perfectly somewhere between chopping wood and making the feasts. these are two i had a hard time parting with. they weren’t originals but they were really old and hand colored, really small and detailled like tiny blueprints. these pics don’t do them justice, but the scans do!


the picture library is amazing. it’s across from the main branch on 5th ave and is a goldmine for illustrations and pics from every area of life. and you can borrow them for 3 weeks! i just mailed mine back today, i loved having them around but they were due last week so i bid farewell. i can’t post any more cause they’re for an article i always wanted to write and finally finished. my editor pushed me and i bucked but am glad it’s in the can as they say! (i have a hard time finishing anything)! anyway it’s on a subject i just adore, the french salon hostesses.

these sketches weren’t salons but i imagine it did look a lot like it…this artist probably frequented a few himself


i think one’s a wedding and would love to know exactly what they say. melanie? dad? traduisez sil vous plait ;)


well i better get back to it, blogging i love but a site i must build…what with my big mouth and all. but guess that’s what it might take to finish it, just like the article! i’m leaving for san fran on thursday for the fancy food show and to see my college roomie, mb so it’s now or never with a second shift from 6 to midnite! bon nuit and sending you love, c


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