i couldn’t take it


i didn’t want to let another night pass without saying hello and giving you a quick update. days have been long, cold and wet in ny this week while i shopped for fabrics and trims, obsessed about the booth and tried to tie up the endless loose ends.

needless to say you never know what’s going to happen till the day of reckoning. but i did want to share these sweet pieces:msginabottle_mg_4405.jpg

by artist amy leonard who’s making lamp sculptures for the show. she’ll be at the booth all week, so if you love her pieces, please come by! ok, the one thing i’ve mastered this week is when to say when and that is right about NOW! lots more to come, tomorrow is another (fleamarket) day!


ps: if you remember, i wanted to do a fab friday finds but never really got it together. well luckily, courtney of nesting instincts came into my line of site. she finds wonderful things on the web…on FRIDAYS! so for now, take a look at her beautiful pics if you get a chance, she has an eye for art that soothes me! pss: i know it’s not friday but i don’t go by days of the week anymore till this show is over!

psssssssssss: this is the link for the show itself:


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  1. Jenny replied:

    What a cool lamp!!!

    I love your blog, and your book!!!

    Love, from Sweden


  2. parisapartment replied:

    Hi Jenny
    Thank you so much! I have never been to Sweden and would love to come…when it’s warm!


  3. Jenny replied:

    Thank you !!! I live in the southest part of Sweden, and it´s not very cold here right now. This winter we have ( so far…) only had one day with snow ! But we have a lot of storms here right now, not very nice at all…

    May I write about your blog & your wonderful book on my own blog?



  4. Kathryn replied:

    I was just in a beautiful shop in Savannah called The Paris Market – it seemed right up your alley.


  5. alyssa replied:

    The Paris Market and Brocante is great in Savannah! It’s in The New York Times “T Magazine” today as well as in the Victoria Magazine “calling cards” section in March’s issue (fabulous!).

    Happy flea-marketing Claudia!


  6. rochambeau replied:

    Beautiful lamps by Amy! Thinking good thoughts for you! I know you will have a great show!


  7. Liberty Post Editor replied:

    I’m wishing you a successful coming week. Take care. Have fun!


  8. Paul replied:

    I also wish you happy flea-marketing and thanks for the link to Amy’s very beautiful creations.


  9. parisapartment replied:

    Thanks for the good wishes! I heard from Pam today of ‘The Paris Flea Market and Brocante’ to do a book signing there. She and her fabu hubby were in the very first group I brought to Paris! I’m so proud!


  10. Courtney @ nestinginstincts replied:

    Hi Claudia
    what a fabulous lamp! thanks for the link to my site.
    have a great week…good luck on your plans for the show!


  11. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    You should be an example for me. I don’t have ONE minute and I don’t try to take one to write a post or to say hello …well I only do that with your blog today: HELLO !! but I couldn’t stay away from it


  12. Dawn-Hydrangea Home replied:

    Good luck at your show Claudia. When and where is it? If it’s in NY maybe I will stop by. I love that crushed glass wallpaper you mentioned!


  13. Sandra Evertson replied:

    Love, Love the whimsical lamps!
    Sandra Evertson


  14. parisapartment replied:

    aw thank you mon petit! i love you for visiting…how many ways can i say I LOVE MY BLOGGING FRIENDS! you feed my soul and help me forge on!!


  15. Me, Myself & I replied:

    Good luck with the show..have a great time!


  16. amber replied:

    wow! i need a lamp like that. ;) i love jumbled kitschy piles of junk! yummmm! hope you’re swell. xoxoxoxo


  17. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    Hey girl! You have been missed. Hope you are having a ball and rest assured we will be here waiting to hear all about it. “Hello back!”
    Lisa & Alfie


  18. Felicia replied:

    Love that lamp! I’ve shopped in The Paris Market in Savannah and it is a truly awesome shop.


  19. Passementerie replied:

    Swooping by as I try to catch up on the 700+ posts that have accumulated in my google reader but I’m glad to see that things are going along well for the show, or at least that you haven’t had a nervous breakdown yet! Hope you’re well!


  20. Julie Swanson replied:

    Hi Claudia~
    I have not been by in awhile and I see your layout has changed. Best Wishes at your upcoming show…sounds amazing!


  21. Carrie West replied:

    OMG! What an amazing post!!! I love that lamp!! Hope you have fun!!!!~


  22. Easy and Elegant Life replied:

    Just stumbled across your site following a link from a comment you made on another blog. And I got lost for a good thirty minutes.

    Enjoy the show, I’d like to see photos of your “booth.” Or should I say installation?

    Bonne chance.


  23. Monica Yvette replied:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your Fab Friday Finds idea. Great stuff here!


  24. cityfarmer replied:

    Simply cannot remember where we left off…did I show you the French sette?????

    Get your depends ready.


  25. Di Overton replied:

    Good Luck with the show and I am so pleased Amy is showing her lamps are divine.


  26. rochambeau replied:

    Thinking good thoughts right this minute as you prepare for your show both for you and for Amy!!



  27. melissa lewis replied:

    I just found your blog and I am so excited. I love all of your post! I will definitely be coming back here again.

    I love Amy’s lamp sculptures. They make me feel like I am in a fairy tale!


  28. Kimberly Ryan replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Been so busy , like you arnt lol , but just wanted to say hi! Talk to you soon, Hugs, Kim


  29. Cakespy replied:

    Good luck at the show…everything looks so cool! Great work!


  30. Carol Rochon replied:

    Hi Claudia! You probably won’t remember me (I truly wouldn’t expect you to) but I have purchased chandeliers from you on ebay eons ago. I wanted you to know what a true inspiration you have been to me. I also purchased your book and have picked that book up I can not tell you how many times to revitalize my creative juices. I have now opened my own boutique just outside of Seattle and I wanted you to know how much your life has inspired a vision and dream I have carried in my heart for years. I would be the first to say be careful what you wish for (I barely have enough time to make the bed) but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks Claudia. I am and always will be a fan. Good luck on your show. It sounds like a new adventure that is sure to showcase the talent you truly are.



  31. Jann Mumford replied:

    Good luck at the show ~ (a few long days are coming!)Your blog continues to inspire so many of us!Just like Carol, I too have opened a new store/boutique……..items with a European flair and reflections from France!Lots of work , but love it! I will visit you again soon….cheers!


  32. Claudia replied:

    hey guys…sorry i’m so out of touch! the only thing that i want to do when i open my emails is read and write to you! please forgive me if i haven’t written back. can’t wait to get back to blogland and hang with you all! PS carol i do remember! what’s your shop called? and Joan, I’d love to know yours too!!!


  33. Carol Rochon replied:

    I’m stunned you remember. I’m equally stunned your writing too. You crazy gal! O.K. the shop is called Gatherings. It’s located in Marysville, Wa. and I would describe it as hip glam, meets metro funky, meets my mothers rich friend on Mercer Island kinda place. I am trying to get the word out that I’m here. Marysville isn’t exactly a mecca for upscale shopping but it’s on the fringes of taking off. O.K. enough about me. I can hardly wait to read more about the show. Let us know all the smashing details when you have time to take a breath. Take care.


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