so much has changed since this time last year


i read the title of this post on pinterest and thought how true it really was. for all of us! good morning everyone and happy saturday! we’re knee deep into autumn and  i was hoping for a hit of indian summer as i’m heading to nyc for a week. it’s just not going to happen so i’ll be a big girl and take on the cold without complaint and get into the spirit of the city.  the good thing about cold weather is being able to justify nesting (aka watching old movies and working from home. i think i’ll have to check out ‘rolled stockings’ below).


as much as i love my florida life, new york is like an old friend; familiar, unchanging, strong, welcoming, a veritable beacon of light, and of course, always ready to have a good time together. i’d really like to enjoy every minute of it absorbing all the energy and excitement it exudes.


no matter how the years go by there’s always such a glamour about new york and it never seems to fade. living there meant a lot of drudgery, trudging the streets with the days ending in utter exhaustion. but now it doesn’t have to be that way. things are different, i’m a visitor!  it would be great to get my head out of the way i used to see it and hit that reset button. maybe we could go to the theater?


or dip in and out of the chill to see some of the buildings that are usually passed by with no time to explore.  hit the met and the frick…and stay awhile!


new york was home for decades, now it seems so far away but as much as it changes every year, it stays the same in so many ways. we all just come through it and leave our own mark.


when i left it was because i was having a love/hate affair with the city. love that it was a never-ending source of surprise and delight. hate because there never seeemed to be any downtime to replenish and recharge.


i admire cities like new york, san fran, paris which were built so well, so beautifully functional, big worlds in (relatively) tiny spaces.  it’s time to explore and not fight it.  i’m hoping to take on the city to the fullest extent of the law!c060efc867a45cac21ae1c8a2860b3ac

it’s not like i’ll be shoveling snow any more! (one of the reasons i left was digging out my car each winter)


i love to think of the nyc’s past and those who put that first glittering stamp on it. it’s one of the reasons i fell in love and stayed under her spell for so long. despite the difficulties of winter and the work, work, work mentality, there is still a shine i always try to find in my search for a bit of old mixed in with the new.


i’ll bring my real camera everywhere and look for those magical moments when time stands still.



well it’s time to pack. i’m channeling these timeless fashion divas for a little warm and stylish inspiration.





fashion, cities, people, we all change. yet a city like new york remains unchanged in so many ways despite the hardships she’s weathered. something to ponder and a city to treasure. and it’s nice to know some things stay the same no matter the year, time or place. have a spectacular weekend!

November 23, 2013. 1920's, Art Deco, Life, New York.


  1. dumbwittellher replied:

    Claudia ~ I wish you all the magic that only NYC brings. Enjoy each minute as a ‘visitor’ and I hope you get that stolen time to stop, take it all in, and relish all that is New York. I’d be lining up for a pastrami sandwich!!



  2. Carina replied:

    Claudia, I love the energy of New York, and how it changes, yet it doesn’t! It’s up there with my favourite places; Paris, Sydney, Seville, Florence…ahhh feeling the need to fly away too. Have a fabulous trip.


  3. Connie* replied:

    Oh Claudia. I’m so with you. I lived many years in New York and now live in San Diego. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve had a lobotomy. Saving my pennies for a trip back to NY in March. Yes March!!!! I have to go back frequently just to make sure I’m still alive!


  4. Mom replied:

    I have wonderful memories of life, love and youth in NYC. Enjoy your time now.


  5. Karena Albert replied:

    NYC at the holidays must be so exciting! Love the shop windows and these vintage poster are wonderful Claudia!!Have a great trip…
    The Arts by Karena


  6. Karen Albert replied:

    Hi Claudia,

    How are you? I just read your NYC post and though it is cold I know you will have a great time.

    Let me know if you would like to give away a book or two fir the holidays.

    xoxo Karena The Arts by Karena



  7. Mary Beth replied:

    Oh Claudie! Manhattan will welcome you back with her towering arms, sparkly sidewalks and inexplicable energy! Every minute feels as though anything could happen! I miss it too but isn’t it nice knowing its there? That a place like that exists at all? Only one thing missing for me and my girls – The Paris Apartment :( xxoomb


  8. Dayle Brenner replied:

    CLAUDE! Yes, it’s freezing here, but my goosebumps are from the pure gorgeous-ness of your writing! Pls lmk your dates so that we can have dinner! How awesome that would be! Will u be staying in NY, NJ or both? Also, my niece is a co-producer of The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, perhaps you’d like a discount on tickets?!? Safe travels my chilly chickadee :) xo


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      Hi my love! Yes yes and yes! I’m here and available anytime thru Thursday. Staying on bond street!! xoxox



      • Dayle Brenner replied:

        Thru This thursday???? That’s it? OY! I’m working in LI and picking Dylan up from airport on Weds!!!! Say it isn’t true! I’ll find out about theatre tix either way – When do u want to go to the play?


  9. Nikon replied:

    A beautiful selection of images, Claudia. You always put a fabulous buffet together! I love the vintage art & photos the most – NYC is so photogenic….


  10. rochambeau replied:

    Dearest Claudia,
    How grateful I feel now to read your ‘well put’ thoughts (about living the city life), verses the peace of NOT.

    All of what you say I do relate to.

    What is good: No matter what……………. you and I will always own within ourselves all of these amazing experiences (of living and traveling to different places.

    Living In the BIG CITY, life can feel like a FIGHT. Finding a cab, or a parking spot, standing in line and learning how to wait for just about everything. It’s not good to be in a fight and not have peace.

    THE GLORIOUS THING about living in or having been to New York, San Francisco, Paris. This is where you will find the very best of EVERYTHING (my father words about New York. He was a New Yorker).

    I want to conclude by telling you how much it touches my heart that you left a note in my blog mailbox. I do till remember the first time you left a comment and now we are many moons later.

    May your life continue to be blessed in every way.
    Your post was well written and touched me.~~


  11. Clare replied:

    I can imagine how different it must be to live somewhere or to visit. Have a wonderful time & explore the places you never really got to see!! C x


  12. Rhonda replied:

    Bonjour Claudia, I love this city post! I’m a Chicago gal who moved to the desert and miss city life so much!! Great post! Have a great Thanksgiving.


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