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wall treatment

hi there, happy thursday! i wanted to share a website that has inspired me for many years called KOZIEL. it’s the brainchild of Christian Koziel and he’s taken the trompe l’oeil effect to the highest level with wallpapers, borders and velvet panels. if you want to transform a plain wall in your home, office or store,  this is the way to go.

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 4.57.48 PM

these above are from a google image search. the sheer quantity of product and ingenuity is extensive and exquisite.


take some time to get lost if you have a minute, it’s a dream that’s easy to bring to life if you’ve always dreamed of living in a paris apartment.


his tufts have always been one of my faves.


and who wouldn’t want a mantle and chandelier?

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 5.25.12 PM


ok, i’m cutting out early today for a change. have a great night!

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lights out


allo, ca va? day 30. it’s been a month of mulling over and now it’s time to take action. the quote above is helping me not to censor all the ideas and just run wild till the answers come.  that said, it’s time to change up the next month and take the focus off my blathering and bring the camera out into the world. tonight i’m beat and am gonna take a hall pass and pass out. bonne nuit!


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manifesting destiny


bonjour toute le monde, time to start brushing up on my francais cause times, they are a changin’. or at least that’s the plan. how are you this evening? don’t know how the days fly by but it’s already way after 11:30. sooooo…just posting a quickie, more info tomorrow but if you watch the video, this is the villa

le spa et piscine

and the website template is here: envato

ok, gonna shut down and dig deeper into this tomorrow, the rest of tonight is for dreaming

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