battling the elements


bonjour dear friends! it’s my last day in paris although i fought and lamented the bitter cold, eventually i fell under the spell of the snow that dusted the city.


i spent the day visiting my favorite museum, musee carnavalet which is just down the street from the apartment. it draws me in every single time i’m in town.


it’s one of those places that’s pure soul food, full of inspiration. i must have shot 600 pics!


but what stood out in the edits today were not the interiors (i’ll share them tomorrow) but instead, the snowy shots. it seems to be a rare and disarming occurrence according to taxi drivers, locals, weather reports and airports.


and once i got into it, saw that it did cast a magical spell on just about everyone and everything.


looking through the paintings it’s obvious that a little snowfall never stopped this city from ¬†celebrating grandeur even on the bleakest and most overcast and snowy days.


painters were inspired to capture the elements and capture the moments of silent, white winter streets


i march through the city slush and sometimes take for granted what it took to build and protect it


before photography the painters were the historians, giving us a glimpse into a difficult but marvelous time


somehow without heat, running water and electricity the women were still able to look chic


and even bundled up were the essence of sophistication


i honestly don’t know how they did it, i couldn’t have made it without my uggs


i guess that’s why paris has always been the benchmark for elegance despite the weather


now it’s all about the right gear; duck boots, down jackets, hoodies and hand warmers


but the eternal beauty of the city will never fade and that’s the magic of paris i guess! well, see you on the other side, sweet dreams and stay warm!

January 22, 2013. Carnavalet, Museums, Paris, Paris Trip, Salon Hostesses of France.


  1. Lisa Harris Palazzolo replied:

    The 4th shot is incredible! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Connie replied:

    Beautiful images. I love the snow. My very chic grandmother was ALWAYS knitting. I guess that’s how they used to keep warm. Layers and layers of wool!


  3. Peggy Braswell replied:

    your pictures are divine-how blessed you are to be in Paris, but then I expect your whole life is a blessing.


  4. A French Frye in Paris replied:

    Love it! I’m such a fan of this fantastic (and free) museum. It also has one of my favorite Paris bookstores attached to it. Thanks for the snowy garden pictures and for the great captures of the paintings, which I know is not an easy task!

    I posted on my blog about an afternoon under the snow in Montmartre, maybe you might be interested in checking it out. Thanks again for sharing!


  5. pixelrites replied:

    Again such beautiful images. I’ll make sure to visit this museum when I am in Paris … the snow is like icing on the cake


  6. Mary replied:

    Thanks for the terrific photos…and great memories of my own visit to Le Musee Carnavalet…a truly magical place. You have a gift for well-composed photos that enable the rest of us to enjoy YOUR trip vicariously…again THANKS for these fun visits!


  7. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    Its just beautiful. I need to go sometime in the winter. Beautiful photos :-)


  8. Nikon replied:

    Gorgeous selection of photos, Claudia! You have such an eye for beautiful things and you select and compose them perfectly.


  9. Clare replied:

    Such beautiful pictures. I wouldl ove to experience Paris in the winter!

    Clare x


  10. Marilyn replied:

    Loved your photos! Especially love that painting of the lady in the violet-pink outfit. But all are lovely to see & your photography is great.


  11. Heidi replied:

    These were all so Beautiful for me in my snow bank it was like taking a trip to the big city for a day at the museum! loved it, Heidi


  12. vicki archer replied:

    Gorgeous … totally gorgeous, Claudia… xv


  13. Jean replied:

    Can’t wait to hear all about your trip! I love traveling in the winter, when there are fewer tourists, and the air is cold and crisp! And getting snow where there usually is none is an added bonus. We wished for snow when we went to Italy in the winter a few years ago, but got only freezing cold rain.


  14. Rebecca Grace replied:

    I love how the snow looks on those elaborate shaped hedges in the courtyard! It’s just like confectioner’s sugar sprinkled on top of fancy cakes in a bakery shop. Lucky you, enjoying a beautiful snowfall in one of the most beautiful cities on Earth!

    …and of course, imagining a pair of warm, sensible Uggs hidden beneath one of those giant hoop skirt gowns in the paintings gave me a giggle. ;-)


  15. kerry anne replied:

    Just beautiful shots, thanks

    Kerry Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 21:10:51 +0000 To:


  16. Peter @ apartments for rent paris replied:

    Lovely images and fantastic way to mange them accordingly in your post. I would love to use the same process for my blog posts.


  17. vacations in france replied:

    I agreed peter. also the stuff is really interesting and attractive.


  18. Zizzi replied:

    The woman sitting in her red dress looks like Anne Hathaway.


  19. Jen Lawrence replied:

    Thank you for letting us travel vicariously!


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  21. Karen Albert replied:

    Oh to be in Paris right now! Claudia I was just catching up on several of your posts. The last few are simply amazing! Thank you for making my day!

    2013 Artists Series


  22. Carla Coulson replied:

    Claudia so happy you embraced the snow on your visit I arrived home from a hot hot Australian summer to white bliss xx Carla


  23. stiffler replied:

    What a beauty fantastic.


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