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hi guys comment ca va? i hope your labor day was great and you spent it with the ones love. i was at the market again today trying to soak up as much as i could since i won’t be back there till the weekend. mondays at clignancourt are great cause it opens at 11am and goes till about 5 so if you saw something sunday and didn’t nab it, you have a second chance. i picked up a bunch of pretty little things and am giving away a bunch of ephemera including letters from paris circa 1898, stamps, sheet music, little keys, fabric swatches, invitations and handwritten notes. if you’re interested let me know and i’ll send three winners little packets  at the end of the week.

i’n writing about the bargains at the fleas, how you can find all sorts of things for one euro.

it takes some searching through little boxes but you can find tiny treasures if you have the patience.

i know lots of you appreciate stuff like this so since i’m here i wanted to share the abundance of these fleas!

on the larger scale, i’m looking at bringing back doors and moldings, pieces that add so much to a room with not much effort. more on that later. these are some of the possibilites.

i wouldn’t mind having these doors for myself! well i’ll leave you with a random act of flowers. it seems every street has a talented flower vendor and this was my fave of the day. tiny little vases with loads of charm.

well it’s midnuit here so i’m off to bed. more tomorrow!

September 5, 2011. Fleamarkets, Paris, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Sandra DaRocha replied:

    I would love to win a little package. I wish there was something like that market here in Rhode Island


  2. Jodee Risney replied:

    A little package sounds divine! winning it would be a little bit of heaven!


  3. Joan Armstrong replied:

    The most wonderful things come in small packages!


  4. Claudia replied:

    omg how sweet, i would so love to have these to pretty up my desk!


  5. Darlene Ryan replied:

    How amazing it would be to have the contents of those little packages! Completely irreplaceable! Completely delightful!


  6. Peony and Thistle replied:

    Ooh! Would love to win! I’ve always been fascinated by little bits and bobs. Just love sifting through things and wondering what their history is….


  7. Luisa Sunderland replied:

    Oui, oui! A little French package sounds like bliss!


  8. Lisa Myers replied:

    Wow, that would be delightful! I was there in March, but didn’t have the time to find this type of little treasure.


  9. judy replied:

    Wow that would be wonderful to win something. Thank you for putting the offer out there. Enjoy your trip


  10. Splendid Sass replied:

    Such a nice gift, Claudia. Would love to be one of the lucky winners! This images are delicious.
    Have a nice Labor day and week.


  11. Lissie replied:

    I would love to win one of your little packages. Some day I hope to visit the Paris Flea Markets myself until then I shall vicariously through you.


    • Pat Herndon replied:

      A little packet would be like a kiss from Paris. I’m with Gertrude,”America is my country, Paris is my hometown.” Pat


  12. Lily replied:

    Would love to win one as well ! Gorgeous photos….looks like so many great things !!



  13. Cynthia Montgomery replied:

    Ah… to have a little packet of Paris…. C’est manifique!


  14. Beth replied:

    I have a dream of wandering the flea markets of France. Until then, I’ll live vicariously through you & your blog. Bon nuit, Beth


  15. Ro replied:

    I’d like une petit package. Knowing it came from France would make it extra special for this francophile!


  16. Vicki Nuckols replied:

    I’m in LOVE,LOVE,LOVE with the chance of winning one of the awsome packets from Paris.


  17. Sandra Guill replied:

    I would love to win a little French packet. I want so much to return to Paris and this would be a little bit of heaven.


  18. Karen McNamara replied:

    Love the wonderful French ephemera, would be grateful to have some!


  19. Michelle replied:

    I would be thrilled to win a petit package from Paris. Miss it so much. Merci


  20. Brandy replied:

    I would love to win a Parisian packet! You are so generous! Thanks for thinking of us!


  21. Elise replied:

    Oh wow ! Do i have à change to win Your governance away ?
    I love these things … But I live in the Netherlands.
    Pick me, Pick me ( jumping up and down,
    With my finger in THE air)

    Wish you All à beautiful day !
    Love, Elise


  22. Elise replied:

    Huh …goverwhat??? I mean : give à way, my
    Gsm is selfmade thinking huh sorry

    Elise ( again)


  23. Dentelline replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    I love these photos!
    Ah these little words or letters from Paris!
    De beaux souvenirs!


  24. Merillion replied:

    Please count me in for a little bit of Paris!


  25. Alice Noriega replied:

    A tiny package from Paris……how divine.
    I will accept it graciously.


  26. Ress Suza replied:

    I would love to win a little package! xoxo


  27. Debbie Painter replied:

    What Amazing finds!! Such history, must have been a wonderful weekend!!! I would also, love a little package from Paris!! Thanks for a chance!!!


  28. cheap french furniture replied:

    Bonjour! A cute package from Paris sounds very very nice!


  29. courtney replied:

    There’s nothing like the promise of a little piece of France to get the lurkers to speak up, eh? Flea markets far and wide are my passion. I’m so jealous! :)


  30. cdcrez replied:

    Vive La France! A bit of France every day. Thank you, Katherine Miller
    p.s. It’s the first blog I look at everyday! A lurker? Indeed!


  31. Pamela replied:

    I’m interested in winning a little French package.
    Merci for giving them! Happy September!


  32. The Paris Apartment replied:

    wow! i guess we all love our sweet paris…i’m going to send everyone who has commented up to here a little something instead of three people packets so that everyone gets something. there’s plenty for all, so if you left a comment then send an email with your mailing address to unfortunately i can’t go past this point with the giveaway or i’ll get confused but we’ll have another in a week or so. thanks for stopping by, hope you like your presents!


  33. Lily replied:

    I love all your thing and love a little packet if there is more to spare. I adore those handwritten envelopes and postcards! I’d love to learn how to write like that! It is so beautiful! Merci beaucoup! Lily


  34. taylorgreenwalt replied:

    OK Ok Ok, i want to win toooo. All this talk about little packages and i want one to!


  35. Laurie replied:

    I’d love to win a packet, since I can’t get to Paris, maybe Paris will come to me.


  36. Rosemary replied:

    I would love some flea market bits. Am I too late?


  37. Sheila replied:

    I would love to have some of these sweet little reminders of Paris to have and treasure; to rummage through and fondle when I’m dreaming of Paris with love.


  38. Rhonda replied:

    Loved the Paris flea markets, I stuffed as much as I could in my bags. My carry-on bag was so heavy but worth toting it for the French treasures.


  39. everything old is new again « the paris apartment replied:

    […] the by i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway!  if you know what i’m talking about, please leave a comment and the random number generator tomorrow will choose a few winners […]


  40. isa replied:

    I would love to win a little French packet – it would be a constant remind of you.
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway and the chance.
    xo isa


  41. Julie replied:

    I would love a packet!


  42. thecarusomanner2 replied:

    I just am so entreaged with your site. Having living on the border of Germany and Francem I know the lure of there markets…oh to wish I had just a bit more time to spend France. Yes , I too would love the wonderulf package with reminders od my time in France.


  43. Aria replied:

    Super interested m’dear~

    You always find the loveliest things.


  44. Nina replied:

    Oh la la, what treasures and i would love to participate, merci ma puce!


  45. Lisa Raszka replied:

    Thank you for all of the precious “pretties” you share! Always look forward to opening e-mails from you. Would love to participate. Merci!


  46. Elbertine replied:

    Well, since I found your website and blog – I feel like I died and went to heaven! Its like I have found the world that I am from – Thank you- I want to go to Paris so badly – and always thought I would take my daughter when she is 16 – only 2.5 yrs!! I will have to save money for these flea markets!!


  47. kate replied:

    Loving these pictures of the fleas! Tugs at my heart! Would love to enter!


  48. everything old is new again – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] the by i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway!  if you know what i’m talking about, please leave a comment and the random number generator tomorrow will choose a few winners […]


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