everything old is new again

hey guys, how’s your sunday? i’m glad to be here with my blog buds. your comments on the last post inspired me so i couldn’t skip sharing the sunday paris markets with you. and it’s helping me go through them with a fresh eye.

i tried to keep this post to reigned in to fabrics and ribbon but it got way away from me. anyhow i hope you enjoy the mishmash of beauty that is the paris flea.

i’ve been saving some shots for upcoming articles so wasn’t going thru them til i need them. and you know how it is when they’re yours, they don’t seem that noteworthy necessarily. but today i’ve been doing a little flea market philosophising and realized that it almost doesn’t matter what the subject is. it’s just incredible to be around so many things that are old but new to you. every doorway holds the anticipation of finding a treasure, big or small…or just a photo!

so although i wasn’t  buying, i did get a lot; my shots. and hey, i can share them!

well i hope you enjoyed our sunday stroll.

now to bring your goodies home! just a tip next time you go:  get a trunk or  suitcase for all your stuff and have it wrapped in plastic at the airport.

it doesn’t have to be a numbered goyard but at least you have options.

maybe just a jewelry case

or if you’re uber practical like me, get one of these t the corner.

by the by i haven’t forgotten about the giveaway!  if you know what i’m talking about, please leave a comment and the random number generator tomorrow will choose a few winners tomorrow!

October 23, 2011. Paris Flea Markets.


  1. madeleinesview replied:

    Such beautiful photos! I can’t help but research airfares right away…. I’d LOVE some of the ephemera, please put me in the drawing. Thanks & have a great Sunday! Madeleine


  2. Sandra Conti replied:

    Dearest Claudia, you are living the life I would love to live. I see things I want to see in person through your photos. I thank you for that.


  3. Sue replied:

    Hi Clauida,
    Always happy to lose myself in your images!
    If there are still some of your giveaways on offer would love to be on the receiving end!


  4. Mom replied:

    I love the laces, the chairs, even the little keyhole covers are sweet.


  5. Trish replied:

    Thank you Claudia! Just perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Trying to resist some lovely architectural salvage in a nearby shop…and you’re just fanning the flames. Merci! Trish


  6. ParisienSalon replied:

    So much eye candy! Thanks for sharing it … and getting me hungry to hit the fleas.


  7. Jennifer replied:

    Ahhhh… love that market. Wish I was there right now!


  8. Karen replied:

    Well first, thanks for the share. I have a chair exactly like the green pair I am getting ready to upholster. I loved the white suitcase set, the dividers, each to die for and the goyard print too, nice. I did fall head over my heels for the (coverlet?) with the ribbon roses on the trim band.
    And I have to include the store front you show for this post…now that is my cup of coffee! My eyes are sooo happy, thanks.


  9. Michelle replied:

    Claudia, thank you for the stroll through the flea, the only problem is I saw several things I really want!!


  10. isa replied:

    Holy smokes, Claudia, where do I start? I love the first shot, I want to live there! That gold fabric just below it and then the giltwood and those 3 grey velvet chairs… my heart is pounding. Lovely, lovely, lovely treasures everywhere. Thanks for taking us along!!
    xo isa


  11. Fashion-isha replied:

    Wow that place is fabulous! I’d love love love to get there one day! Thanks for sharing!


  12. Clare replied:

    Sooo many beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Clare x


  13. Merillion replied:

    Re Giveaway: “Please count me in for a little bit of Paris!”

    Love this post – I want those 3 gray velvet chairs, and those chairs with the red leather seats. I seem to have become a “chairperson” :) since reading your blog, Claudia!
    And those 4 carved panels are so pretty.
    I was wondering, where does all this great stuff come from? It just amazes me.


  14. Rosalie Kelsey replied:

    It is all so wonderful. Thank you so much for bringing it to us.
    What a nice stroll.


  15. Cydney replied:

    What fun it was to “visit the Paris Flea Market via your photos”!
    I adored seeing all the fabulous goodies on my stroll while sitting in my chair by the fireplace.
    Thanks for sharing! And I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed about the give a way!!! :-)


  16. Ro replied:

    Looking at your fabulous pictures helps fill the wanderlust void in me.


  17. Jennelise replied:

    Absolutely stunning! I love the chandeliers and the beautiful chairs. :)


  18. Aria replied:

    love those trunks!


  19. Lissie replied:

    So many beautiful pictures to see. Thank you for sharing. I hope to someday see the Paris fleas for myself.


  20. Brenda replied:

    Gorgeous images! *Sigh* Thank you for taking us with you on your journeys via your beautiful images.


  21. nancy replied:

    for now i live vicariously but one day i WILL be on one of these divine adventures….thank you is so small for all that you share


  22. Dentelline replied:

    Que des belles choses, j’adore!!!
    Tous ces détails anciens sont des trésors!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a good day!


  23. Susan Driver replied:

    Oh my, the colours, the textures, the lust for the Paris markets….I am feeling faint…….More More!!


  24. Lelanie replied:

    Claudia, I have really been enjoying your posts as of late. (Not that I don’t always.) It is great seeing all the shots from your Paris trip. It is such a beautiful place, and you have a knack for spotting the unusual and unique.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  25. Vicki Nuckols replied:

    I would Love to be there with you,I sit and look at all the lovely items that you have found there and I could just imagine having some of them here in my home in Georgia.I love your Blog and I am so excited to visit Paris through your eyes.LOLThank you so much.


  26. Summer for Swede replied:

    Please don’t ever stop posting photos of the Paris fleamarkets and brocantes. Just love them!! I would buy the chandelier and the wood panels and some of the metal ormolu. If it isn’t a burden, could you post which district you were in or what street for those of us who venture over to Paris might find the same areas?


  27. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Your posts are the visualiztion of my fairytales!


  28. Bonjour Romance replied:

    The tri-fold screen is calling me…and the hardware…and… Love it all Claudia!


  29. Robyn Parrish replied:

    Ooh, la, la! Your photos take me right back to my trip to Paris (where I spotted you!) and all the eye candy the flea markets there offer. Of course, you got much better pictures than I did, so thank you for sharing! You keep me inspired. :)


  30. Hazel replied:

    OMD! (O Mon Dieu) How absolutely thrilling. C’est magnifique!


  31. Mohammed Mhsseb replied:

    I consider all that has passed by hand-making time. Is a treasure to be preserved.


  32. Teresa replied:

    Love seeing all these through your eyes! Wish i had the means! :D


  33. broadsideblog replied:

    Love the boiseries and the textiles. I write at a desk covered in pale green mattress ticking from my last visit to the Paris flea…Love it!


  34. à la parisienne replied:

    What a gorgeous group of images! Those pink lamp shades are just wonderful.



  35. Have A LV Trunk For Coffe Table! — StyleFrizz replied:

    Oh, and check out the Goyard beauty after the jump! Sigh, aren’t they beautiful? (thank you, Claudia)!


  36. Katrin Alt replied:

    Oh wow, thanks for sharing this!


  37. Marianne replied:

    This is a dream to go to the Paris Flea Market! There is so much to see and


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