light sweet crude flappers and philosophers


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how far we’ve come in 80 years. i definitely take for granted how easy we have it technologically.

hi everyone! it’s feels like forever since i’ve been here and a ton of stuff on my plate. it’s been one of those weeks where no matter how much i did it only scratched the surface of what seem like insurmountable challenges facing me. and i’m sure they’re no bigger or any more difficult than anyone else’s. thank god for blogging :)

like everyone else i’m obsessed with what’s going on with the state of our country so i started researching the last depression to see what it was like, and how they fared. i started with what i know: flappers who were having the time of their lives in the jazz age, the roaring 20’s. at least till the crash of ’29.


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turns out the 20’s were just like our own time in that everything was new, electricity, appliances, fashion, hairstyles, legs! cars, communication and sound in film… they never stopped saying’ “what will they think of next?”


and the glamor of fitzgerald’s writing made it all the more enchanting. life was a roaring carnival.


until 1929. and then even the flappers had to deal with realities of the day. they tried to stay bright and cheerful as women always do.


once the crash hit, things changed including fashion and fancy free days. they began to stay home to cook and make their own clothes. thrift became de rigeur.


i keep thinking about this video i saw the other day that shows what life was like leading up to the crash. i haven’t even watched the entire piece but the first 10 minutes really stuck with me. it’s a little blurry at first but clears up. i highly recommend it.



of course you can’t start to dig into a topic like this without falling into the you know what.

these are some random links to the night’s breadcrumbs, it’s again only skimming the surface of what’s out there on the subject.



funny to see how that one shift changed so much in film, fashion, design, and general thought. but it opened even more doors to new ideas, and the art deco period flourished and designers like schiaparelli and chanel rose to the top. i never noticed till tonight how pronounced the change between the 20’s and 30’s really was.




on a personal note, it’s the end of yet another era. i moved out of liz’s house this week and am in lovely, albeit temporary new digs. all i have are my most prized possessions.


liz and i have been roomies off and on for 18 years! finding the kitten really changed us both and made us a lot softer. we both thought we were dog people. i am gonna miss that little panda mitten man but will see him often.


anyway here’s my new abode for now (my guy’s place, which as pretty as it is is beyond neglected). i’m meditating on a real move to happen soon and am keeping my eye out for a miracle deal on a dream apartment. of course i want the impossible but then i believe in all that jazz.


bon nuit mes amis and keep on carrying on!

March 7, 2009. 1920's, 1930's, art, flappers, technology, the world.


  1. FrenchBlue replied:

    Awwwwwww Sweet Dreams~~ Meet me on the moon tonight… I have a plan I want to talk about…i just emailed you!
    Love the pink adobe! What a special man he must be to have you and that amazing house! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..


  2. Judith replied:

    What a wonderful post C! It makes me think….a depression sounds horrible and people are suffering so and it can still get much worse. But you put such a positive spin on it and it’s great to see what can come from pressing times! You made me think of Chanel’s story and that if it weren’t for the war and the trouble era we may not have her legacy today. Like they say…If life gives you lemons, open up a bottle of Vodka and invite me over!
    Great post…as always!


  3. Vicki Archer replied:

    Fabulous post Claudia – wonderful images and important reflections. Let’s hope we all learn something out of this economic downturn. I love the look of that Pink Palace you have moved into – have fun, xv.


  4. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    wonderful post , Claudia . Very interesting thoughts !
    Can’t wait to see pics of your new place!


  5. a. replied:

    You must get sick of hearing this BUT I worked on Kiki’s Paris at Abrams!


  6. moggit girls replied:

    Wonderful post C!

    p.s. that balcony was made for you.



  7. petunia replied:

    Now, this was freaky! I am working on a flapper post right now and to come here and see this..WOW! Just…wow. Great!!! I love those flapper girls! And all their lovely dresses came back into fashion last year. Your new place looks fab! And if anyone can bring a miracle into being, it’s you!


  8. FrenchBlue replied:

    ONG! I missed the Dew Dew Dewy Day!! LOVE IT!! A priceless find! Only You DEW DROP!! I will Smile all day today!


  9. a la parisienne replied:

    Interestingly, my husband and I had this very discussion last night. We were talking about how we needed to do research over the depression to see how Americans then handled such financial hardships. One big difference is I doubt the average American woman has the same homemaking skills that a woman in the twenties had- sewing, canning and preserving foods, for example. I know that I need a crash course myself!
    Thank you for the post. You’re right Fitzgerald really painted a vivid picture of that time era. One of my favorites is The Great Gatsby. I would say that our present-day culture is much like that of the 1920s- overindulgence in all aspects of life (of which I am guilty). Thank you for the great post!


  10. Pamela replied:

    Ah, a pink house. Delightful omen.


  11. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    Love the post Claudia! Watched the beginning of the documentary and it does mirror what was happening here before the recession. Wow.

    Love the pink building! xoxo Lynn


  12. Vicki replied:

    A wonderful post C!!! Love the balcony…..enjoy!!!


  13. Amy replied:

    Bizarre that I come to read your post, because I had just posted about how I MAKE alot of things and people are impressed by that, but for me, eh….it’s easier than spending the effort and money to go buy it already made…

    I thought Monsieur Kitty was yours!!! You know that means you must get a kitty of your very own! :)


  14. Wendy replied:

    Fabulous post! I love the pink stucco and the little white balcony!! Good luck in your quest for a more permanent address. For now, this one is darling!


  15. Isa replied:

    Oh Claudia, I love your posts, and this was a great one. I’m off to watch that video. I love your pink pad, and can’t wait to see what happens next. Changes everywhere, and your outlook is something I will follow :)
    xo Isa


  16. rochambeau replied:

    Hey Claudia,
    How are you friend????
    The things you post about here are a visual for what many or us have been thinking about lately.

    I keep putting out positive, fearless thoughts for our country and the world.

    I didn’t realize you have had to move.
    Know you will find the “right” palace.
    Will be thinking the good thoughts for you.
    Your furry assistant is beautiful!!!



  17. Fhina replied:

    You need a kitty for that beautiful apartment – Just saying! All the very best for your move, and your photos and info about the vintage credit crunch makes fascinating reading! Thank you!


  18. theparisapartment replied:

    hi my beautiful friends! i just love reading your comments, you feed my soul! i’m going to really try to come by tonite and visit and am sorry i’ve been away so long but lots of stuff is brewing :)


  19. Cafe Observer replied:

    Claudia, very nformative posting 2day! Thanks.
    I can also say the best part inside of a Paris Apt is you!
    I gotta ck u out more often, as well as add u 2 my blog links. Keep up de good work.


  20. maggie replied:

    this is one of my favorite blog entries ever! you included Fitzgerald, flappers, ink drawings and Depression era thoughts. genius.


  21. Litterae Atelier » Aquellas nenas malas llamadas flappers replied:

    […] foto principal es tomada de: 29 Jul This entry was written by Melissa, posted on Julio 29, 2010 at 5:17 am, filed under 20's, […]


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