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Renée Perle by Jacques Henri Lartigue

bonjour mes amis, i hope you’re having a fabu sunday. it’s pretty great around here cause it’s officially a day off! we’ve already been for a stroll, swim and shower, made brunch at home and have the rest of the day to play! funny that for the first itme in a long while my choice of activities is the computer. i’d been avoiding it like the plage for the past few weeks. after working full days i couldn’t even take the light of it by night.

jean henri lartigue

but with things finally straightening out, it feels a lot lighter and my little silver box can be used for fun again, not just the grind. whew! so today’s new and fresh but my obsession with the 20s for the past few days continues. since i’m not one to censor myself, i’m just letting it free flow, saving and posting pics i hadn’t seem before from a time that still intrigues me.

is it the glamour, the sleek and modern look that still seems so new?


it’s funny cause you can really see a shift from the teens and early 20s into what we see from ’25 on.

JacquesHenri-Lartigue bibi and dani in nice

bibi in cannes

changes in dress, attitude, a defiance of society and convention.

Renee Perle


josephine baker

i’m really getting into the subtleties of the decade. i love how you can see changes year by year just by the silhouette.



i love to go back in time thru ads. this one from louis vuitton shows the way we traveled.

it was so all about the well dressed woman.

the era seems surreal but somehow the ads for hermes and chanel, et al,  make it  more tangible. people really did life this elegant and cutting edge life we romanticize. (or i do).

chanel 1929

details de la mode Henry_Fournier_1928

ways to tie scarves

Sonia Delaunay patternpulp.com

and the people were real. it’s so easy to create a caricature of the era with flapper costumes and dances.

but these were muses who ran paris and the planet!

it’s still just the surface but it was fun to dig a little deeper into some of the legends that are still household names today.


but who i know so little about!

i have to admit i had no idea kiki posed for man ray.

well that’s my lil’ indulgence for today. it’s a lot later than when i started and we have a party to get to.

hope you have a summery sunday night and enjoy whatever you’re up to!


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pink vs blue


hi guys, happy saturday! i spent the past hour surfing  and now and am late getting ready to go out.  but it was  almost worth giving up prep time for the eye candy on this delicious web.  well, almost! i have to run but these pics were calling to come out and play (credits on my boards at pinterest).

i’m having a love affair with both pink and blue at the moment, kind of feeling like they balance each other out and are the perfect complements.

here’s wishing you a wonderful, playful, restful, joyful and love filled weekend filled with pretty pinks and baby blues.



there seems to be some magic in the air as our country gears up to celebrate an entire day devoted to LoVe.

you gotta love that.  let’s enjoy it! have a great night!

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beauty now and then

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bonsoir mes darlings! it’s officially almost friday and i hope you had a great week. liz has been working with me the past few days and it’s made a world of difference. i’ve always done the business stuff myself but lately it’s taking up most of my time and there’s not much of it left for being creative.

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but, then, that’s why pinterest.com was invented! it’s the fast track to shed the serious and step into the infinite world of gorgeous images collected from all over the web. i’ve mentioned it a few hundred times, but it’s truly my go to place when i just want to reboot my mind and am hungry for beauty and soul food. i have a few boards, you can see them here: pinterest.com/parisapartment. sorry, the link thing isn’t working on my laptop tonite for some reason and i’m too tired to fight with it.

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so these are just a smattering of pretty pics that flashed by today.

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i couldn’t resist this last one cause everything we’re fascinated with seems to start with these gals: the flappers, grandmas and old school marie antoinette lovers who were beyond over the top, they were legends, icons and trendsetters in fashion, dance and decor. long forgotten but they wore these pretty dresses accented with feathers and fans, they imported antique beds and weren’t afraid to stand up for what they believed in whether it was to flash an ankle or fight to vote.

well that’s it for tonite. it’s after midnight and this turned into a seinfeld post! bonne nuit chere cheries!

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