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happy monday gang! hope you had a killer weekend and are ready to take this new week by storm!

it’s been about a week straight of my domino rant and the only thing left to do is to tell conde nast how you feel. i’ve made calls, emailed, written snail mail, etc. here are some numbers and addresses you can use to bombard them too. but in the end, only we as a unit are going to make any difference.


all this about the mag and the soaring sales of issues on ebay

got me thinking about the value of magazines in general. i collect old home and beauty mags whenever i can just to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.


funny thing is, not too much has changed. unless of course you consider the styles, colors, and fabrics,


but then again, a house is a home because you made it yourself and you like what’s there. (if not, ditch it)! so whether we get domino back or not, (we will, be positive)! you already know what you like. and i’ve seen your homes, you have exquisite taste and you know what you’re doing. you know where to shop, how to revamp, and where to get a bargain.


i know personally i’ll be look ing at magazines in a different light now. where i used to tear them up and file the pics away, now i’ll keep more of them intact and use them gently as resources, something special that should be cared for, no less than a book. in our disposable society, this was a wake up call, at least for me, to treasure what’s current, not just the past, cause it’s just as fleeting.


yesterday at the miami beach flea market (above)


this morning in House Beautiful 1947


sorry for the terrible pics but a pretty closet is still as current today as it ever was


(she could be a domino cover)!

ok maybe not…



so in conclusion (this will be my last domino post), and not for nada, but i just got a call from conde nast and was given a couple executive emails there. PLEASE email them with the same passion you did on the web, telling them what you think the mag is worth and what you’re willing to pay for a subscription or the site entrance fee.




to write or call:

Subscriptions 877-366-4665



For media kits or information about advertising in a Condé Nast magazine, use the address below. You may also call this phone number for any Condé Nast–related questions.

Corporate Communications
The Condé Nast Publications
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036


Use this address or phone number for all matters regarding CondéNet, including technical problems with the site, as well as any inquiries not relating to advertising or public relations. CondéNet 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-790-5100 Fax: 212-790-1822











do you need a stamp?


February 9, 2009. 1930's, Antique Shopping, Domino, Fleamarkets, Florida, Photography.


  1. Isa replied:

    Three Cheers for you! You have lead such a great charge, and I have written in, commented, joined the poll – If it sways CN, fantastic, if not – it still did my heart good to see such passion and people coming together to save something they loved. Thank you for that.

    I love the old magazines – I won’t look at mine the same way any longer, either.
    xo Isa


  2. Kelli replied:

    I am going to send an email today! Lovely pics as usual and yes, old mags… one of my faves! I used to pick them up at Les Bouquinistes on the Seine.


  3. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    I so feel your pain. I found the Domino Decorating book at TJ MAXX last week and of course snatched it up as it contains much of their brilliant work. I will be running my own Domino post this Wednesday of a few favorite images. It is truly crushing.


  4. Chessa replied:

    As soon as I finish this comment I’m sending them an email. btw, speaking of magazines…and you collecting old, vintage ones…I find so much inspiration in Mad Men. The furniture on the show is so relevant today. I especially love Betty and Don’s headboard. I actually paused the dvd the other day to get up from the couch and walk over to the tv to examine it. It’s the most beautiful color and I love that I can see the texture of the fabric even on my television. The lamps, carpets, everything. seeing these images from the old mags made me think about the show right away:)


  5. theparisapartment replied:

    hi guys! thanks for the support, it’s a fun crusade cause it sure brought a lot of beauty to the forefront that i just hadn’t seen before. (i got the mag but somehow never ‘had time’ to crack it open)!
    this week at the website i fell in love with everything about it. so thank you for that. can’t someone reconstruct the site and rebuild it someplace else if conde nast won’t play nice? anyway i’m going to go and email both of those people myself right now too.
    chessa, post some madmen pics!


  6. Jill replied:

    yea…. I am from Grand Rapids! Fun to see images from when we were the Furniture Capital!

    Thanks for sharing!



  7. renee finberg replied:

    don’t be sad about domino, although your post’s related to your ‘domino blues’ are wonderful.
    maybe you should continue this until we all bug conde nast enough for them to finally open the domino doors again.

    …or we could go to the antique trunk show in delray beach next weekend !!

    xx renee


  8. theparisapartment replied:

    ok this was my last hurrah, i just sent it in:

    Dear Laura and Maurie,
    I hope this email gets to you.
    I’m writing on behalf of your loyal subscribers of Domino Magazine.
    I write a Shelter Blog called The Paris Apartment. As you probably know, there is outrage and absolute despair in the blogging community about the closing of this magazine. It’s seen as a real travesty and complete failure on the part of Conde Nast to be in tune or even acknowledge their customer.

    Please read the comments. Here is an excerpt:
    I just don’t get it that Domino didn’t succeed. Isn’t 800,000 readers and all those advertisers enough? I think everyone wants to be a millionaire these days and companies are constantly divesting assets that “under perform”. Too bad the only measure of success is financial. If success were measured by happiness delivered, then Domino would be as “successful” as Exxon.

    I found out about Domino on an Australian website and her take and an Aussie publisher’s take on why Domino is gone is that Americans don’t pay enough for their magazines. If that’s the case, they should have raised the price. We’d all still be buying it! And maybe they shouldn’t have given 75% off the cover price specials.

    The demise of Domino magazine is still baffling to me. And I agree with others that I would have been happy to pay more for the extraordinary designs and ideas they brought to us. I’m a fifty-something and my 30 something bonus daughter turned me on to Domino and now I’m rushing to their site to retrieve photos I’ve missed. I gave up other, older subscriptions that just weren’t doing it for me any more to subscribe to Domino.

    I loved the mission of Domino and can’t believe they closed. I really hope that the staff all found jobs to go to… that would be terrible if they all were just let go…with no plan of action..

    I just read some of the other comments, and I was also getting the mag for $1 an issue as a “long-time” subscriber (and, probably bc I get so many other Conde Nast mags every month). Whatever the reason, I would definitely be willing to pay more for it.

    I figure the IT people are already in place. Keeping it online has almost no overhead. And the online response on every blog I’ve seen is overwhelmingly for something to happen to keep it alive. And those people are willing to pay for it. It’s hardly an original idea. Just think of how many pay to view sites there are and they are making big bucks. if they won’t print it, make it a subscription website.

    The Domino reader has indicated in hundreds of places on the web that she is willing to pay whatever it takes and up to $10 or even $20 and issue to get this magazine. It it going for over $80 an issue on ebay. This client wants this product. Why not change the format a bit and make it more like something to be collected as opposed to just another magazine to recycle?
    You could print only what’s needed or even fewer so that they were always in demand.

    Domino is a viable brand. To drop it for ‘performing badly’ makes Conde Nast look pretty incompetent because they could not run the company properly, especially since the magazine delivered on it’s end. It’s the publishers who were underselling it.

    Conde Nast has the opportunity to explode into the future with a new vision or to become a dinosaur who slashes indiscriminately and can’t think ahead. To make this decision based on the same old bottom line is archaic. Why lose the only shelter magazine of its kind and one that is loved so fiercely? Why give up such powerful commodity?

    Conde Nast could be another catastrophe of the economy or they can be a front runner. The internet is the future and the future is now. Best of all it’s inexpensive to host a website and Conde Nast still makes a profit. Why not save the website for the readers and let them use it? You could charge $1-5 per month and still have contributing editiors and photographers, probably many who would contribute for free to be part of the brand.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to hear my concerns and hope you do hear our plea to continue the website at the very least.

    Thank you so much,
    Claudia Strasser


  9. Bonnie replied:

    Yeah Claudia!!!!!
    All your posts about Domino magazine are fabulous and this is the icing on the cake. I’m feeling more hopeful that they will at least consider keeping the online site or making it into a blog. Their first issue sold for over $70.00 on ebay!
    I spent the rainy weekend going through my storage closet of old magazines, dusting them off and putting them in order. It was like a treasure hunt cuz I found four Dominos.
    I love your new old pics. Your blog is always so inspiring! Happy Monday!
    Bonnie :)


  10. c.enns replied:

    It’s like a bad dream. How can this be? I left my comments with the publisher. :(


  11. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall replied:

    You go Claudia! I will send them an email myself. It is a shame isn’t it? Loving all the pics you posted here!

    Also, thought you might be interested. Today we are celebrating our 1 year blogiversary and we are giving away one of our Table Top Frames! Come by and enter to win:)


  12. petunia replied:

    Awesome post, Claudia! And thanks for the updated contact info…and great e-mail you sent them!


  13. angela replied:

    I’m on it!


  14. theparisapartment replied:

    keep hitting send! this is a response that kelli got today from one of the email addresses above. they only mention publishing it, not anything about the website which is still a valuable resource they can maintain. let them know that you still want the website no matter what!

    We appreciate your interest and support for Domino; however at this time, there is no plan to begin publishing the title again in the foreseeable future despite the tremendous outpouring from subscribers. This is a difficult economic climate and our company must make their business decisions on what is good business for the health of overall company. Thank you again for your support.


    Maurie Perl

    thanks maurie, but surely you can do better than that…


  15. petunia replied:

    Maybe no mention of the website going down is a good thing? I didn’t think they would start the presses again but the website is still in existence. Maybe they are hearing us on that issue.


  16. Kathleen replied:

    Great post, Claudia! It is a shame that so many beautiful magazines are being exterminated…so very sad! For me, there is nothing that compares to getting a favorite magazine and saving it til just the right time, the devouring it while sipping a cup of tea and savoring every picture! Perusing online publications just isn’t the same!
    Let’s hope your stellar crusade efforts will pay off!
    Have a happy week!


  17. Visual Vamp replied:

    Loved the “Mirrored Galmour by Hart” ad, becasue my last name is Hart ha ha.
    Also sent an e-mail to each of the Conde Nast addresses you gave in this post.
    Hopefully they’ll at least save the web site.
    Thanks for rallying to the cause!
    xo xo


  18. Cakewalk replied:

    I, too, regret ripping so many pages out of my Domino magazines! I still have every issue, but I so with that they were all intact. Thanks for getting the contact numbers for us…


  19. zelda replied:

    I love that kiten of yours ….
    and I ador old stuff like those old decoration books . so tacky sweet


  20. Sparrow replied:

    the picture with the peacock pic and the deep pink couch is one of my faves! the room has the same structure/molding as our living room. thanks for posting!!


  21. Christine replied:

    Claudia –
    Just listening to the radio, reading your blog about Domino – and what comes on but “Domino” by Van Morrison! What are the odds? It’s a sign.

    I, too, love that white peacock painting. Was just looking that up on the net as well.

    OK, off to write another letter/email to Conde/Nast. Those nasty folks!


  22. Christine replied:

    Mad Men!
    Jon Hamm inspires me!!! Wowee! Is he the cat’s meow, or what?



  23. theparisapartment replied:

    i’m with you on the white peacock! thanks for the encouragement gang. if they brought back ‘victoria’ (yikes!), from the dead, anything can happen!


  24. Chessa replied:

    I wrote them a letter too and they responded rather quickly thanking me and letting me know that they appreciate the support from subscribers but they have no plans at this time to bring it back. boo. Then this AM I got an email from the customer service dept with my original email forwarded. They asked me to reforward my email.


  25. Fifi Flowers replied:

    I have some vintage magazines like those… I should use some of it in a post… sooooo FUN to see old glamour!
    Good job trying to get Conde Nast to listen!


  26. theparisapartment replied:

    that is really weird that they asked you to resend your note, chessa. who wrote back to you? did they say anything about the site?


  27. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    This is an ode for DOMINO , your posts about them are wonderful . Hope they will open their doors again


  28. Cafe Fashionista replied:

    Long live Domino; and vintage!


  29. lynn replied:

    Such great posts Claudia! I know how much time blogging takes and you’re really put your heart and soul into this Domino thing. We all appreciate it. Also, how much do I LOVE your old magazine photos? LOVE THEM!


  30. Tongue in Cheek replied:

    The photo above, the one with the old mirror and green silk chair is mine. I took it of my home. It is on my blog.

    I never knew that DOMINO used it. They did not ask, nor give any reference to my photo.

    That is one of the odd things about the internet. Using other people’s photos and not giving mention, nor link, nor asking permission to do so.

    I do freelancing for Victoria magazine. When my photos are used I am not allowed to put them on my blog (though I took the photo) for six months. Yet, you or anyone for that matter, can take a photo or scan any article, or blog post, and use the photo on your blog.

    Domino does. Taking someone’s photos and uses them to enhance their site, blog, post… is like stealing. Unless they give proper credit.

    I understand that you used my photo that you found on DOMINO, and have given credit to your source. Unfortunately, Domino did not?


  31. theparisapartment replied:

    hi corey,
    wow! that is shocking! i often see my photos around and even found a few uncredited in the domino archives. i’ll credit your photo right now and please accept my apology. if you remember we met cause i wanted to use one of your photos (the pastel book bindings and edges) and would never infringe on you like that! xoc


  32. Tongue in Cheek replied:


    My name is Corey Amaro.

    The photograph is of my living room.
    As I mentioned to you, Domino never asked permission to use my photo on their website. Nor did they link or credit it to me. That is a common error, understandable when a blogger is just starting out. BUT a well known magazine it is a known no no.

    Please take their name off my photo. Or take my photo off.


  33. theparisapartment replied:

    Hi Corey,
    Sorry about the typo on your name.
    I took their name off the photo and am actually going to take the pic down now that you mention it since they used it without your permission. I love it so I’ll use it elsewhere if that’s ok with you.


  34. Krissi replied:

    very interesting site and some good book ideas. You will be sitting on my bookmarks toolbar from now on..:-)


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