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architectural digest photo

hi guys! how are you ce soir? i’m ok but a little nauseous about what i saw today. this is no joke. the photo above and below are both from the new Architectural Digest, april 2009. (i got a free subscription somehow. i need to cancel it and save a forest). this is what condé nast deems an appropriate interior that’s supposed to feed our creative souls.


architectural digest photo


at least the cover’s pretty. but it’s true! pick it up and you will see way more than just this. it’s almost shocking, no, it really is shocking!! i hate to criticize but i don’t really even want these on my blog :(

still i had to show you cause only you can truly appreciate the depth of the horror :) sorry to spring it on you without warning.

BUT the good news is the trip to my mailbox wasn’t wasted on AD! the domino decorating books finally arrived!!! hope the following photos help soothe what you’ve just witnessed.


and it does not disappoint. Oohhh i wish i could keep one but as promised i’ll be giving them away!


one is spoken for


but the other is up for grabs.


i’ll use the random number generator on friday to choose the other winner from the comments left here between now and then.


in the meantime, enjoy a few exhales with some more domino shots i got from their site last week searching something random.


their website is truly infinite


what a damn waste


if i ever open another AD it will be for kindling

ooohhhh domino


ok i better go



enjoy and good luck you lucky duck!












PS this just in: i contacted nina from simon and schuster and asked her if i could give her contact info in case  anyone who has a blog wants to do a giveaway of your own and she said sure!  what a doll.  here’s her email:

AND if you’ve still mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore, write about it here or swamp condé nast!!

Conde Nast contact info:


Corporate Communications
The Condé Nast Publications
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

call, write, email…anything you do will send a message, doing nothing looks like we’re ok with the AD style!!

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you know what you’re doing


happy monday gang! hope you had a killer weekend and are ready to take this new week by storm!

it’s been about a week straight of my domino rant and the only thing left to do is to tell conde nast how you feel. i’ve made calls, emailed, written snail mail, etc. here are some numbers and addresses you can use to bombard them too. but in the end, only we as a unit are going to make any difference.


all this about the mag and the soaring sales of issues on ebay

got me thinking about the value of magazines in general. i collect old home and beauty mags whenever i can just to see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.


funny thing is, not too much has changed. unless of course you consider the styles, colors, and fabrics,


but then again, a house is a home because you made it yourself and you like what’s there. (if not, ditch it)! so whether we get domino back or not, (we will, be positive)! you already know what you like. and i’ve seen your homes, you have exquisite taste and you know what you’re doing. you know where to shop, how to revamp, and where to get a bargain.


i know personally i’ll be look ing at magazines in a different light now. where i used to tear them up and file the pics away, now i’ll keep more of them intact and use them gently as resources, something special that should be cared for, no less than a book. in our disposable society, this was a wake up call, at least for me, to treasure what’s current, not just the past, cause it’s just as fleeting.


yesterday at the miami beach flea market (above)


this morning in House Beautiful 1947


sorry for the terrible pics but a pretty closet is still as current today as it ever was


(she could be a domino cover)!

ok maybe not…



so in conclusion (this will be my last domino post), and not for nada, but i just got a call from conde nast and was given a couple executive emails there. PLEASE email them with the same passion you did on the web, telling them what you think the mag is worth and what you’re willing to pay for a subscription or the site entrance fee.




to write or call:

Subscriptions 877-366-4665



For media kits or information about advertising in a Condé Nast magazine, use the address below. You may also call this phone number for any Condé Nast–related questions.

Corporate Communications
The Condé Nast Publications
4 Times Square
New York, NY 10036


Use this address or phone number for all matters regarding CondéNet, including technical problems with the site, as well as any inquiries not relating to advertising or public relations. CondéNet 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 15th Floor New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-790-5100 Fax: 212-790-1822











do you need a stamp?


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who really cares about Domino anyway?


hey guys, happy thursday! i spent the day goofing off with liz even though we both had a million things we had to do. it’s funny cause we’ve been ‘guerilla decorating’ together for almost a decade. but we’re both complete clichés when it comes to not doing for ourselves.


she would kill me if she knew this before pic was here but she doesn’t even know what a blog is so i’m ok for now :)


anyway i love her chambre bleu but of course life got in the way of ever really decorating. to tell you the truth it’s been the last thing on my mind for years. i love furniture and goodies but after having a store it was nice to minimize and focus on other things.


but as you know the domino debacle has got me fired up to get back in the saddle. i used their resource library again today to study beforehand.



i actually wish there was someone who can take great shots, i’m just ok. i’ve come to understand photography is an art and a science. maybe photogs are born, not made. anyway the real ones should be celebrated. the infinite detail in styling and shooting has made me appreciate the whole crew at that mag, as you know by now.


anyway you know who was you know where



with us all day long



i had to open liz’s closet to give you a peek inside (she’s a stylist). leave it to her to have diesel lingerie



so anyhow, out of 300 shots these were the best and they’re only mediocre. my fantasy is that domino doesn’t fold and they shoot liz’s themselves as some of you suggested. liz has never cracked open a copy so she has no idea what that would mean to her! but of course that would take a miracle. but then again i believe in miracles. do you?


well if you do, please join me over the next few days


in recognizing and doing our part to save this incredible resource. here’s my daily dose of domino inspiration that got me kicked off today (i’m still at the tip of this collection)!


i probably won’t be posting for a few days cause i screwed around a lot this week and even have a computer crash to deal with. in fact all my domino pics were lost! (another reason having them on their site would be a real plus instead of us saving them ourselves).


i know not everyone who reads my blog loves domino. truth is i had no idea it’s as powerful as it is. if i hadn’t been to their website i still wouldn’t know as it just wasn’t on my radar. but i have come to treasure and value it so, i am going to ask you a favor


if you’re here, right now, please leave a comment and just let me know if you think it’s worth saving? i’d like to show your responses to conde nast. i believe the blogging community whether it’s writers or readers are the wave of the future. that the connection they’re weaving is as strong as any spider’s!

is it infuriating to you that an institution like domino can just be cast aside? it makes me livid! so please, if you’re here, leave a comment and unite the power of the blogging community. tell conde nast that you don’t want to be forcefed architectural digest (or whatever), and that you do want domino and you won’t stand for another H&G travesty!


ok that’s it for my rant, but mom, i mean everyone


and dad, we need you too


and all my friends who leave beautiful comments


and all of you who are here but have never said a word




i can provide a platform but you’re the one who can make it happen with numbers. so please don’t skip out on this, sign in anonymously…just leave a trace that you were here and that you cared.


ok, that’s a wrap! big love to you!! xoxoc

(p.s. once you’ve left a comment, please go to to sign the petition)

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