you know how it is

we’ve been thru this before but it doesn’t change how a fleeting glimpse into cyberspace can create a vortex beyond your powers to resist.  tonight the peek  was into i feel like i’ve been there before there was so much eye candy i couldn’t stop from looking through everything. resistance was futile and way more fun!

so thank you natural history for the link and if you visit either site, be prepared to stay a while, it’s a deep rabbit hole. in fact,  natural’s blog is full goodies…check out her other discovery:  ensuite, two sisters’ life in their paris apartment. don’t say i didn’t warn you tho!

ok well i have to go while it’s still a beautiul afternoon, there’s the antique show on at lincoln road. a tout alors!

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so many lives to live

…even if only vicariously!

i vowed to work an hour on the books so i can’t stay but i’m sort of addicted to stopping by even if it’s just to check and pass these videos along.

and in paris…

have a great night and sorry for rushing off! xoc

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like i’ve got nothing else to do


but lounge around and surf the net…hi everybody! i’ve been a little out of commish for the past couple days getting ready to head to nyc for the holidays and tying up some dramatic loose ends. i still had so many pics from my last obsessive post about philippe starck that it seemed natural to post them back to back. but again, you can’t even enter this man’s world without being pulled into a chasm of eye candy, historie, philosophie and utube!


this legend has done more spaces than anyone can keep track of


i’m an offical groupie. these pics are from bars and restaurants all over the world

and each has its own spin.


i have to apologize cause i’m not sure what’s from where


just got so caught up in the frenzy of beauty that i started losing track. it was all happening so fast!


love him or hate him, his body of work speaks volumes about his talent, but i did find a lot of articles about him rejecting design


calling it all useless


that’s blasphemous monsieur starck!


you give so much soul food for us to devour



please don’t ever stop creating and sharing your vision



from simple


to the most detailed



each place is awe inspiring



the delano, miami


volar, shanghai


asia de cuba

i’d like to make a point to visit his creations if i can when traveling


gramercy park hotel, ny


and since we landed late last night


maybe we can hit the gph for cocktails one night this week!



even his minimal stuff is pretty…and i would certainly never question the designer’s designs


but i do have to ask, philippe, what’s up with the garden gnome?


ok that’s really it this time! it’s cold this ny am so i’ve had a reason to stay in and play, but the truth is i’ve got to get out there! go!

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