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bonjour mon amour, it’s officially valentine’s day 2015. i’ve been doing some research on feng shui which is an ancient oriental philosophy about creating spaces that bring abundance in different areas of the home by incorporating the yin and yang of furniture placement and the four earthly elements of earth, air, fire and water.

feng shui
ˈfəNG ˈSHwē,-SHwā/
  1.  a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account.


since i’ve always been passionate about le boudoir, i’m taking v-day to focus on what we can do to bring some supercharged ions in to activate it for love whether single or married

the bedroom is that one sacred place you can really unwind and check out. it has to be as comforting as it is comfortable for you as well as someone special enough to be invited in


there are lots of theories (some conflicting) on how to go about creating your haven, but then there are other theories that are de rigeur. one of the first things that we’re advised to do it to let fresh air in by airing the room out. throw open all the windows and hang curtains that move gently with the breeze.


Eva Rubinstein

i came across this image and thought why not incorporate some lacy accent that will play with the sunlight on your skin




you’re basically supposed to keep it simple so that masculine and feminine energy are both at home but hey, a tiny bit of lace couldn’t hurt if if casts beautiful shadows across your bed…and you


the second rule is to keep the room uncluttered to let the chi (energy) flow. next is to have nightstands on either side of the bed which symbolizes and welcomes partnerships


next and maybe one of the most important (to e anyway) is having fresh flowers beside the bed. the fragrance and color enhance the senses and this is the place to amp the ol’ olfactories up


artwork in the boudoir is a super personal choice and a very strong statement to the universe putting out a very distinct message



infarrantlycreative industrial-metal-letters




heart doilie


i love rooms that turn into galaxies…that’s when the stardust starts falling diy-romantic-star-projector



if you love the beach or the mountains or the moon but can’t have the real thing, this philosophy recommends just using a reasonable fascimile like an image of the sky or beach

images (2) bedroom-views


or both if you’re lucky

one of the recurring themes is to take note of the EMFs (elecrtomagnetic frequencies) that are floating around the room. they’re emitted from phone chargers, computers, cable boxes and tvs so it’s best to remove as many as possible. if you have a big empty wall, a way to compromise with having a tv in the bedroom could be to use a projector so when it’s off, it’s gone.


of course if you have to have a tv make it supercool


we’d probably all love to have a fireplace in our bedroom, but since that’s not possible, there are lots of ways to bring in fire without installing a chimney per se


a faux mantle and candles will work wonders


hayneedle.irradiatable top fireplace

or a modern mini tabletop fireplace


or a few simple tapers will do the trick


light should be soft, so definitely ban the curly fluorescents and think about using a pink bulb here and there


for the details, crystals are recommended since they’re known to emanate certain vibrations and frequencies. rose quartz is specifically mentioned for an erotic charge


one of the most important practices of feng shui is to clear a space using incense or sage.



for some reason plants aren’t recommended in the bedroom but it seems that bamboo is ok if you have two stalks. they also don’t recommend water as one of the elements to bring into the lair so i thought it was pretty interesting that this one plant could make up for a couple things in the balance:

Bamboo plays an important role as a living example of the feng shui elements of water, wood and earth. When you place this plant in the correct pot, it can introduce fire and metal to complete a balance of the five elements.



essential oils are the pure essence extracted from plants. certain scents are inherently sensual such as rose and jasmine. you can even make your own

alchemy and aromatherapy set with rose flowers and flasks

one of the debates i came across was over which colors to use but all signs seemed to say that pink was a good go to hue



and that blue was cold but gray was ok


personally i’m into white but there was even debate on that!


ultimately you’ll decide what works best to create the space that nurtures your heart and soul

6e83dcdb292c132803030a1ac0142212 (1)

enjoy your bedroom for the sanctuary it is and let it be a work of art that you relish and play with each day and night


well, happy valentine’s day to you all, my really dear friends. hope all your dreams of love come true! xoc

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one of a kind love affair

it never ceases to amaze me, the boudoir. you can look through a catalog and choose any living room and most people could be perfectly happy with the basics of pottery barn or williams sononma. (ok not you, most people)! but the bedroom is super special, so distinct, unique and personal with all its detail and intimacy. every one tells a story of its owner, who she is and what she’s all about.  i just never get tired of looking at them! here are a few of my faves from last week’s dip into the inspiration pool. it really feeds my voyeuristic side! these are all from one place, have you been there? i never had. it’s pretty spellbinding. hope you enjoy them as much as i did!

sigh, so many personalities, if only i had a guest room too…guess i better work on my bedroom first!

and for all my surfing, i did feel a little guilty till i was validated by this creative philosopher:

oh and speaking of creative girls, please welcome megan from paper route to tpa’s family of sponsors! she creates fabulous cards for all occasions and you can customize practically anything with initials, monograms, as invitiations…sky’s the limit! here are a couple of my faves, check her out if you’re looking for a personal, one of a kind gift!

have a great night, i’m off to nyc tomorrow!

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to sleep, perchance to dream

bon soir mes amis, i hope you’re having a dreamy weekend.  i’m still going thru the pics from surfing last week. it’s been fun saving random shots and watching collections emerge. if you know me at all you’ll know i’m obsessed with the boudoir, the bed and all the trimmings.

beds are seem magical. they’re just as interesting empty as with a kitten lounging adorably.  funny how they have such personalities. of course though, there’s nothing more gorgeous on the planet than women. and  the women who inhabit these beds really put the cherry on top.

there were so many images of girls in bed, lounging, reading, sleeping, loving, playing music, cards, jumping, pillow fights and crying. i had to draw the line cause it’s a pretty deep rabbit hole, that tumblr.

some of my favorite shots are from the film, marie antoinette. until these shots kept popping up, i don’t think i realized how many bed scenes there were with her!

and they’re all delish!


i’m sure lots of these are staged,

but they’re still ethereal, what is it about lounging in bed?

keira knightly (gasp)! smoking in bed

i’m a sucker for the candids

are you getting sleepy? i sure am!

ok well it’s time for me to head up to my own little piece of heaven. i do have fresh sheets on the bed with lots and lots of pillows and (exciting)! i busted out a cashmere blanket that will be perfect for tonight’s slight chill.

enjoy your weekend when you’re up and when you’re down i hope you’re enjoying your bed and making it as cozy as possible!

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