window to the soul

bonjour mes amis, ca va? i hope that winter has passed, your windows are flung open and spring has sprung! i found this image on pinterest and i should have know it was captured by the one and only Georgianna Lane! she is pure genius. well, her photo hit me hard enough to come to the blog. it’s been a while and i know you know that it’s impossible to write unless we’re truly inspired. so what was it about this pic that called me to sit down in the middle of a busy day and check in? why is this photo so special when to some it’s just an average window like hundreds of others…but to others it’s magical? well for me, besides it being in paris and evocative of so many romantic thoughts, it’s plain, and hopeful. the simple experience of an open window. the brightness feels like fresh cool air and at the same time the beaming sun is warming the chevron floors.  we can actually feel the smooth wood beneath the soles (souls)! of our feet. it’s the exquisite perfection of a shadow from an intricately turned metal, transformed into art. the light through it creates a world of fibonacci spiraling, art noveau, twisted iron that speaks volumes as it silently secures the window. it’s probably been there, leaned on hundreds of times for a hundred years as the inhabitants checked the weather and felt the sun on their faces before the day began or closed it up tight against the rain and cold. maybe there were even days that suitors stood below and swooned to their would-be love. the curve at the top of the frame indicates that this is a very special portal, maybe on a particularly ornate building, maybe even one that’s still intact and preserved and revered as a treasured, special paris apartment. today i’m thinking about the sweetness of the simple things in life, and how beauty and inspiration can be found in even the smallest of everyday objects and rituals. have a beautiful, sun filled day!



May 15, 2018. Life, Paris, Paris Apartments, Photography.


  1. Chryle replied:

    Dearest Claudia~

    Your timing is perfect. ;)

    Here, just outside of Boston, we are in bright sunshine… for the moment. Bad storms with hail and possible tornado (in the western part of the state) are heading our way, so I’d closed all my windows down to go out and run an errand. After such a long winter, it felt awful – I live for the days I can open my windows. I just came home and opened everything up again! It feels fantastic! It is a beautiful day here made even more beautiful by my open windows! Much like your gorgeous picture.

    Tell me, does your heart and soul feel like that window? Mine does.

    Thrilled to be me so I can hear from you,

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  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    Hi Chryle, it’s been much too long! I’m happy to hear the sun in pouring in on you today. It really is the remedy to almost anything that ails us, isn’t it? I remember living in NYC thinking I had SAD (seasonal disorder) but I was probably just lacking Vitamin D. Yes, my heart and soul are happy today. It was a long winter but spring is finally here (give or take a few thunderstorms…it’s raining here too)! Missed your special brand of sunshine Chryle!


    • Chryle replied:

      Dearest Claudia~

      Wishing us all as much beautiful sunshine as we can absorb… and then some. And wishing you a heart and soul happy every day.

      Here, enjoying all the beauty you share,


  3. The Paris Apartment replied:

    So true! I have the same thoughts on minimalism. I adore clean lines but believe there is plenty of room for a curlicue moment in almost every situation. I try to include that playful and whimsical spirit of surprise whenever possible!


  4. Shara Switala replied:

    I’m coming to Paris next April. Do you know Airbnb or great place to stay? Thanks.

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  5. Paul Stolle replied:

    Enjoy Spring, Claudia!


  6. Back here – Mizz Em replied:

    […] If you are interested in reading the original post of the Paris Apartment here it is: […]


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