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good morning darling friends! i hope your morning is already off to a beautiful, brand new start. it’s pretty quiet around here. the day is still full of potential and nothing has turned it into a good or bad day yet.


just like the water can be so different, tranquil or violent, maybe it’s our own energy that makes a good or bad day. i’m going to try to harness and direct mine today. yesterday i was kind of clumsy, today i’m determined to be more mindful.


i’ve been feeling the need to hit the reset button and i thought it would be a good idea to start fresh this week with a post about the simplicity of white.


it’s official, my building’s been sold so i’m out at the end of august. i’ve been working pretty hard to scale down and just can’t believe how much stuff one person can accumulate. it’s truly staggering. there are papers and tear sheets from before the days of pinterest that are close to a decade old!


it got to the point where i had to ask: am i a hoarder?


i never would have dreamed it. in fact i thought i was a minimilist.


now with the move, i’ve had to really look at where i’m heading and what’s worth schlepping…

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 5.59.42 PM

my usual reaction would have been to start looking for a new apartment.


but i have a friend who always challenges me to look at things in a different way.


since i’m heading to paris at the end of august and into september, she suggested i just get something when i get back.a7ccfc9ddc6aa09c6d116ebcbf7846d4

interesting concept, but where would i put all my STUFF?

sell it, she said.

and suddenly it was so simple.


so basic and yet a new and slightly uncomfortable idea. i sell all day long, but i’ve had a place of my own since i was 18 years old!798ac7ae317d12d7906c03c4036431e9

then again, what was i holding on to?


so i took it and ran with it, i’ve been liquidating like a maniac, selling everywhere from craiglist to ebay, realizing that it’s only stuff and i was somehow getting emotionally attached to things that were unimportant.


now i’m honing my collections, books, favorite paintings, linens, trays and special letters. those irreplaceables will always be with me. and now everything is out of the drawers, closets and file folders.


i know what every scrap of paper is and where to put the very last paperclip. what a relief! it’s still not finished but i’m enjoying the process watching something that was daunting reach the final stages.


i’ll continue to refine the stacks of papers but they are now a lot less scary. welcoming almost, cause they’re organized and that’s something i can control in an uncontrollable world.


so i guess there’s a little comfort in all this, getting back to basics, simplifying life to the max and clearing the way to be unburdened for adventures to come!

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 6.02.34 PM

so with that will you join me for a faux house tour of what a white world of infinite potential might look like?

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 7.10.09 PM


Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 6.11.59 PM



















a place to reflect…we really all need the same few things whether in the tropics


in paris


or the garden







Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 5.56.14 PM

and love

sending good vibes your way for a white hot great day!

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July 10, 2013. Interiors, Life, Living, White.


  1. Jake replied:

    Thank you for this, I really thought I was doing great in the “de-cluttering” department. This post tells me I have a way to go, but I’m getting there.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      it’s a work in progress. i think it’s cause i have a set date to meet that got the fire going under me. otherwise it could have been another decade of carrying this stash around.


  2. Peggy Braswell replied:

    edit, edit, edit, it sounds great.


  3. Terri Wallace replied:

    I enjoyed your post. Can you share some ideas on how you handled the organization of your many “Papers”? I am overwhelmed in this department.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      i went through every single thing and it was either something i am currently working on or something to file.
      i took every single paper and dealt with it in real time. soon enough, the stacks were slimmer. now everything is filed (or shredded or tossed) and i have a folder of current goings and tackle something in that batch each day.


  4. Penny replied:

    Beautiful pictures as always.. thank you..


  5. Karena replied:

    Dear Claudia , you are reading my thoughts I have boxes and boxes of “stuff” and my condo is filled to the max with things I love, and I must just let go of some. Do you have a link to your sale?

    2013 Artists Series!


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      hi karena, when i asked my mom how she makes her quilts she said ‘stitch by stitch’. now i apply that mantra to everything i do and this task in particular. every single item can be put someplace and categorized. we know none of it’s doing us any good in boxes, so why are we so attached to keeping it all boxed up? maybe it’s a philosophical question?


  6. Maria replied:

    Love!! Thanks


  7. Nikon replied:

    Incredible photos as always, Claudia. I don’t know how you manage to pick so many beautiful shots & string them together!


  8. zinniabuzz replied:

    What a beautiful post.


  9. Mom replied:

    Beautiful pictures and also the sentiments. I think I’ll clean the attic.


    • The Paris Apartment replied:

      thanks mom. but i can’t imagine you ever cleaning attic out. besides, what would all the grandkids do after dinner if they couldn’t dig around and look at all our old junk? it’s a treasure trove to them…to all of us actually!


  10. JudyinFrance replied:

    Wonderful post. Good luck with your move


  11. MJH Design Arts replied:

    Thank you!! Simplicity, quality, love, friendships. Stuff can hold down the spirit. I’m saving this post; it settled my feathers.
    Have a wonderful weightless week.


  12. shari replied:

    good to see this today :-) Summers are tropical in MN (i know – who knew?) and we just finished the garage overhaul/declutter/reorg. Now i have to get to the office and even with 3 days of dedicated paper-wrangling, i know I have three days left of hard work in there. But if I don’t attack it, I won’t have a decluttered office room to start over with :-). I have to think COOL. White. EMPTY!!!

    I always LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR inspiration and yes I repinned you with credit to your blog – you are my favorite blog mini-vacation :-)


  13. Style Maniac replied:

    I often dream of tipping the house over, dumping out all the contents and starting anew. Friends of ours did this almost literally, selling virtually everything in their Pennsylvania home before a move to Florida. They say the don’t miss a thing.


  14. Ashley Rizzardo replied:

    This was such a lovely post. There is something really calm, clean and tranquil about white. I didn’t used to think so–it always just seemed really cold for me when it came to decor. But done right it can be very nice and welcoming.


  15. Ande replied:

    That was the most beautiful post I’ve read…ever! Thank you so much for the inspiration to clean up and de-clutter my own life. You’ve put together such a peaceful, mindful post… just gorgeous!
    xoxo, ande


  16. Jill replied:

    So refreshing. I’m beginning to do a bit, of sorts. Sending off sofas, lamps, extras to my sons as they begin to make their own homes.

    Thank you once again for being joy in my life.


  17. Rebecca Grace replied:

    The fantasy of an all-white home turns into a nightmare when you realize that, if you lived there, you would be CONSTANTLY cleaning. Every little speck of dust would show, and you’d have to give up red wine. Or else do all your drinking in the shower from now on…

    Liquidating everything is such a freeing concept! Realizing that too much “stuff becomes a burden weighing you down, restricting your options, is just the antithesis of what our consumer culture tells us, ie, that our lives would be perfect if we only bought that house/car/TV/dress/sofa/whatever. You will be able to think more clearly about your needs and wants for your next home when you are temporarily a homeless traveling gypsy!

    Have you thought of, you know, a PARIS apartment? I hear they are the size of a man’s shoe box, but now that you’ve edited your possessions… ;-)


  18. vicki archer replied:

    One word… Exhilarating… :) xv


  19. Cinnamon (@Vluvscinnamon) replied:

    Beautiful pictures! This is my 1st time stopping by your post. I will be back!


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  22. dawn replied:

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