brand new day

good morning friends, i hope your day is off to a great start. it’s been all about tying up loose ends over here. i have two deadlines  today, one is for one king’s lane (my tastemaker tag sale on november 12th)! it’s a 3 day event and takes a ton of coordination to get it all shot, categorized, weighed and edited.  it’s a little sad that the furniture hasn’t arrived from paris but we’ll have make do with the smalls and paintings that did actually come in. i had to do shoot a moody pic for the bio and this is one of the outtakes above i thought you’d enjoy.

and now it’s finally time to announce the winners of the madame chic book giveaway! the editor sent two books so  i read it cover to cover and am going to give both away. if you didn’t win, it’s on amazon and would make a great gift as the author gives us a lot of good advice. a really fun read!

so, drumroll…the first winner is gypsy house designs

and the second is a well style dlife

i wish i had a copy for every single one of you but not since there’s not, i’m giving away the second copies of some of the other books i’ve received over the year, starting with this one below about our girl, coco chanel.

if you’d like to win this one leave a comment and we’ll announce the winner on wednesday.

it’s filled with images during 3 weeks of her life. i’m not sure she changed clothes the entire time! i guess if you’re wearing chanel though, why would you?

finally, i hope things are getting back to normal up north and am still thinking and praying for all those on the east coast with no heat or power. please know you’re in our thoughts and have not been forgotten. for those of us who have it ok right now, let’s make the most of this day!

November 8, 2012. Giveaway, Life.


  1. Christy Xandrick replied:

    Such a beautiful and generous giveaway! I love that peacock feather on that dressing table! Adds the perfect amount of color!


  2. SandyHibbard replied:

    Love it! I hope that I can get that Chanel book onto my coffee table! I am just back from spending 6 weeks in Paris and it has been hard to come down from the elegance of the city, the wine, cheese, food, fashion, art and history. The Paris Apartment blog brings it right back to me here at home, and I love it! Thanks for sharing a little piece of Paris with us and all the magic she holds, keep up the great work! Sandy


  3. konstantina mahlia replied:



  4. Deborah McReynolds replied:

    How generous of you to share this book. I would love to win it. With the weather changing, this is just the kind of book to curl up on the sofa with a cup of good coffee and a fire and spend a wonderful afternoon.


  5. Karen Albert replied:

    Claudia congrats to the winners of Madame Chic and of course I would enjoy the 3 weeks in the life of Coco book!

    Art by Karena


  6. Stella Daskalakis replied:

    I always “sigh” at her creations…


  7. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Congrats to the two winners! And a big bonne chance on the OKL sale. It will be big succes Claudia, I know it! Love your outake shot!
    à bientôt,


  8. Laurie replied:

    I love Coco Chanel, I have her book The Gospel According to Chanel, it’s great!


  9. Carole replied:

    Another giveaway! How generous you are!


  10. peggy braswell replied:

    Congratulations to the winners + Chanel would be wonderful to have, my fingers are crossed.


  11. Emma E. L. Mitchell replied:

    I always enjoy looking at your pictures! I have never entered to win of these book giveaways before and I love love love Coco! Fingers crossed ;)


  12. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    Love Coco Chanel. I to haven’t seen this book. Put me in the draw.
    Love the little miniature in the top photo. Lovely photo too. You are very clever.


  13. Rosie and Blossom (@piddleandpurr) replied:

    Coco Chanel was my fashion mentor when I began my career after college. I still adore her sense of elegance, so feminine, so beautifully understated —– I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this book, curl up with a cup of tea and reflect on those days and all the lovely clothes she inspired me to purchase — many times spending the last dime I had as a young banker just out of college. However, I did look damn good!!!!!!

    Thank you for this opportunity and thank you for your lovely blogs



  14. replied:

    But when you have the perfect suit for, effectively, every occasion, made exactly to measure, why would you change. On the other hand it’s fascinating to see that magnificent apartment being used for something other than an interior decoration photograph. It’s nice to think that she actually spent part of her day there.


  15. Andrea Paul replied:

    What a beautiful book! Coco is an icon of inspiration for women AND men. Live beautifully, classically, and marching to the beat of your own drum. Live elegantly *just because*. So timeless!


  16. fabulousf finds studio replied:

    OMG, I want this book :) Thank you, Claudia!


  17. Jim Takita replied:

    You have male readers too!


  18. Angelia Louise Crew-Scott replied:

    This Book is not one I have seen before and It looks so awesome I would love to add it to my library. Coco Chanel was just so ahead of her time we Love Her.


  19. Benji replied:

    I want that book! I just love Coco Chanel. She had the Interior Design bug also. All you have to do is look at her Paris apartment as proof.


  20. mini replied:

    OMG! I have seen all movies and tv-series about Coco Chanel but I’m ashamed to admit I have not read a single book about her. That is odd since I’m a bookworm. I would love to win a copy.


  21. clareClare replied:

    What a ‘to die for’ giveaway! Thanks for a chance to perhaps own it!!


  22. shirley p. hawley replied:

    Thank for your blog about Paris. That is as close I will get for now. Iwould love to have Cocos book. I like a lot of pictures in books about design. As I have the Paris apartment book I have gotten a lot of inspration from it. Coco really has intriqued me to make beautiful what I have and alleviate it.


  23. Liz White replied:

    I enjoy your blog and would LOVE to win the book about Coco Chanel. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.


  24. Faith Boggio replied:

    Coco Chanel! What can I say? I love her clothes. I am making a Chanel jacket. She was way ahead of her time. Would have loved to meet her! Hope I win the book so I can spend 3 weeks with her!


  25. Nikon replied:

    I love your opening shot – it’s a gem!
    Put me down for the book, please!


  26. dana replied:

    beautiful book


  27. Melissa replied:

    1962… the year I was born. So fun to see pictures of this fabulous lady from so long ago and know how many people still adore her today. Wish I could have seen her in person or at least her “Paris Apartment”. The pictures are stunning!


  28. Ingrid Irsigler replied:

    Coco Chanel is without doubt my icon – and would really love to win this.

    Elegance is not the prerogative of those who have just escaped from adolescence, but of those who have already taken possession of their future.”

    Coco Chanel

    Without doubt words to live by in this strange experience we call life the universe and everything..


  29. Janice replied:

    We share the same birth day, now if I had just a smidgen of her chic! :-)


  30. AngelJem replied:

    Classy lady, that Coco! I love how she dressed for herself and resisted fashion, even though she was the designer!


  31. Emily replied:

    Love Coco Chanel!


  32. Susan Ruggieri replied:

    J’adore Gabrielle! And your blog, website, book….. Thank you for thinking of us! You’re the best!


  33. Cheri replied:

    Having stood in her apartment, I can tell you the place is even more spectacular in person. I’m not sure if anyone noticed all of the 5’s in the chandelier above her head? Much of the inspiration for new chanel beauty products comes from the apartment.


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