no place like home

hi guys, happy sunday! we’re bracing for a storm and i’m hoping the east coast will be spared without too much damage. there’s a definite calm which may be cliché but truly is the case.  i’ve sequestered myself in this weekend to write and it seems like i’m doing everything but!  i’ve been playing around at home with my camera and now that i have my place back and it’s no longer a warehouse.

before i left i’d been working on shooting the stuff for the okl sale. i hung it haphazardly just to get it on the wall and protected. what i didn’t realize is how much i’d love being around it all.

so many of the images speak to me and i wonder who they were

and imagine the way someone spent their day creating a little masterpiece

above is a watercolor of a leisurely afternoon in a chateau garden

these engravings made me think a little more about what probably caused the revolution

and the one below just calms me down

i guess there really is no rhyme or reason with art and what we gravitate toward. the only problem i have is the attachments i’m making to it all. some pieces you can look at forever cause you’re always finding something new. i didn’t know i’d fall so hard for these little  chef d’oeuvres that so quickly have become part of my daily inspiration.

in any event, i’ll be a big girl and give them up when the time comes but for now i’ll enjoy my moment with them. in the meantime i actually can part with something! i came home to an adorable book that was sent for review and a giveaway.

it’s a charming look at an american girl’s stay with a french family and all the things she learned about their perspective on life.

it’s a great gift so if you’d like to win a copy, just leave a comment and we’ll do the drawing this week.

and now, the sun has set. that means my deadline is that much closer and procrastination is no longer an option. (especially if i’m going to catch my housewives  :)

so bon nuit, i’m sending prayers to everyone with hope of a mild hurricane!

October 29, 2012. Tags: . Books, Decorating, Giveaway, Lille.


  1. ppuppy replied:

    Bonjour! Even if I don’t win the drawing, now I know what to add to my Christmas list. Thanks for hosting such a great blog!


  2. Aleksandra Shatukhin replied:

    Love your blog!


  3. Julie replied:

    The book sounds like a wonderful read! Stay safe in the storm!


  4. Louise replied:

    I enjoy reading about your adventures, and what you get up to. By the time I get to read your blog it’s morning time for me. So I sit down with my breakfast and freshly made coffee and start my day with a blog sent my way from you. Love your photographs.



  5. Linda replied:

    I love the chapter titles under, ‘How to Live Well’. No monetary requirement implied.


  6. nancy replied:

    MAY YOU BE SPARED AS WE WERE LAST NIGHT WITH THE TSUNAMI ALERT IN HAWAII! merci merci for your trips, treasures and taste !


  7. Michelle replied:

    Looks like a fun read and something I might want to give and receive this Christmas. Thanks for sharing!


  8. à la parisienne replied:

    These works of art are beautiful. I especially love the watercolor.
    I’m intrigued by the book you’re reviewing. In 2001, I lived with a French family in Lyon, France and I regret that I didn’t journal everything I experienced–I have forgetten so much!
    I learned many great lessons…some the hard, embarassing way. I would love to read the words of another American girl’s experience with a French family and, perhaps, revive and relive those cherished memories of my own stay abroad.



  9. Robyn replied:

    Hope the weather passes by quickly! Love the giveaway – thanks. Robyn


  10. Anica Isch replied:

    oooooh! what fun it would be to win this book. :)


  11. Eloisa replied:

    I love the artwork. That century has always intrigued me with their fashion and lifestyle. I cannot wait to move to Paris in a couple months and use your tips to shop the flea markets!


  12. Susanne replied:

    You’ve inspired me to build a wall like that… thanks for the great blog.


  13. Rhonda replied:

    Yes, there is no place like home and it seems your own bed is the one thing that we miss the most! Oh my, those engravings are calling my name.

    Ooh, count me in, that book looks fab!!!


  14. Jessica J. replied:

    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog, and I absolutely love it already! I feel so inspired, and I’ve only been here for about 5 minutes. Thank you!


  15. Nikon replied:

    Beautiful as always!
    Great collection of paintings and engravings!
    I love looking at your posts – always so satisfying to the eye :)


  16. marsha ramsey replied:

    hello..what is the Okl sale you referred to?…don’t want to miss out on a great sale, especially if it of wonderful pieces that you something to do with!


  17. Mimi Montgomery replied:

    Great giveaway and wonderful art…especially love the mirror right in the center of everything! Hope you are spared any damage from Sandy!


  18. lisa raszka replied:

    Thank you thank you thank you! Always such a joy to read your posts, the images and your take on them are such comfort to a visual person who has been a long-time fan. God’s blessings to you through the storm! Bonne nuit!


  19. Ren replied:

    I love looking at the art that other people have accumulated, even if it’s not to my taste. It’s interesting to wonder (or ask!) what about the piece attracted them.

    Alas, I won’t be going to Paris so I won’t be able to see all of the wonders myself but I love living vicariously through you and this blog and possibly the book!


  20. Terri Wallace replied:

    You said there was no rhyme or reason for art….have yiu seen the mivie Certified Copy? The moral issue of the merits of copies is quite interesting, Certainly, the copy of “David” in Italy, for me ia that if it beings art to the masses, then it does have merit


    • Terri Wallace replied:

      Sorry for the IPAD typo errors


  21. ARod replied:

    sounds so interesting my fingers are crossed the storm doesnt live up to the hype


  22. Jamie McClellen replied:

    Love your blog, your book, and your aesthetics!! They evoke memories of…what I’m not sure, but I feel like I’ve lived amongst those things before!! Stay safe through the storm.


  23. Barbara Winslow replied:

    Thank you for the lovely respite in my day! Beautiful paintings. That book looks right up my alley…thanks for the chance to win!


  24. Debbie W replied:

    This book looks wonderful….and I have never told you how much I love your book, The Paris Apartment. May the storm be uneventful!


  25. Helen replied:

    Was in Paris and S of France this September and still miss it. I found your blog today and it was a breath of French air! Thank you for sharing. I intend to research your archives and prepare for my next visit.

    Wishing you peace in the eye of the storm :)


  26. SandyHibbard replied:

    All beautiful Claudia, thank you for sharing. I know how our little treasures can grow to become a part of us. I would cherish the book in the drawing, but am happy to be able to share in the joy you bring us through your blog!
    Warm Regards,


  27. Hilda replied:

    Thanks for the lovely pictur and the blog! It does cheer up the rainy day here in Hong Kong!


  28. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    I love all your art its beautiful. I hope all will be ok in the storm and you and all your beautiful treasures stay safe xxx


  29. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    I love all your beautiful art. I hope all will be ok on the storm and you and your lovely treasures stay safe xxxx


  30. Candace replied:

    That book is the inspiration I’ve been looking for! Just browsing the chapter titles has pull perked me up from my slump. Thanks for letting us know it’s available.


  31. Debbi replied:

    Praying for the least damage possible! I hope you and yours weather it well!


  32. Janice replied:

    Looking forward to reading this book!!!! If you recommend it, I know that it will be great!!!! May you be safe and protected during the storm.


  33. sewprimitive karen replied:

    Others in the path of the storm have commented also on their blogs how still the air is; hope this awful storm decreases in power by tomorrow. Love the engravings and your French Rev. comment lol. LOVE the cover of the giveaway book and the subject matter!!


  34. Brenda Hayes replied:

    I’m always excited when I see your email.. Love everything about Paris and want to go..will the book be available for sale? All the places you go are so cool!


  35. mini replied:

    I love Paris and I would love to win that book.


  36. Tee Lahne replied:

    Totally agree..always use the best things you have, would love to read this chapter and the rest of this interesting book, love the artwork and your blog, stay safe in the predicted perfect storm. Bonjour Claudia Love Tee x


  37. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    I can see how hard you’ve been working Claudia…your collection is vast. Good luck with all!


  38. Jeanette Grant replied:

    The book looks like it is a good read,and I love reading your blog.


  39. Kim Doherty replied:

    oOooOo a give away?


  40. Mom replied:

    I love your wall, too.


  41. Barbara Hilbert replied:

    Would love the book……


  42. Ellen Wojo replied:

    This book looks amazing! It’d be nice to win, but not a bad Christmas gift hint to my husband, either. Specially since I am 1/2 French. LOL!


  43. Nancy Reynolds replied:

    This tome would make a wonderful addition to my growing library of french chic books! Merci!


  44. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    I love your picture collage wall! I’ve been collecting vintage frames for a wall collage in my stairwell. It takes a lot of frames!
    Thanks for letting us know about the book, I haven’t seen this one yet!
    Have a fabulous day,


  45. Jill replied:

    Fingers crossed for you all on the coast. We seem to be on the edge of it right now in VA, but that not’s going to last.

    So glad you had a wonderful trip.

    Thanks for the contest. I follow her blog and truly enjoy it.


  46. peggy braswell replied:

    Claudia hope you stay warm + dry.


  47. Virginia Smith replied:

    I love my quiet moments with your blog, a cup of coffee and a homemade something sweet! Inspiration for future photoshoots in the vintage pictures and prints.


  48. A Well Styled Life replied:

    Stay dry!
    I loved her first book, looking forward to this one.


  49. Mimi Connor replied:

    Bonjour! Salut! Yes, s’il vous plait, add my name to to the drawing sac for “Lessons From Madame Chic”! It looks lovely – I would love to read it and share it! BTW, I am a fairly new subscriber to your blog. Enjoying it very much! Mimi Connor, an American living abroad (Anguilla, BWI). Good luck with that hurricane! We have them all the time. Stay safe.



    • torie replied:

      Great post. Thank you for always sharing. I would love to read the book so please put my name down in the drawing. Have a wonderful week.


  50. marie tkaczyk replied:

    I would love to win the book..I soooo enjoy your blog!


  51. Stella Daskalakis replied:

    That gallery wall made me ‘sigh’… Beautiful.
    I think alot of young ladies should have this book in their collection… including my daughter. My dream is to live in Paris one day. This book will come in super handy. Thank you for a great post on such a dreary rainy day.


  52. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Please enter me in your giveaway — and stay safe in the storm!


  53. Amy replied:

    The book sounds like a fun read – especially as I did an exchange year many years ago and my daughter just returned from a year exchange. Thanks!


  54. Daren Jenette Thomas replied:

    Would love the book to make itself at home here with me… ~Warmest care-filled wishes,


  55. Nancy replied:

    Love the cover.
    Je veux que le livre!!


  56. Geri Texeira replied:

    Thank you for taking me to a place that I would love to see and always wanted to see. Its fun to see it through the eyes of a young adventurer. I love all the pictures and spend time really seeing them – studying them and giving notice to the little details So you see you influence even an old lady……Thanks and continue with the pictures and the information…..Your my mini vacation Geri


  57. Lisa Harris Palazzolo replied:

    Oh I would love to get my hands on that book! Great post…


  58. Clare replied:

    Lovely giveaway, Claudia.

    Thinking of you all over there with the storm. Truly hoping everyone will be safe.

    ~ Clare x


  59. Laurie Schut replied:

    I love any books about French etiquette.


  60. Elaine Foley (@chatelaine08) replied:

    Hope you are safe. I’m up in Boston and it’s not as bad as in NY. The news coverage makes it all look so terrifying. Be well.


  61. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi guys, i’m not in the storm (for once it’s not all about florida) and am praying for everyone facing it right now,


    • Lynn Groves replied:

      Love your wall of art!!! As a former resident of Manhatten, my heart goes out to everyone effected by Sandy… God Bless!


  62. Dash replied:

    Hi Claudia I think I have fallen in love with the watercolour of the Château garden. As far as Sandy is concerned I hope the worst has passed.


  63. Carole replied:

    The wall looks lovely! I’m curious how you hang them, as it’s temporary, I imagine you don’t want to leave behind tons of nail holes to patch!


  64. Lisa replied:

    This is my first visit to your blog. What a lovely read! I will definitely bookmark your page.


  65. Lori replied:

    I hope you and yours are weathering the storm well. I would love to travel to Paris and see what you see, but alas…other obligations.


  66. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Bonjour Claudia,

    Your OKL sale will be another blast! You have such a great eye and choose what you love so it is hard to part with it all.
    Hope all went well for you with Sandy and your family in NY – thinking of you all.
    Let’s catch up soon mon amie, it has been our whirlwind since all that talk and laughter we had in September! You and Claudia2 are quite a team!
    à bientôt,


  67. Denise replied:

    I just got back from Paris – my first trip there!! And I’m now in love with a new city…. Would love to win the book! But, if not, I’ll certainly add it to my list. Thanks for the chance!


  68. Erika replied:

    Hi Claudia! I would so Love to win the book! Hope you and yours – don’t you have family up in New England? – made it safely through the storm. Your blog is always so beautiful.



  69. Johana Kafie replied:

    My God, this is a lovely blog!!! One of the few rare pieces of internet fun and worldly beauty. The pictures are always fantastic. AND that book, sounds like so much fun!!! :)


  70. Mary Grace Elizaga replied:

    Nice blog. I love looking at your photos of your paris flea market buys and finds. They’re all pretty.


  71. Mas Going Places Magazine Blog replied:

    Going Paris Book…

    […] he artwork and your blog, stay safe in the predicted perfect storm. Bonjour Clau […]…


  72. Cathy replied:

    I love the wall art shown in the very first picture; esepdcially the baroque style mirror that stands out in the middle! I hope that you fared the storm okay, I just love your blog and book, have been working on my own “Paris bedroom” remodel and I imagine your store in New York must be even more beautiful, so I hope to see wsome more blog posts when everything has calmed down.


  73. Sarah replied:

    I am a die hard Franco phile & would love to be chic!


  74. Jules replied:

    Your wall is such an inspiration it makes me want to be creative the entire day!
    What a cool idea that book! Jules


  75. Kim D.Smith replied:

    Love your style & your book is still and will always be one of my fav’s.
    Never have won anything,not even a Coke.
    Would love to add this book to my collection.
    My thoughts are with all from my hometown Manhattan & elsewhere trying to recover from Sandy!


  76. Jennifer Findlay replied:

    Hi Claudia…hope you made it safely through the storm. Such unimaginable devastation!

    I love your Paris wall! My favourite is the watercolour–it’s gorgeous! Any book about Paris, is a book I’d love to win :)

    Jennifer@coffeeandcouch (formerly Nicole Jane Home)


  77. Relyn replied:

    Hope all; went well for you and yours and that everyone is safe.


  78. Chrissiday replied:

    Well I read at night and wish the world peace and safety. Love reading about your France .


  79. (Not that) Joan replied:

    Please enter my name in the book draw. If I win, I don’t suppose you’d consider slipping that watercolor into the envelope would you? ;)


  80. brand new day « the paris apartment replied:

    […] now it’s finally time to announce the winners of the madame chic book giveaway! the editor sent two books so  i read it cover to cover and am going to give both away. if you […]


  81. Tangela replied:

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  82. brand new day – The Paris Apartment replied:

    […] now it’s finally time to announce the winners of the madame chic book giveaway! the editor sent two books so  i read it cover to cover and am going to give both away. if you […]


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