let’s get together


morning guys, happy wednesday.  i hope your week has been good so far.

the past couple days i’ve been putting the france trip together. there’s so much info it’s mind boggling. one country, one region, even one town can take a lifetime! since i’m going back in august i thought it would be fun to explore a bit more than i can do this month (it’s just a week), and thought maybe you’d like to go too if you’re free. i’m putting something together for somewhere between august 23 and sept 5th. more soon on that.

i took some of your great advice and will incorporate it into the itinerary. i’ll check out eze, beaulieu villefranche and st paul de-vence…anything else?

we’re meeting up with vicki monday, planning’s in the works with corey and melanie. ny friend kate married a frenchman and they live in nice. he happens to be an antiquing guru and she’s going to show us around the warehouses and haunts her hubby keeps under wraps. i also got in touch with another fantastic blogger who was at the roundup in paris about a year ago when we all met.

in the meantime i’m going through our shopping list. my client wants to keep it simple and live minimally here in her sweet retreat. below is the apartment:

and these were some of the images she sent for inspiration:

ok well it’s getting way late, not morning here anymore…have a great day!

June 6, 2012. Antique Shopping, Côte d'Azur, France, South of France.


  1. Shelly Gregory replied:

    I really hope you will have permission to share your clients apartment once you are finished! It will be amazing! And, my heart wishes painfully, that I could be right on your heels as you go on the shopping adventures and then bring it all beautifully together!


  2. The Paris Apartment replied:

    i want you to come, shelly!!!


  3. Dash replied:

    I am there at the moment and have just blogged about it, you may like to have a look to help get you in the mood. have a lovely time.


  4. Tobi-Velicia replied:

    I’ll be in Paris from September 2nd through the 14th. But I wish Provence was in the budget too!


  5. Dash replied:

    Hello back again, thank you for your lovely comment, sounds like you are in very good hands and I am sure you already know about this site which lists every flea market and brocante event happening in France, by each department but just on the off chance that you don’t, here is the link:


  6. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Oh, have such a wonderful time + I feel sure you will. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  7. Nikon replied:

    I love the apartment! All of the photos are great.
    I hope that you have a great time!


  8. Belle Inspiration Magazine replied:

    Some fun times ahead for you Claudia! I know you’ll make that apartment a stunning French retreat! Provence the end of August sounds très interessant…


  9. whatmakesuslive replied:

    aw I’ve always wanted to go and see the provence! be sure to take many pictures :) have fun & a safe trip!


  10. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Claudia..go here too..(http://www.francemostbeautifulgarden.com/press-gardens-villa-rothshild.php)…Madame Rothchild’s villa and garden…it will blow your mind! Madame Rothchild really knew how to live!


  11. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    That apartment is gorgeous. You will have so much fun bringing it to life. I cant wait to see what you do.


  12. This is Belgium replied:

    to be honest, I do not dislike the way it looks now…


  13. Merillion replied:

    This sounds and looks like a fun job to do! Bet you’ll make that apartment exactly right for your client.


  14. Jill replied:

    You have the coolest job! What a blast!


  15. Vicky Jean-Ali replied:

    Hello, I am the host of TheFashion Toast on Facebook and I came accross your blog a while ago. I can’t wait to see how the ‘appartment” comes together. Bring us back a little bit of Nice. Good Luck and happy hunt.


  16. The Paris Apartment replied:

    thanks so much vicky! i’ll do my best to bring it right to you!


  17. Elizabeth Harris replied:

    I am new on this site and am loving it. I adore Provence and am feeling lonely for it right now. Are you planning a trip soon?


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