why is today different than all other days?


good morning darling friends! it’s super quiet here, maybe just the aura of a pretty holy weekend around the world. since so many cultures and traditions merge around this time, i just wanted to wish you a beautiful  time with your family and friends.


doing a little research on the egg i found it in all cultures celebrating this weekend. the egg is naturally, the symbol of fertility.


i always thought they were only easter eggs but they’re part of the passover tradition too.


i wish i had time to delve a little deeper into  google on it but it’s my birthday and we’re off to go and have an adventure bright and early! whatever you’re doing, have a wonderful one!

April 7, 2012. Holidays.


  1. Teresa@ Splendid Sass replied:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAUDIA! Have a great day and a Happy Easter.


  2. LMK replied:

    An Easter baby! Have one myself in my eldest daughter, Holly. Happy birthday & Easter, Claudia. Enjoy.


  3. Style Maniac replied:

    Those Pantone Eggs are so witty and adorable.

    Enjoy a relaxing and lovely holiday weekend.


  4. Vicki Archer (@frenchessence) replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia…. I hope it’s wonderful and full of all the people and things that you love… xv


  5. Bonnie replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia! I hope you have a wonderful day and a fabulous weekend! May all your wishes come true and then some! :))))


  6. Rosemary replied:

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy, and have a Happy Easter.


  7. Anne replied:

    Joyeux Anniversaire !!!
    Happy Birthday, Claudia…
    Thanks for all the inspiration I find here.
    I was an Easter Baby too.
    I’d like you to here a song named “fille d’avril” by Laurent Voulzy, a french singer… Nous sommes 2 filles d’avril ;)
    Cheers to all april girls !


  8. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia! You have the perfect reason to enjoy lots of chocolate eggs this weekend, guilt free. XO


  9. This is Belgium replied:

    Different day indeed!


  10. Paris Rendez-vous replied:

    Claudia…have a truly fantastic birthday….you deserve to be utterly spoilt on this special day. Hope you dreams come true! A bientot.


  11. arod replied:

    happy hoppy easter and have a wonderful birthday


  12. Rhonda replied:

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Claudia, happy birthday to you. There, you didn’t have to hear me sing!
    Have a wonderful day! Rhonda


  13. Rebecca Grace replied:

    Joyeux anniversaire, Claudia! Have a beautiful, wonderful weekend.


  14. Heidi replied:

    Happy Easter….have a wonderful time….


  15. Nikon replied:

    Happy Birthday, Claudia! Have a great time!


  16. Susanne replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    happy Birthday to you, have a nice day!



  17. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia!!!!!!!! Have a gret weekend xo Maryanne


  18. Peggy Braswell replied:

    Happy Birthday Girlfriend l!!!! Here’s to a wonderful weekend + Happy Easter. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com


  19. vintagerevivalnz replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia may it be a year of dreams come true with lots of laughter and fun. xxxx


  20. beverley christenson replied:

    Happy Birthday Claudia and Happy Passover. Love Beverley xxx


  21. The Paris Apartment replied:

    hi you guys! it’s been a whirlwind of a day and there’s still a 1/2 hour left so i’m off in sec. just wanted to stop by and tell you how much your good wishes meant to me! hope you’re having a happy holiday!


  22. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Happy Birthday! I guess it’s coming to a close but continue to celebrate! I go at least two weeks! :)


  23. curiousclare replied:

    Happy Easter and a very happy birthday to you!! Hope your weekend was magical.

    ~Clare x


  24. Jill replied:

    A belated Happy Birthday! Hope it was filled with beauty.


  25. renee finberg replied:

    it is impossible to choose a favorite collection of these guys.
    each is better that the next .
    happy easter doll!!


  26. Shelly Gregory replied:

    Happy Belated Birthday Claudia! My youngest son’s birthday was Sunday also! It’s such a beautiful season to be celebrated and a beautiful time to have a birthday! Prayers for your new year!


  27. Jullie Joy Dodds replied:

    Sorry imissed your birthday but many happy returns.Wishing you happiness wherever this next year of your life takes you !


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