something new everyday

hi guys, happy saturday nuit~

i’m not sure where this top painting came from, do you know it? i’m the worst at saving hyperkinks!

i have guests so i’m only here for a sec, but wanted to post some of the art  i stumbled on and saved to my desktop while i could still make sense of it. actually there is no sense to it, it’s just a random smattering of the tip of the iceberg that is the 1920s.

ever since seeing midnight in paris, i’ve been thinking about who i’d like to run into from the 20s. (other than josephine baker and chanel).  but looking into it i’m blown away by how many designers, illustrators and artists i don’t know.


jean gabriel domergue louis icart

i love the way women were portrayed as such playful minxes!

ok i’m off  to entertain, have fun tonite!

July 17, 2011. 1920's, illustration, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Louis Icart.


  1. No21 replied:

    Just like our orange hat!….. on our new website
    Love your posts thank you always for inspiring our day No21x


  2. Karena replied:

    Love the very last illustration, and Icart is an Icon in this arena!


    Art by Karena


  3. Mademoiselle Poirot replied:

    Those pictures/paintings are so beautiful because (I think) there was still something a little bit mysterious about these women – they look stunning. Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London xo


  4. merillion replied:

    So much fun to look at these! The signature on the top painting looks like Van Dongen also. Love the chemise & le boudoir with pink bows!


  5. renee finberg replied:

    since i love and collect ‘icart’
    this post left me droolong.
    and i love the picture of ‘duncan’



  6. Claire from French Furniture replied:

    I love these pictures. I would like to bump into Alannah Hill who’s a Melbourne designer. I just adore her clothes and she has the most amazing French inspired home as well.


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