took it to the limit

allo cheres amis, bonne dimanche. the weekend flew by and i’m sure lots got done but as usual it’s a lot of broad strokes over several projects. honing in on multiple platforms takes a lot of input and i’ve always been one to free flow. but that leaves me never knowing how much was really accomplished. over the weekend one of my besties talked about the freedom she found in putting a schedule in place. and it really resonated with me that simply taking an hour in the morning to do nothing but say, write, there couldn’t help but become a significant amount work stacked up over time. Each hour would be mapped out (and swapped around if i was so inclined…well maybe that’s not ok, i’ll have to check on that one…there i go already trying to go back to my free flow ways)!

anyway it’s worth a try. i’m sharing these louis icart pics tonight cause i’m finally going through my hard drive and realized that there’s sooo much i’ve saved over the years and i hate to keep these under wraps. i’m a media hoarder as you may know! i’d like to have a place to upload them. maybe pinterest or flicker. do you use fllicker? i know heck yeah you use pinterest! well, that’s it for my self-imposed blog time limit for tonight. have a beautiful nuit!

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something new everyday

hi guys, happy saturday nuit~

i’m not sure where this top painting came from, do you know it? i’m the worst at saving hyperkinks!

i have guests so i’m only here for a sec, but wanted to post some of the art  i stumbled on and saved to my desktop while i could still make sense of it. actually there is no sense to it, it’s just a random smattering of the tip of the iceberg that is the 1920s.

ever since seeing midnight in paris, i’ve been thinking about who i’d like to run into from the 20s. (other than josephine baker and chanel).  but looking into it i’m blown away by how many designers, illustrators and artists i don’t know.


jean gabriel domergue louis icart

i love the way women were portrayed as such playful minxes!

ok i’m off  to entertain, have fun tonite!

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louis’ lusty ladies


or maybe was louis’ lust FOR the ladies



hi guys! i was so happy you’re so into LC too that i was inspired to do another post on his work.


as much as he was peaches and cream



he also had another side one that was fascinated by the mysteries and sensual charms of of women


striking risque poses


and wearing whisper thin dresses


without a care in the world, especially the dangers of smoking =p


he painted an age of folly and it was a new and exciting time


especially for a generation who were shocked at an exposed ankle


not to mention a glimpse of stocking



sometimes the paintings are almost dark


but they’re always playful


but these ladies weren’t playing


when it came to love and seduction (i actually have the one above signed and framed on consignment in ny. if you like it let me know)



his body of work is endless!


he did it all,


whether it’s the weather,




or just plain capturing glimpses of beauty,


there’s always a new one to discover


well i better go, stay cozy and have a great weekend! i’m gonna sequester myself cause my new web boutique is going up next week and so i have a lot to dot and cross! xoc

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