let’s take it outside

hhmpf! seems i never get here till the last minute these days and this one is no different. well, i may try to change things up next week and truly spend time blogging. fact is that blogging has as much to do with my friends and their blogs as it does with my own.

i was just in the mood to get outside today, i’m sure after this winter you are too.

i think putting a certain time aside to blog, visit friends, respond to comments, read others’ posts…that’s all part of the experience. getting here just before midnight is such a disservice and that has to change!

which reminds me, the other half of blogging fun is connecting. if you’re not on my blogroll and want to exchange links, please let me know.

well, i’m glad we got some fresh air.  suffice it to say it’s almost midnight on saturday and i’ve got to go. have wonderful weekend dear friends!

all photos from pinterest.

February 20, 2011. Tags: . Outdoor Spaces, Photography, Picnics.


  1. Debbie replied:

    Love that you took us outside…I wonder whats behind that lovely door. I agree Claudia, as I find myself trying to blog in the wee hours after a long day…change sounds like a wonderful idea!


  2. ROSALIE replied:

    Hi Claudia….Things are very much the same for me as well. It has been difficult to get any blogging done lately. Your posts are always well worth the visit. And you explain things just the way I feel. This one is very beautiful. I really enjoy stopping by.


  3. Olik Korneeva replied:

    This is so inspirational! I just love the front door (at least I think it is?) and the great colours of nature. Thank you for sharing!



  4. TimbarikaDoll replied:

    Just beautiful pictures…I adore the first one the most..how wonderful to come up to that door after a lovely walk outside :))) Makes me wonder what might be behind it!! Hope your weekend has been grand xx


  5. Carol Schiff replied:

    Your images are so beautiful. I am looking forward to a trip to Paris in a few months.

    Yes, it is difficult to get everything done these days. Blogging is an addition to daily life.

    I would love to join your blog roll.


    • the paris apartment replied:

      just did it.
      you’re right, there’s a lot to accomplish these days. blogging should be a fun addition, never one of the difficult things.


  6. kate replied:

    love the out of doors pictures, thanks for posting! You already have a place on my own blog roll, I would love to be on yours!


  7. Splendid Sass replied:

    This post is beautiful. I am in love with the first image.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  8. carams replied:

    I want to be sitting in the chair in the last picture, tucked up under the blanket, wrapped up in winter clothes with a vin chaude warming my hands. I want it so much.

    Claudia, your last minute posts are divine. No need to change anything.



  9. Katharine replied:

    Having tea and looking at these…..peaceful!



  10. yvonne replied:

    Well, those images really hit the spot. I need to see something beautiful other than mounds of slowly melting snow. Thanks so much.



  11. Kathleen Ellis replied:

    Well…thanks a lot, Claudia! If I didn’t have spring fever before I read this, I sure do now!!! LOL! These are beautiful inviting pics….and they sure do make me wish for beautiful warmer , sunnier weather! And I have the same challenges you do trying to find time to visit, connect and blog….I simply must get up earlier!
    What’s this about a “SHOW”? what did I miss…I want to hear about it….please!
    Have a beautiful week dear!
    ;-D Kathleen


  12. beverley christenson replied:

    Hi Claudia, great blog.
    I am your Aussie fan would love to be on your blog role you are on mine ,love your uplifting and inspirational posts, have followed your site for years and wrote an article on your designes in Qld homes thank you for your reply Beverley xx


  13. Hannah Chan replied:

    Beautiful pictures….very inspiring x


  14. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hi C!
    I am ready to idle by that pool in a heartbeat!!!!!Beam me there Now! Maryanne xo


  15. Robyn Parrish replied:

    Bonjour, Claudia! I purchased your book when it first came out and have been following your blog for about a year. I’m always so impressed with your lovely, inspiring photos and don’t know how you keep up with it as often as you do! :) I recently started my own blog and have added yours to my roll. I’d be honoured if you would consider mine as well. Merci beacoup!


  16. D. L Rhein replied:

    I love those pictures! The lush green leaves and dew take me to fairy land place.


  17. Khrystine replied:

    I so have Spring Fever and this post really…makes it worse actually, but in a good way!
    As for blogging just before midnight, at least you do blog. I’m always too busy lately, but I always try to catch up on each and every post here!


  18. Oh this would be a dream! - virilstyle | virilstyle replied:

    […] Source […]


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