we have lift off! keys to the fleas: paris

hey guys! i wanted to surprise you but had no idea how long the process would take at apple so the cat was out of the bag last week but…you’re still the first to know, the app launched on itunes! i’ll be giving away 10 to my blog buds for review so if you’d like to check it out, let me know and we’ll do the drawing next week. in the meantime if you don’t want to wait and do get one, please let me know your thoughts on how it works. if it needs tweaking or there’s a typo i’m depending on you to let me know!

thank you so much to all the extremely patient people who worked on it from producer and wrangler, catherine, and dear friend claudia ii, to elaine biss‘ illustrations, mo and michael, the developers and mom and dad who had my back when i really needed it. it’s amazing to have a team who transformed my years of study at the paris fleas into practical information. i can’t wait to share with you and thank you, too for all encouragement!

Keys to the Fleas


to win one just leave a comment and if you want to host a giveaway on your blog, let me know and we’ll set you and your winner up with one too!

July 11, 2010. Antique Book Markets Paris, Antique Shopping, APP, Brocantes, Marché aux Puces, Marche aux Timbres Paris, Paris, Paris Flea Markets.


  1. Nita replied:

    Claudia –
    Congratulations on completing this huge project. How exciting for everyone to have this at their fingertips. I’d love to do a giveaway for one on my blog. Let me know.


  2. Trish replied:

    OMG Claudia! I’m so excited for you…looks absolutely fabulous. Love the illustrations. Let me know if I can help. I will NOT go to Paris without this! (And would love to spend time pretending until I get there…). Congratulations, Trish


  3. victoria replied:

    Congrats. Would a fab idea and a great achievement. I’ll be sure to get this app when I go to Paris later this year.


  4. Bonjour Romance replied:

    Félicitations Claudia!! I am so happy for you. The illustration and design looks fabulous. Now I nhave to get an iphone. I am positive Keys to the Fleas will be a smash! Wishing you every success!!


  5. Debbi replied:

    Such incredibly exciting news! You must be just about beside yourself! Hard work pays off . . . and fun research! Congratulations! Congratulations!


  6. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    Oh you clever gift……so thrilled for you Claudia! it will be huge hit and keep you in Paris even more. Would love to blog/giveaway about it, just let me know.
    Much love and congratulations. XO


  7. A Gift Wrapped Life replied:

    I meant clever girl!!


  8. Kelly Grace replied:

    Don’t know when I’d use this as I’m not going to Paris anytime soon, but it’s so lovely it would be like having a mini-vacation, right on my phone!


  9. julie replied:

    lovely! it looks so beautiful!


  10. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Brilliant! I am still recovering after laundering my phone..( don’t go there ) congratulations Claudia, you may be my first App……xo Maryanne


  11. timbushong replied:

    Brilliant! How exciting. I would so be getting this if I had any Apple products with apps available.

    But I am very happy that you got it up and running and now you’ve got it after your hard work working on it! :)

    With love,
    Rachel xx


  12. A Flourishing Perspective replied:

    Yeah, OK, the comment above is from me but my dad has a wordpress account and hadn’t logged out yet! Just so your not confused. :)

    -Rachel xx


  13. Kate replied:

    Ooh, It looks great! I will definitely get this app to dream about Paris until I can go back!


  14. Linda C replied:

    My sisters and I are planning a trip to Paris so this will be a great app to have! Great idea. Looks fun.
    Linda C


  15. The Antiques Diva replied:

    CONGRATULATIONS! This is awesome news and I’d be delighted to post oodles of information about this application on my blog! I’m certain this will be a Diva-Essential traveling companion! You rock Claudia!


  16. Miss B replied:

    Looking forward to using this. Especially as I’m going to Paris at the end of August


  17. Anneli W replied:

    What a wonderful app ! It’s great news !

    I have to buy it before I go to Paris next time, it’s just what I need ;-)
    Keep up the good work and the lovely blog !!

    Best wishes from Anneli in Sweden


  18. sundaygirl24 replied:

    Congratulations for the launch Claudia! Now if only you were giving away an iphone with the app, then I could appreciate it! role on Christmas! xxx


  19. Nancy replied:

    Just got it and love it!!
    Good luck!!


  20. diana notigan replied:

    Super great!! Sign me up. Congrats!!


    • diana notigan replied:

      Unfortunately, just for updates, would love to go on the trip, but duty calls.


  21. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys, thank you so much! i really appreciate it and can’t wait to do the giveaway and get your feedback!


  22. Lorraine replied:

    Congratulations! Love the graphics you’ve chosen! I’m off to check out more details at itunes!


  23. Tash replied:

    Dear Claudia

    I came around several web-corners to your blog and I really like the idea of having a personal shopper for flea markets in Paris.
    But mostly I like that you have an App and I am really keen on trying this out. A techi-myself and a database developer, I am always open to everything new!

    I’d love to be considered for a copy!

    Regards Tash


  24. Deborah Milne replied:

    Greetings Claudia – I was thrilled to read you have your own app. I can’t wait to check it out and all the exciting tips and info. We hope to be moving to the U.K. by the end of 2010, so Paris won’t be far away for regular jaunts. Your app will be such a useful tool. Your Paris Apt. webpage looks so incredibly creative, very impressive. Claudia you are up to amazing things! Congratulations and wishing you the very best,

    xx deb


  25. Fabulous Finds Studio replied:

    Congrats to you, Claudia, this is such fabulous news! I can’t wait to check out the app on my phone :)


  26. Janet (Shabbyfufu) replied:

    Ooh la la Claudia, this is great and I would soooo love to go with you to Paris this Fall! Are you still in Miami? xo~ Janet


  27. Paris Hotel Boutique replied:

    CONGRATS GIRLFRIEND!!!! It’s awesome! I just downloaded it to my new iPad. You are amazing! I blogged about ya too! http://parishotelboutique.blogspot.com/2010/07/paris-apartments-key-to-fleas.html

    Yay Claudia! Now whenever people ask me about the Paris flea, I know who I’m referring them too! XOX Lynn


  28. Judith replied:

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!! Claudia, I am sooo excited for you, I know how long you’ve been working on this and can just imagine the years of research (you poor thing ;) and love and time you’ve dedicated to it! I already downloaded it and it’s just gorgeous. The illustrations and the way it is organized, it’s perfection!!! I can’t wait to look at it more this evening!


  29. jisabird replied:

    Bon Courage! I wish your App much success. I’m not planning a trip to Paris very soon but I bought the app just in case;)



  30. dru replied:

    How cool. Now, when is the next city.


  31. max replied:

    dommage que l’application ne soit pas gratuite..
    très jolie blog bravo


  32. Beadboard UpCountry replied:

    Hey Claudia!
    just bought it!!!!!!!!Very cute!!!!I know it will come in handy next time I go to FRANCE. MARYANNEXO


  33. Vicki Archer replied:

    Congratulations Claudia….it looks sensational, xv.


  34. francine Gardner replied:

    Amazing accomplishment, beautiful graphics…I can only imagine how much time, creativity, research, energy it took…I am still trying to finish the conversion of our website, it has been going on for more than a year!!!
    I just received my IPAD, easier to carry than my computer and am ordering my apps now, so glad i visited your blog this morning…on my list it goes. Will test it in September


  35. Bardot in Blue replied:

    amazing idea! Now I just need to get an iPhone so I can use this here in Paris!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue


  36. T. Camille replied:

    WOWZER!!This is adorable. Congratulations on your app. Just in time for my trip to Paris next month!!


  37. Jennifer replied:

    Congratulations! Would love to win and can’t wait to check it out.


  38. edina replied:

    wow, that is a fabulous app! beautiful and functional – the best of both worlds!


  39. Linda replied:

    This looks so great! I’d be glad to have a give away on my blog.


  40. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! omg there are typos on the app so i’ve been spending some time on that before i promote it any further! thanks to those who caught them all and also to you who offered to do a give away!
    i’ll be in touch over the weekend to do the drawings et al. but first i have to make sure it’s tight!


  41. Shann replied:

    Claudia, what a great idea!, it’s absolutely beautiful- I love it! Now I only wish I had an iPhone to go with it :)


  42. Sandra at DebutanteClothing replied:

    What a spectacular idea! I just wish I had an iPhone instead of a Google phone. I wonder how hard it would be ot get it programmed for Android!!


  43. theparisapartment replied:

    Hi guys, wow, thank you for the fabulous response! I’m working on the droid version as fast as i can along with two other cities!


  44. Evita replied:

    I hope to buy this tonight! It’ll be a while before I can navigate the streets of Paris with it, but I’ll just play several rounds of ‘fantasy adventure’ with it!

    Thanks for doing this.


  45. Patchwork Harmony replied:

    Congrats on the app claudia! I think it is fab! X


  46. Heather replied:

    I don’t have an iphone, but I would love to do a giveaway for you. I am doing giveaways next month to celebrate 1 year of the site/blog, and I’d love to have this be one! Congrats on your accomplishment!


  47. Cris replied:

    I keep bugging my husband to buy it for his phone. He may not need it – and I don’t ‘need’ it yet either. But I do want it and it will help me spend the time when I’m stuck somewhere. Can’t wait to see it!


  48. yourretailtherapy replied:

    Love it! Would like to do a giveaway on my new blog…


    what to do?


  49. oliveandbranch.com replied:

    I know my Francophile customers would LOVE this app. I know I would love it too…I would love to mention it on my blog.


  50. theparisapartment replied:

    oh you guys are rocking my world! thanks for all that! there were 40 typos i just spent the last few days cleaning up but the good news is apple wants to market it! Thank you Jean and Nancy and Michelle for taking the time to go thru it all and catch so much.
    it SO takes a village.


  51. Mariah @LadyLUX replied:

    Congrats!! :)


  52. louryne replied:

    This is great!! Wish I had this app this summer when I was visiting the flea markets!


  53. Carolyn Green replied:

    Congratulations Claudia! This is such a wonderful concept and thank you for sending the email through about this.
    I have the iphone and the next time I go to Paris, will get the App.

    Happy weekend


  54. Di Overton replied:

    How clever. Congratulations I will blog about this. Now all I need is an iPhone. I do hope to see you in September as I will be in Gay Paris then. Thanks for lovely comments this morning.


  55. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    What a fantastic application , you are a genius.
    Too bad I’m not in Paris , I would have loved to be part of this application !
    Bravo !!!!


  56. mlle paradis replied:

    congratulations on a “belle reussite”! just came back from the city of light – first time in seven years. clever you to figure out a way to make paris your way of life! bonne continuation!


  57. jennifer@nicolejanehome replied:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this app. Way to go. Even if I don’t win, I’m definitely going to blog about it.


  58. Marie replied:

    Bonjour Claudia! I have an iPhone and I think your newly launched app is such a fabulous idea…brilliant! I hope you would enter my name on your giveaway so I can add the wonderful Paris Apartment to my apps…s’il vous plait?


  59. Lori @ Vignettes replied:

    Only YOU Claudia would think of something so tres chic, & so useful! On behalf of all the shopaholics out here, we salute you. You are our go-to gal for ALL things Parisian, isn’t that magnifique?
    Congrats, Kudos & hope the sales go thru the roof…you deserve it!
    Lori @ Vignettes


  60. Lucinda Keller replied:

    Congratulations!! It looks fantastic~ Beautiful!
    Now I HAVE to get an iPhone. ;)


  61. Nicole Boenig McGrade Photography replied:

    Hi Claudia,
    Loving your app on my iPhone! Very chic, as always. Makes me extra homesick for Paris every day now.
    Wishing you a beautiful day.


  62. à la parisienne replied:


    I am SO happy for you! This app is going to be wonderful!
    Hmmm…I don’t have an Iphone yet. Does that make me Wilma Flinstone or what? Anyway, the next time I visit Paris, the fleas are on the top of my list along with your app (oh, and an I-phone;)


  63. Therese Waddell replied:

    Hi Claudia, A huge congratulations! I’d love to test your new baby!! Remember that something old, new borrowed and blue always does the trick! Best wishes, Therese


  64. Brenda replied:

    Très Magnifique! I wish I had this last fall whilst in Paris. I’m looking forward to the droid version. I would love to host a giveaway on my blog.
    xoxo, B


  65. aneyefordetail replied:

    Claudia: I’m new to your blog….(!) and so glad I discovered it.
    Would love love love this app as I’ll be in paris for M & O and lots more.
    Here’s hoping!


  66. Carson Roe replied:

    I absolutely love your blog! I just purchased Keys to the Fleas on itunes and am dying to get to Paris sooner or later to search out your suggestions. Just what I was looking for!

    Please continue to admire beautiful things



  67. Marketing Girl replied:

    As I was leaving Paris, my taxi drove by an amazing flea market on the way to the airport. I vowed that my next trip would be a whirlwind of marches aux puces!
    What a grand app!


  68. The Paris Apartment’s “Keys to the Fleas!” | The Paris Apartment’s “Keys to the Fleas!” boutique | The Paris Apartment’s “Keys to the Fleas!” > | Boutique Style | Fashion Boutique | Boutique Styles replied:

    […] to the Fleas” for a mere US $1.99, click here. OR, you can visit The Paris Apartment blog here, as Claudia will be giving away 10 apps to 10 lucky people! CONGRATS […]


  69. {bonne fête de la bastille!} « This is Glamorous This is Glamorous replied:

    […] a few fabulous french things:* a fun app: for navigating the paris flea markets* a shopping guide: for le marais{images: 1 – kate spade ad campaign via the terrier and […]


  70. Kathy McElroy replied:

    Is this available for Android? I don’t have an I-phone :( I will be going in late Sept and would love to have this available to me.


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