what the days bring


hi guys! thought i’d take a minute and share some new goodies that came to my inbox. for the life of me i can’t get a good shot but maybe that’s better since they’re rough drafts. my dream of working with other bloggers is starting to come true. as you may (or not) recall i’m trying to fill my boutique with treasures made by bloggers, either especially for tpa or from their/your current collection. i met heather of realcardstudio.com awhile ago. i sent her a couple images and i love what she sent back! (above)


it hits the spot too cause i love collaborating and it’s a natural since we’re on these contraptions all day anyway! of course she’s uber talented. these are from her site above an below and her blog is exceptionallyinviting.blogspot.com.



needless to say her creativity is totally inspiring and this is a new avenue of fun.

DSCN1370 a la parisienne

on another note i wanted to send a thank you to mandy from a-la-parisienne.blogspot.com. she wrote about the vanity project on her site and took shots of her own for it. a magnificent post, as always!


another of my femmes parisienne is, coincidentally, parisienne farmgirl.blogspot.com, who just finished her chambre, complete with vanity and all the trimmings. she was inspired by an old shot of mine so i was very proud :)

thank you for another great submission by claire at alltheprettythingsuk.wordpress.com.


finally i’d like to welcome melissa from reverie-daydream.com to our list of sponsors. she travels the world with her husband and daughter sourcing beautiful artisan products from small businesses. they’re eco-conscious too and they use recycled items for everything from paper to shipping material.


not to mention her products are exquisite.


well i better run cause what the day brought is only about half of what’s here and i have to tend to it the rest, like now. have a great nuit!

July 28, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Angela replied:

    Merci, Merci, et Merci!!!!! How fun!!!!!!!!


  2. theparisapartment replied:

    hey angela, for me too! by the by, i had no idea joy was your mom. (savvycityfarmer.blogspot.com)
    tell her she’s next!


  3. The Consummate Hostess replied:

    How exciting! Cannot wait to check out the results of such a fabulous collaboration.


  4. margaret replied:

    gorgeous work!


  5. Relyn replied:

    You know what I have noticed since I’ve read your blog? You are so generous. You are full praise and support and linky love. Thank you for that.


  6. Bonnie replied:

    I like Melissa’s GIRAFFE card! :)


  7. Tawney replied:

    I love the cards/stationary. Simply chic.


  8. Deborah Milne replied:

    The idea of collaborating with fellow bloggers is incredible. I applaud you Claudia. Heather’s work is terrific and look forward to checking out more from Melissa’s Reverie-Daydream. Kuddo’s to the ladies for their great Parisian makeovers, lovely!
    Xx deb


  9. YSLGuy replied:

    Great vanity shots!!


  10. Natasha Burns replied:

    What beautiful work you’ve shared from fellow bloggers :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my REVAMP IT challenge post – I hope you’ll be able to join in! I would do a design star one, except I don’t really know what that show is about. Even though we do get the US version of it here in Australia, I’ve never watched it so i wouldn’t know what to do! Feel free to host one!!!


  11. Chessa replied:

    how fabulous! such wonderful collaborations and beautiful things…


  12. a la parisienne replied:


    I have really enjoyed looking at all of the vanity entries. It’s so interesting to see how women personalize the place where they put on make-up, style their hair, and reflect on the many things they must do that day! Thank you for sharing my vanity with your friends. I always appreciate your kind and encouraging words.


  13. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! i’ve been out all day and coming home to your comments is the highlight!


  14. kayellen replied:


    I love the graphics on the cards…
    I will check out the links:)

    Thank you!
    Have a great week Claudia



  15. Stephanie replied:

    Love these vanity shots so much!


  16. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    Lucky girl ! And thanks for sharing with us these links. As you may already guess I love thr ” Melanie card ” ..so cute


  17. gatherings home replied:

    Hi Claudia!
    Been a while since I have had time to just scoot around on the web….I knew a look to see what you have been up to was in order. You have been up to spectacular doings as usual. Loving your newest sponsor too! Anyway….it feels good to have the time to just surf. Take care.



  18. Leigh Chandler replied:

    I have been following the blog Reverie-Daydream for quite a while, but until your post I hadn’t done any shopping. Now that I seen the perfect “Papillon” notecards, that I have been searching forever for, I will be ordering! Thanks for always taking my breath away with your wonderful posts! xol


  19. Paul replied:

    Beautiful collection of shots as always, Claudia!


  20. Chrisy replied:

    A visual delight here in this post…thank you!


  21. Elaine Power replied:

    oh I am so glad I got to stop by your blog tonight So sorry its been ages I have been so busy & feel bad to have missed some beautifull posts, your idea is great about putting blogers items in your boutique I wish you well with the new consept.
    The cards are gorgeous so many great talented people out there, loving the vanity picks still you must have a great collection now!! Have a great weekend :)


  22. renee finberg replied:

    i love her dressing table top.
    just my style.

    ps started a new job


  23. Rapunzel replied:

    Claudia, I love the vanity challenge! I am looking to renovate an antique writing desk into a vanity, any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thank you for the inspiration, as always.



  24. Di Overton replied:

    Those cards are gorgeous


  25. Judith replied:

    Hi Darlin’
    Okay, there are too many amazing things in this post to even begin to list what I loved!!!! I adore the idea of collaborating with bloggers what a wonderful idea!!! Your bainstorms always produce the most incredible results! I am so excited to see what you do for the show!!!


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