like i have time for this


but then again


nothing else seems to matter


it’s amazing how a tiny being


can change so much

November 6, 2008. Dreams, pets.


  1. betsy replied:

    Miss Zola has Van cat markings! She actually looks a bit like Iris. I will have to post pictures on my blog of the other flower girls so that you can see. And really, what else could you be doing that could be remotely more important than tending to her every amusement? I do love a kitten but I must confess, I love a cat even more. They don’t move through the world with all those claws and sharp kitten teeth!


  2. maison21 replied:

    too adorable. my little foundling turned from a tiny ball of gray fluff about that size, into a 17 pound furniture destroying monster- but i wouldn’t have it any other way!

    my advice? anything you really love that is glass or ceramic, put into a locked cabinet for the next 18 months- there is nowhere they can’t get into, and nothing that they can’t knock over.


  3. betsy replied:

    Miss Claudia and Miss Zola:
    Pictures await you at my blog…


  4. Colleen replied:

    Congratulations! I agree with Betsy, a cat is much more interesting than a kitten and less razor sharp claws. I did foster some kittens earlier this year, though, and it was a super fun month for me. They are hilarious. Enjoy.


  5. Pamela replied:

    But, what sweet change.


  6. Karla replied:

    Cats and kittens are the best…that’s how I’ve ended up with 6.


  7. Christine replied:

    this little kitty cat was sent to you to remind you to have fun in your life. there’s nothing like an animal to take your mind off of life’s trials and tribulations. enjoy!
    p.s. watch out for your drapes – they love to climb!


  8. Viera replied:

    Very cute.
    Have a great weekend


  9. villa anna replied:

    As an animal lover and mother of two cats (ok that sounds a little weird lol) I say congratulations on your new baby lol (weird again lol).

    Anna xox.


  10. ♥Candi♥ replied:

    Awww they are so cute!!!


  11. Amy replied:

    Such a love….I’m all teary! Am I crazy or what? LOL
    It’s a race at my house at night between my cat and dog to see who gets to snuggle the front of me and who has to snuggle under my butt. Of course I don’t move all night long because I don’t want to disturb them. haa…there I am with a cramp, but as long as I don’t move and bother the pets….


  12. Cheryl replied:

    so sweet, sometimes I wish I wasn’t so allergic!


  13. My Mélange replied:

    I love kitties. More so than cats.

    I love puppies and the dogs they become. Come to think of it- I am sucker for any baby animal.


  14. le petit cabinet de curiosites replied:

    he is so cute ….
    I love kitties


  15. Kelli replied:

    So cute! I love snuggling with kittens and puppies!


  16. theparisapartment replied:

    hey guys! liz and i both have been really indulging ourselves in her, or is it him? we still don’t know and come up with new a name every 10 seconds. i’ve GOT to get some work done, here she comes!


  17. Joy replied:

    Claud, your blog titles always crack me up. :) Thanks for the smile today.



  18. leigh replied:

    I love your new little baby. I love kitties! I have rescued my fair share. They bring so much joy into my life. My me cat boobie cat–he likes to watch me shower– was little he would sleep right on my pillow next to my head so I could hear him purring in my ear in the morning.


  19. Yoli replied:

    I love cats, I have two of my own. I think they are such misunderstood creatures. So loving and smart. I am happy that he has found a home in you.


  20. The Lil Bee replied:

    Oh, bless its little heart!


  21. sonia roselli replied:


    He looks like my Marla, who I affectionately call “fatty fatty no friends”

    I will send you a photo! HE HE! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Judy replied:

    thanks for sharing. too adorable for words! i’m so glad i found your blog. i love it!!


  23. chatrine replied:

    What a georgeous cat!
    Have a really nice weekend!


  24. Maureen replied:

    I looooooovvvvvveeeeee cats! All kinds, all colors, all sizes. Thanks for sharing these pix!


  25. Passementerie replied:

    Especially when a tiny bundle of black & white fluff that crawls up your leg on tiny claws slowly turns into 18 pounds of solid fur and teeth… that said, how are you *supposed* to resist burying your toes in the long fur on their tummies (especially when they’re that huge)? It’s almost worth the toothmarks…


  26. Michelle replied:

    What a cutie! I know I couldn’t resist that!


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