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visit this historic apartment

bonsoir amis! i just had to share some of what’s going on, it’s been a whirlwind of fun putting the trip together. i have friends coming, clients, maybe even my guy for the SIAL food show (which is held in the same halls as the maison objet but not nearly as exciting ;)

suffice it to say there’s a lot going on, and one thing was worrying me, my own lodging. for a minute i thought i may be nuts to spend a whole month in france when holding it all down here is hard enough. but i just kept hoping something would turn up. and boy did it ever!

i mentioned on my blog that i had clients who wanted an apartment with a fireplace, and got a comment from a blogger who actually had two in her apartment and it was available!(rare are more rare).

well, the clients wanted to be in the 6th, (this is the 2nd) and they didn’t take it, but we started chatting that maybe i could rent it.

but i was looking for a swap, so that was out, but they wrote and told me of it’s past, its 400 year old history and it really came to life as a character. imagine my surprise a few days later to get an offer to barter…exchange some errands for them, AND help redecorate the bedroom too!

of course working on a real paris apartment has always been a dream and now i finally get my wish :)

soooo, i’ll be there for the first half of my trip. oh, yes, and the best part of our agreement was that i write all about the my discoveries at the apartment and can use it in my book.

and, well, going on about it isn’t too hard. the details look impeccable. Mauviel cookware! but there is work to be done. oh yes, i did agree to have the apartment polished up by a crew & give it a real once over. it will be an honor to oversee it!

as for the location, it dawned on me i know nothing of the 2e arrondisement per se. so i started digging and like all the various hoods, it’s loaded with its own history AND there’s even a fleamarket i didn’t know about! (Bourse twice a week)

it was home to many great thinkers and artists who had apartments all tucked into this little pocket. and the fun they must have had! Alexandre Dumas, Stendhal, Liszt, Simón Bolivar, Zola, and Goya were just a few of the neighbors running wild. and Napoleon and Josephine were married at the town hall there.

this part of town has lots of those gorgeous passages that were built in the 1800’s. they’re such gems and it’s wild how some are perfect and others are really run down. i’m really looking forward to seeing these. i have a slight obsession with them. searching led me to peter who’s also way into them and lots of other wonderful things!

the main street is pedestrian only, Rue Montorgueil. its home to the pastry shop, Stohrer which was founded in 1730 when Nicolas Stohrer retired as pâtissier for the court of Versailles. Supposedly the decor alone is worth checking out. oh yeah, and the pastry. see what peter had to say: peter olson

for now i’m taking in the sites online and trying to get the lay of the land. i only vaguely recognize any of it, i’ve passed it but not really dug deep. there was a great tour at the other paris.

alors, i’ll be adding to this new neighborhood as i discover the uncharted territory in this is a tiny little area that’s sort of untapped of late. i read it’s because les halls sort of overtook it. just a theory, i’ll reserve speculation till i feel it out. anyway it’s mine thru the nov 10th and i now i may talk liz into coming for a long weekend after all!

if you’re looking for an apartment in paris for your next trip, do check out this place that’s now in the hands of a really lovely american couple who just treasure it. this is their website, and shows a lot of the love and work that’s gone into it so far.

more soon!



September 27, 2008. Paris Apartments.


  1. Joy replied:

    Oh Claudia I am so excited for you! Dreams do come true! I love the way the internet opens up these new worlds, it really is incredible, isn’t it?

    P.S. They are lucky to have you and your talents I say. :)



  2. theparisapartment replied:

    thank you Joy! i ADORE the internet and all the friends it’s brought, especially YOU!!


  3. Samantha replied:

    Thank you for this post. My first trip to Pairs was the summer of 2004 and it wasnt nearly long enough, nor did I see the parts of Paris I really wanted to. Places like this.

    I have been wanting to be back lately but I had no idea where to start looking. This is perfect.


  4. betsy replied:

    You’re a Rock Star, Claudia! I’m sure you think you’re getting a great deal for yourself but I think they are getting the better end of that deal! How lucky they are to have you give their bedroom a facelift! I can’t wait to read all about it.


  5. Dorothy replied:

    Très bon, Claudia!!! Hope I said that correctly! My relatives left France a long time ago! At any rate…a heartfelt congratulations! Can’t wait to see it all! I must ask who the cookware on the stove top is made by (4th photo down)? I love it! All my best!

    Dorothy Blum Cooper~


  6. theparisapartment replied:

    aw thank you guys, betsy you’re too much! and dot i will find out about the cookware :)


  7. Sadie Valeri replied:

    Yay!! I stayed in the 2nd when I was there for 6 weeks earlier this year – you’ll love it! I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve always been a Left Bank kinda girl… but now that the Left Bank is totally overrun with tourists (sad), I finally took time to explore and fell in love the Right…all sorts of hidden corners and wonderful spots in and around what I always thought was the “ruined” Les Halles area. Rue Montorgueil is just fabulous, you will be there every day.

    I wrote a lot about my trip and cool places I found in the neighborhood on my art blog if you are interested – here all all my Paris tagged entries:


  8. Ingela replied:

    Chère Claudia, thanks for taking the time to explore all these wonderful posts of Paris life. It has given me the urge to go back and pay a visit. I lived there for some years a long time ago and now it seems like a whole new city is being introduced to me…. I did mentioned you on my blog recently, referring to your wonderful way of presenting things…..á bientôt, Ingela


  9. Kelli replied:

    Claudia, this is truly exciting! A dream come true for you! Reading your post full of emotion, happiness and beautiful photos of Paris takes me right back and makes my heart beat even quicker for a trip to the eternal City of Light. Take tons of photos, TONS! Relish in every single second, shop til you drop and enjoy your Parisian experience! We want to see pictures of the bedroom you redecorate and redesign.


  10. Laura Ingalls Gunn replied:

    I think they call this being a “lucky ducky”. :)


  11. Lisa & Alfie replied:

    “The Paris Apartment does A Paris Apartment”. Don’t you just love that and how appropriate! Claudia, it always works out doesn’t it? Congrats!
    Lisa & Alfie


  12. Paris Tannish replied:

    chere claudia
    i love this neighborhood! … and know it well! … the grand colbert restaurant is one of my favorites, the palais royale is the most magical spot in paris with THE best boutiques, the building you showed on rue montorgueil has always been one of my favorites and oozes
    with run down parisian charm (there was an apartment for sale there once a couple of years ago and i dreamed about it!), the passages, well, what can i say but oooh la la … they are my passion and i always include them on my tours … the 2e is a great arrondissement … i love it and it is also tres close to the marais which i know you love … most all of the passages are in this area and i have found most of them … what a wonderful find and great opportunity … bravo and can’t wait to see you here in paris!


  13. Linda replied:

    I live in Paris. The second arrondissement is fabulous-one of my favorites. You will love exploring it.


  14. theparisapartment replied:

    well guess what? the whole thing’s off but you can go and stay at their lovely apartment as is. oh well, c’est la vie, c’est la guerre!


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