lords of the fleas


i’ve made some good friends here, the fluffy guards who stay right by their masters at the markets. my dog always wandered away, maybe they give them pâté as incentive?





and some human friends too, like Christine who offers unbelievable services…like if you rent an apartment here, she’ll get the gas, electric and internet turned on for you…how cool is that!?


and as i leave today i’m looking at the signs, the words on the street. knowing i’ll be back makes it easier to leave, the fact that it’s raining and cold is definitely giving me the incentive i need to pack up and see what’s ahead!



but Paris, i was never a real Francophile, i just loved your French design. jetting in and out all these years i see now that it was only a surface and superficial love based on looks. now it’s deeper and true, yes true love for your magic and mahem and i will never be the same! most importantly i’ve learned the French are not rude, they are just very serious. they are in fact some of the most charming and gentle people i’ve ever met. in these days they’ve given me cadeaux, advice, held doors, offered seats…this has been an incredible experience, a gift i’m so glad i gave myself and i want to thank YOU, blogging friends, for encouraging me to do it. i hope to be here with you next time! all my love and see you on the other side!

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  1. Tara replied:

    Have a safe trip home Claudia, I enjoyed your posts while in Paris!~xo


  2. rochambeau replied:

    Oh what beautiful words and dogs!
    Yes, people are all beautiful underneath their protective shells, don’t you think?
    Sad you have to leave, but we will be waiting for you on the other side of the pond with open arms!!
    Bon Voyage mon ami!


  3. Barb replied:

    Have a safe and easy trip home. Looking forward to more posts once the jet-lag has worn off!


  4. Joy replied:

    Joeje Reis Claudia! (‘safe trip’ in Dutch) :)

    Now you are off to my second fav place – I was supposed to go this weekend but plans fell through :(

    Hope everything goes smoothly…



  5. heidi replied:

    thanks for sharing your fab trip! even though i was just there in the spring, you showed so many things i hadn’t seen! not sure when i’ll be back…but i will! xo


  6. Sadia replied:

    Bon voyage…


  7. Amy replied:

    of course you know I love this entry….all the silly dogs.
    some day I shall follow in your footsteps… :)


  8. Anne D replied:

    A friend once told me Paris is one place he can always go back to. . . Enjoyed your graffiti pics. Here are some I captured in my time in Paris: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anne_ditty/sets/72157594490235658/

    and more of my love of Paris regularly appears on my blog: http://www.pretavoyager.blogspot.com


  9. Carolyn replied:

    Paris IS magic! How else would we find such bargains, realize we were clearly separated at birth, AND find Madame Patel??

    London is great, but still not Paris. Have a safe journey back to NYC!


  10. jane replied:

    So sorry you have to leave Paris! I’ve enjoyed (vicariously) your stay so much myself. Safe traveling & I hope you will return soon. :)


  11. Mark Cutler replied:

    My dogs–Max and Maxine would definitely be off down the street! You’ve been added to my Blog roll!


  12. Alyssa replied:


    Thank you so much for taking me/us along with you on your trip to Paris for those of us that couldn’t make it in person. It’s been a real treat and something I have looked forward to everyday!



  13. Leigh replied:

    I love your blog! I just found it. I’m nutty about French blogs lately and yours fits right in there.


  14. Mélanie replied:

    Beautiful post like always and wonderful pictures of dogs .
    I have a safe trip back home . Say hello to the statue of the Liberty for me .


  15. Sophiehoneysuckle replied:

    Ooh I’ll be sad to see the end of your Paris posts!! Have a safe trip home and I’m glad you had such a fab trip!x


  16. heddy replied:

    The photo’s of the dog’s are simply adorable!!
    Safe home.


  17. Anna replied:

    Claudia, I had to giggle when I saw this post cause I also took a photo of a dog guarding one of the flea stalls and it just so happened to be the biggest dog I’d ever seen, but of course also one of the friendliest lol.
    As much as I am enjoying my time in Greece now I am already missing Paris! I had a wonderful time during my week there and I’m already planning my trip back next year. Hopefully this time we’ll get to meet :)

    I hope your trip home was pleasant and safe.



  18. Jeannene replied:

    “Welcome Home..dear Friend,”

    How does it feel to be home sweet home??? It is nice to have you back on our side of the globe!! You took such marvelous pictures, girl…couldn’t have done a better job if i tried. I felt as if i was there right with you, and had such a grand time…”Thank YOU!!”

    “Have a little something i would like to send YOU…i will email you, or you can email me with your address.”

    Big Hugs,


  19. Felicia replied:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the doggies :)


  20. ladyjicky replied:

    I have loved your Paris blogs and I think Paris and dogs just go hand in hand. Safe flight home.


  21. Suzy replied:

    It’s been fun reading your Paris posts – and those puppy photos are adorable. Hope you settle into “normal” life again soon…


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