it’s not enough to have the feathers. you must dare to fly! ― cass van krah

(1) Gallery of Fashion 1799

bon soir c’est soir, how’s every little thing? i hope it’s a relaxing night at the very least.  since i’m back on the grid, that means a lot more time at the computer. it’s a double edged sword, this techno world…but we know the downside so let’s focus on what’s up. it starts with the fact that so many beautiful images flash before us each day. probably like you, i bookmark links for when i’ll have the ‘time’ to explore them more deeply. but let’s face it, that luxury rarely happens. in fact, i know your bookmark bar and google searches are divine too, and definitely one of a kind. not to mention saving images to the desktop or folders in folders…and don’t get me started on pinterest!  anyway it got me thinking about posting a little at a time and see what happens organically without a plan, just a snippet of the day as it evolves so here goes:

digging into the first folder in no particular order , this the first image that was in my scraps, the one above is a feathery background for the Gallery of Fashion, could it really be from 1799? hard to believe but there has been a fascination with feathers for centuries now so why not?  i found it doing a google search on vintage fans. i ‘ve always been fascinated by the playful seduction the fan can conjure. and their delicious frivolity in general…whether they were used to send messages to a lover across the room or donned as cover for fan dancers in french cabarets, these are remarkable works of art and history.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.35.18 PM

so i’m pulling out the images with feathers and of course, here’s a 20s french flapper fashion plate who would never travel without one in the evening.  we know that paris without a/c was gets ridiculously hot so of course she’d need something super chic like this to keep her cool…


and that somehow led to 20s showgirls…i love seeing josephine baker and mistinguette pass my pages today, like familiar old friends. although these phots are finite, it would take a lifetime to see just half of what’s out there.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.48.24 PM

and that led to films


which led to stars. film stars now long forgotten, at least some of them anyway. i took screenshots whenever there was just too much beauty to bare

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 10.37.36 PM

isn’t it wild that even though the pictures and may even the women are so dated, they stll seem timeless, even progressive? i love these ladies, the trailblazers, singers, actresses, dancers, performers and trendsetters. they paved the way we see sexiness, glamour, mystique and grace. i think i’ll watch an old movie tonight. well then, signing off…have a beautiful  night!



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jazzing up your lingerie in 1931

HopkinsunderwearSmilingLieutenant TheSmilingLieutenant1

it’s friday, time to kick back. i’m watching ‘the smiling lieutenant’ and didn’t realize how deep and twisted it is till i googled the film just now. pre codes are so much fun. here’s a review of the film by someone who went in for real analysis:


claudette colbert teaches her nemesis how to get her mojo back in a classic moment on the piano in the clip below:

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.43.34 PM


as one woman realizes she’s lost her love


she gives the other courage to see that she has what it takes to be his girl.

‘it happened one night’ is on next. so cute. have a great weekend!

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the art of repose

hi gang, how’s your day going? mine is winding down but i’m winding myself up. i’ve got to get ready for a dinner party and am feeling a little frazzled. these pics from my desktop should provide a little incentive to just chill for 5 minutes before rushing off to get it together.

aside from our grannies’ good taste, they sure knew a lot about lounging. with all the tech of today you’d think we’d have more time to loll about. hmmmm. well i have about enough time for a couple deep breaths and maybe that 5 minute idle if i do it right now!

have a great night. hope you get some down time!

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