it’s not always pretty

hi guys, happy tuesday.  i hope you had a good day and are about to have a great night!

strange but good timing around here. i’ve been working on the flea market stuff and when i googled jules valles, and discovered that the article  i wrote for the girls guide to paris has gone live. not sure how i missed that but it’s a publication i really admire so thank you to the editor, doni for the opportunity to write a flea market article for them.

it’s funny how looking back things can be so surreal. it was only a couple months ago but don’t think i would write the same article today. at the time i was determined to write the about the gritty, dark side of the market when she asked for the article. i wanted to expose the not so pretty part where you have to get dirty, dig and sleuth around. but in the end you always will uncover buried treasure. i wanted readers and passionate flea market excavators to know that over priced and polished fleas are the norm but that if you don’t mind using a little elbow grease, you can go a few streets over and shop on the DL. but it’s not a pristine scene and i don’t know what possessed me to send her these crazy pics.  girls guide is such a glamorous mag that of course after i sent in the shots and text and just of the brutal cacophony of this area, i  wanted to re-do it. make it pretty. but doni went ahead with it, god bless her! anyway here’s the article. if you like it say hi on the her and let her know you came by!

girls guide to

this is something between a scrap yard and well, it’s pretty much a scrap yard of french things

this is a closeup of the above

there’a a lot of everything

she must have thought i was nuts! anyway i hope you enjoyed the back alley stroll~ have a great nuit!

girls guide to

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