our rainbow connection


(i’ve been messing around at conde nast again. most of these pics are from there!)

happy friday everyone! it’s been a good long week and i’m tired but happy. my 30 days of solitude is coming to a close as my guy’s getting back tomorrow. i accomplished a couple goals including finally losing 7 pounds! it only took 30 days on my own and a recession to make it happen after 5 years of trying!


so i just wanted to stop in and say hi and let you know what i’ve been up to. i’m planning a trip to paris from april 9-27th to tour with some clients. as the newspapers are saying, it’s a good time to go to europe, (one said take your mother in law)! fuel’s down and airfares are at an all time low. and the dollar’s high! anyway, you know you have a standing invitation to come anywhere i am!


before i leave i’m doing my homework, still determined and working on building this biz in a crazy time.


my homework included a virtual rendezvous from my friends lynn and janet who you’ve met before. they encouraged me to place ads on my site. i wasn’t sure about it at first cause i sort of liked having this little diary that wasn’t really commercial.


but these ladies are powerful!


like all ladies :)


and convinced me. now that it’s up i’m realizing that it’s an amazing way to strengthen our network!


it’s virgin territory and i want it to be accessible, so ads are affordable and it’s a business write off! if you’re a blog friend of course you’ll get a special deal :)

well, there you have it, the start of a new era!


who knows, hopefully it will be like going from this


to this!

thanks guys, bon nuit!

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