it’s gonna take some time

my sister in law jean took this shot when we went to paris together, just the two of us! we stayed in a gorgeous paris apartment called Cognac, in the Paris Perfect roster of fantastic flats. she turned me on to one king’s lane and i was hooked right in. fast forward i was buying as a tastemaker hosting a tag sale (which is why went on that trip). that sale led to escorting the owner to paris on a shopping excursion to the flea markets in paris and warehouses in the countryside, just beyond the city limits. nothing could have prepared us for the treasure trove my friend, stephan, (whose family is 3 generations in at the flea market) unveiled that weekend.

above is the plan for the annual trip. i had high hopes to go back this year and do a summer tour, maybe knock around without a plan for a bit while working on some projects. friends will be traveling too and it was bound to be a grand ‘ol time.

but then today happened. another attack in paris. my heart breaks for the the lives lost. and it also aches for lost days of innocence. the days we roamed without a care through the streets of gay paree. i’m sure paris has seen more than her share of tragedies and this pain too shall pass. so here and now i promise never to lose my  joie de vivre and eternal love i have for that city. no one will ever terrorize me into abandoning her, now more than ever.  sending all my love tonight. xo

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some things going on around here

well, hello.  (above image via pinterest).

i’m stopping in to check in with, well, myself i guess! and you if you’re here, i’m glad. welcome to ‘my happy place‘.

“La Soirée” (detail) by Vittorio Reggianini (1858-1938)

i keep forgetting about it. this is where i stop to take a break and do whatever i want, which is really nice. breaks up the day actually.

and i’m starting to notice the happy stuff instead of the dread. who was holding that gun to my head, anyway? oh right, me.

so for the past couple days i’ve laid low after going full force all last week. maybe pacing myself is a good concept to adapt into reality.

as you may know  i have lots of broad strokes on many different projects from trips, to the app, book ideas, the site, the line! but all are so broad that it’s overwhelming and that is where i burn out quick.(aka i’ve discussed ad nauseum) but today has been productive so i’m gonna take note and kick back. and so to wit…what are some things that have been happening over here?

well, the latest collaborations have been with the giants of amazon but also  with the more delicate etsy. (who’s also a giant but a gentler one).

and so what about all this? well i’m using this blog to log and share this info with the hope it will be useful to someone else too. since i’m figuring it out myself, i’m probably reinventing the wheel…so if you have any tips for me i’d appreciate it! but basically, you’re an affiliate. you choose your favorite etsy items to add to your site, and get a percentage of the sale. if you love browsing etsy, it’s a dream.. and it’s that easy. ok it’s not that easy but it’s doable once you get past the etsy red tape. here’s my first live one:

et voilà, that’s it! anyway i’m getting really hungry and the sun is gonna set soon. hope your day is winding down. have a great night!

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keys to the fleas 2.0

bonjour or, actually at this point, it’s bon soir… all i truly know is that after this i’m gonna watch a foreign film cause i’m feeling the need to hear some french. so, how’s your weekend going? i’m wrapping up a day of working on yet another facet that i’ve let slip through the cracks (for 7 years)! that’s what i get for putting lots of broad strokes out there. they all need attention!

so i’ve been attending. in fact, the website is up (just a page but i’m minimizing). it’s the flea market app, keys to the fleas, paris. you may remember that? it’s hard to believe how much time has flown since the launch in 2010. the technology we used is so ‘primitive’ now, it actually looks vintage. well it was supposed to in a way.

and as much as i want to have it all modern and techy, i still don’t want it to become completely sleek…but chic. there’s always a happy medium and i’m gonna find it. and in the meantime, i have another giveaway for you! we have 2 app promo codes, so if you’re interested in downloading the original, now’s the time to get it.

truth is i’ll miss it when the new one comes out. anyhow, let me know if you’d like a code.

finally, i wanted to share something i came across today while looking at the analytics that was kind of a fun insight. it’s a website called and you can see what various apps are trending and where which is beyond fascinating. i wish these links were live, like they are on the site. it’s such an anthropological and sociological insight into our humanity. funny that #1 in the US is one i’ve never heard of, hooked. have you?

well that’s it, midnight, and that does it for me tonight. have a great night!

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