room for dessert

hi all, how’s your saturday going? i hope you’re either getting a lot or absolutely nothing done, whichever suits you today! i’m about to head out cause my guy is hosting an event here in miami with his friend, will goldfarb, the outlaw of pastry. he’s known for his molecular gastronomy  (aka fantastique desserts)!

as fate would have it the photographer cancelled and it looks like i’m the official for the night which starts in about an hour. so i searched for desserts on pinterest and came across these pretties and had to share them while i study them!

i came across some sweet shots and see it doesn’t have to be complicated

i’m not really a good food photog and hope to do the guys justice.

above is one of will’s creations. it looks perfectly normal but is guaranteed to shock and knock your socks off with sensations you never knew where there! well i better get to stepping if i’m gonna get shooting.

have a great night whatever you’re up to!

ps, here are the first pics!

hey guys~it’s the day after and i thought i’d post a bit of last night here and come back later for tonight’s fresh one! the show was a hit, plenty of photogs so the pressure was off. the show was a spectacular, as usual, will had a the team working with ultra precision while the guest enjoyed watching and indulging on 8 courses.

a great time was had by all! i had to share this pic with you since i learned it was called a ‘step and repeat’ on the housewives of nyc. plus the guys’ names are on it! ok off to have a lovely sunday, more c’est soir. have a bonne journée!

ciao imports and will powder

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