an ocean away

good morning guys! how’s the week going? i’m wrapping it up over here and getting ready for a long weekend in paris with clients. (i’ve always wanted to say that and it’s finally reality  :)

we’ll be shopping the markets and i’ll be hunting for gems for the ‘event’ that cannot be mentioned yet happening in early 2012. my sister in law suggested shopping early so the container would arrive way before so i invited her along and she accepted! we’ll be staying with my peeps at paris perfect and i’m looking forward that!

i’ve been trying to slim down so i can get back to my diet of  cafe and croissants on the go…

liz helped me pack this time, determined to make me a fashionista. uh huh! i promised to try even if it is sans le birkin. well, better get to tying up those loose ends. i really wish they’d bring the Concorde back so the trip could  be just 3 hours over the atlantic. how can we get that great technology up and running again and why did we have to scrap it altogether?

let me know if i can bring you something back for you. more from the other side!

November 16, 2011. Fleamarkets, Paris Trip, Shopping, Weekends. 26 comments.

that certain something

good morning and happy weekend! it’s been a busy week and we worked around the apartment rearranging and shooting for a good part of it.  i’ll see if there are any worthy photos later but for now will leave you with my favorite nook. it’s one that comes alive with something in the sunlight and makes me stop and enjoy for a minute. hope you have a great saturday!

November 12, 2011. Life, Weekends. 13 comments.