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bon weekend~

how’s life? all’s well here, hope with you too. i’m trying to be super focused on the new website model and wanted to give an update on the progress and status and try to say exactly, well, what the heck i’ve been doing.

a quick recap: for those following along, i started ‘the paris apartment’ when i was 25 and i’m now 52. (in numerology that’s got to mean something of great significance…so i just googled it and found this): which means it’s part deux, time to not just do well, but to do good.

the fact is i’ve been doing a lot of soul searching to find a way to spend this half of my life working with others who are are in business and generally doing things i like and support. i still want to run my own business while doing what i love, when and where i want to do it. tall order, huh?

well it’s taken some time but i’m cracking the code. the first step was just re-assessing what i love to do and how that would fit into this new chapter of life. for me that means writing, blogging, photography, travel, spending time with friends & family, connecting with business and blog buds, and generally experiencing this sweet life together. together, as in collaborating. i’ve never been one to partner because i wanted TPA to have a distinct look and direction, like most brands. but there’s been a shift and this is the turning point. i’m walking the path before me instead of getting behind the wheel. in this new era, i’m going with the flow.

to that end, i’ve been looking to find a way to use my current website platform and tweak it to be beneficial to everyone from those who visit to what’s sold on it. being in business this long has given me the chance to try everything from having a physical store with inventory to import, repair, restock and not least of all, dust. moving to online retail eliminated some of that. selling on platforms like one king’s lane and even ebay have their own issues. using those outlets is fantastic but there was still the matter of stocking the items and fulfillment. meaning, if i wasn’t physically there to ship the items, someone else would have to do it. which is fine but it’s complicated with pack slips, labels, fragile stickers and thank you cards. not to mention the boxes, bubble and tape and ribbon. with a desire to travel and a love for buying and selling, is not a sustainable model anymore. but as we get older we tend to repeat what we know, right? so i’ve been bending my brain to stretch in new ways and my first step was to focus on working with people who love what i love, who run an ethical business (the customer is always right, ‘nuf said), and have have products they’re proud of and stand behind.

which brings this all around to etsy once again. as you may know, i’m transitioning my site into a sort of marketplace. something i’ve come to terms with is that as much as i love to shop and collect, i just can’t have, store and sell it all, at least not physically. but i can have a beautiful curated collection pieces in one place. and this is why connecting as an affiliate on etsy is my latest focus. today it’s the introduction to etsy wholesale and etsy studio. the thing with etsy is that the deeper you dig, the more fascinating it is as both a company and community. they just opened the wholesale area up to affiliates and invited me to take a look.

talk about a rabbit hole! it’s a place where those who love to create can find products to help their business grow. they even have tutorials and i came across a dear friend at Softplacetoland


the beauty of the etsy world is its depth and breadth. there’s so much to discover from etsy local stores

to etsy micro-businesses and pop up shops on instagram.

so what is this all about and why am i going on and on about it?  i’m not trying to sell etsy by any means. i’m basically putting this down as notes, as a crib sheet that’s part of the bigger plan. like all of us, i see others out there who are doing their thing and there are so many directions we all could take. but i want to build something unique and share this trek as it unfolds. the new site will be sustainable, something that is fun to work on, one that works while i’m on the road and that i enjoy maintaining. mostly i want it to reflect my brand and this venue is allowing me to choose items that fit my aesthetic, passion and view of the world.

i’m sharing this as i build it to as a way to pass on the knowledge as i’m learning. to see how a site like etsy can help all of us in a way. it’s a place that works for you, as an assistant to finding products, as a trade show, as a site that can be trusted and most importantly, as a site that each of us can draw from to create a site of our own that’s completely unique to you and your vision. there are a lot of copycat sites out there. for me this (along with some of the other affiliate sites i’ll get into later) allows us to build our own marketplaces, with our unique spin on the world.

it’s not a competition, we’re in this world class together. i believe in my own kind of ‘open sourcing’ and have always been happy to share my contacts, info, path and struggle. if you’re reading this, i hope this sparked something. and above all, happy sunday, and now, brunch!

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