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hi all, good morning! hope your week is off to a good start.  you can’t be in the country right now without being bombarded with hype about the election tomorrow. as an independent i call issues as i see them and want to vote.  but i have to wonder how we can put a man on the moon or text votes to american idol but can’t come up with a system that’s unified in each state in this day and age? why are lines 7 hours long where voters are faced with 10-25 page ballots and still there are discrepancies in  tallies every single time? more puzzling is why do we as americans accept it year after year and what we can do to change it?


can we please have a national discussion on how to nationalize and unify the voting process?  can the winner be determined by the popular vote instead of having a ‘swing state’  like ohio determine the election?  if you ask 100 people how our system works you will get 100 different, complicated answers. how can it be simplified in your opinion? maybe the answer is a simple retina scan or a thumbprint as well as a driver’s license or state id?

there is some controversy about losing privacy when combining technology with voting but what exactly are the we afraid of? what is the cost of losing the day standing in line to only have the doors closed on you at the last minute or have hundreds of ballots get lost or destroyed accidentally, end up in the trash or have ballot boxes come to polls with votes preset as we saw in the bush election? are we really going to sit around and let this happen 4 years from now? this time we’ve got to no choice but to sit back as helpless citizens and take it. but if we let this happen next time then we are really doing a disservice to ourselves, our time, and our nation and voting is just a waste of time and a slap in the face to those who died to advance it for us.


what can we do?

November 5, 2012. Tags: . Voting. 11 comments.