the breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. don’t go back to sleep – Rumi


bonjour, sweet friends, Ça va bien? it’s close to midnight and just about time to close up shop for tonight. it’s utterly silent outside and i’m hoping for a good, deep sleep.

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the events of the day all over the world have been hard to comprehend. when things get overwhelming it always makes me think about having some place to decompress and what a relief it can be.


i spent way too much time surfing images of those sorts of spaces but then again, they say the time you spend wasting is not wasted time. if you enjoy it, that is  :)

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so this is just a compilation of some inspiration i gathered to start my own sacred space beginning with the basics.

i’m thankful for a simple life and having the basics like clean water and a bed


i’m looking for the in between times, the quiet moments where there is peace.



trying to make sense of this life…i find stretching helpful


do you have a personal place where you celebrate or meditate?


some of these links have great tips on making that hallowed place


with very little


just by collecting something that’s a favorite color

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 10.10.15 PM

(i’m a fool for turquoise)


or gathering special objects to create an altar


with what’s sacred to you


simplicity and complexity


i’ve always wanted to collect crystals


and bask in their beauty.


we can always count on nature for infinite inspiration.


well now it’s off to bed in the most delicious space in the house, under the cocoon of covers. hope to see you soaring by in a dream! good night!

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