a girl can dream

can you believe this is a photo for an apartment for sale in the heart of paris?!

i’m cleaning off my desktop and these pics are from a great real estate site that can best be enjoyed when  you have some time to play: lodgis.com/en/paris

what a coat of paint can do.

i could live with this much outdoor space

and only one window

if it had a view like this…

3 windows sure is nice! all of these apartments are on the website in the under 250k category (euros, actually)!

actually i can’t imagine the next two are that price but many of these here are even in the 100s!

have you ever wanted a pied-à-terre in paris?

anyway what’s more real than a dream? stop by the site for a fun diversion if you get a chance.

have a great night doing what you love!

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decorating in paris: take two

Rue Monge View

Rue Monge Salon 3

Rue Monge Dining 1

hi guys! hope you’re enjoying a bit o’ RnR and watching your favorite guilty pleasure! you may remember about this time last year when i was asked to spruce up an apartment in paris. of course i was thrilled and when the owner said i should ask the bloggers for their opinions and naturally, i did just that. you also may recall that the owner got really offended by the suggestions. she thought we said she had bad taste and told me to %#@ off!

i was bummed of course for the misunderstanding but also cause it was a dream of a lifetime! well, another chance has come along. this particular client just purchased a two bedroom in the 5eme. we’re going to meet in the spring and decorate floor to ceiling in a week.

Rue Monge Salon 2

and (thank god) this one really does have good taste (these are before pics. i know you know but someone may not)!

she said: I really want to maintain the traditional style of the apartment. I have a good idea of how I’d like to furnish it. I’d like an elegant, cosmopolitan, warm, comfortably romantic Parisian apartment. I like a mix of old and new.

of course we’re shopping for it all at the fleamarket so everything’s right at our fingertips. (it’s almost cheating).

Kitchen 3

the kitchen and bath will get renovated before i get there.

Bath 1

but the bedrooms, living and dining rooms are ready to go.

Rue Monge Master

Rue Monge Guest

ok, with this shot you may have to really use your imagination. oh, who am i kidding? i think we all see the potential here, even with this decor. more soon, bonne nuit!

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hot fun in the summertime


hi everybody! hope all’s well in your world. is the summer flying by for you?


it sure is for me. i haven’t posted lately cause there’s been so much action here in miami beach it’s hard to keep up. my goal was to stay here for a good long time, enough time to get bored to death but it’s just not happening. not only do i have to leave soon for nyc, but i’m not close to being over this place.


i’m sorry’ve been so bad about visiting and responding but i vow to get over to say hi and check on you. i know you know how it is…everything starts to pile up if you take your eye off the ball. even blogging…from answering comments to resizing pics and recapping a full day it can become overwhelming and then you do nothing.


basically i just wanted to check in and send a little south beach your way. it’s truly heaven on earth and i thank god every day for letting me figure out i should live here. i’ve been on a crusade to tackle recycling cause tragically, they just don’t do it and no one enforces the law. it’s really a renegade city in so many ways which on one hand is a relief from the traffic cops and meter maids of nyc, but on the other hand, it’s a kind of a free for all that gets taken advantage of.


anyway in my spare time i’ve been checking out the luxe market here, the w just opened last week and i got a grand tour. they don’t like you taking pics but i got a couple. but you know me. i’m one of the renegades!


it was positively stunning from the lobby to the loggia, just wildly plush and every surface was exquisite.


not to mention the views. now if only i could get the 10 mil together for this penthouse. want to all pitch in?


this would be our view! well powerball is up to 75 mil. i don’t normally play but as they say you gotta play to win!

well, i better get back to it. i have lots of visiting to do. thanks for all your incredible comments on the last post. you’re making me want to open up shop again… maybe a very posh coconut stand!


oh and before i go wanted to thank melissa of reverie daydream (reverie-daydream.blogspot.com). she sent me this gorgeous candle as a thank you gift. she’s a fabulous fellow blogger who if you don’t know, now you know. she’s living a dreamy reverie with her beautiful family. thank you mel! have a great night everyone!

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