cracking the whip

hi guys! i have only a milisec before my computer dies and/or claudia forces me back to work. we have lots to prep for tomorrow but i wanted to do a quick post.  claudia helped me arrange the shelves and liz had the idea to hang the chandi by a dowel between the bookcases.

i’ve been wanting to do this wall and especially the nooks for so long but just couldn’t motivate. sometimes it takes friends as we all know! i took a couple vignettes but have a lot more to fit into this day so gotta run.

more soon, have a great day!

February 13, 2012. Decorating, Projects. 29 comments.

what’s in front of us

good morning! hope you had a great weekend! it’s crack of dawn and we were supposed to shoot at 8am but wires crossed  and it looks we may have a day of reprieve. today i’m tackling  loose ends  and not taking on any more projects big or small till this is DoNe! it’s been a hub of activity at chez moi and  liz and claudia II have been fluttering around like fairy godmothers fixing,  fastening and  fluffing stuff ready and keep me calm.

and it feels like we’re finally getting there.  the wall, the shelves and the upholstery! when the light comes up  i’ll take some after shots and post this afternoon. till then, breakfast is all that’s in front of me!

have a great week!

February 13, 2012. Decorating, Projects. 8 comments.

where the days go

hey guys! how’s your week going? i’ve been running around like crazy cause phase one of the event i can’t yet mention is coming quick. we shoot on february 13 and 14. so i’m upholstering, making pillows, editing spreadsheets and almost too tired to blog. but when i was going thu my phone i thought you may enjoy a little of it. i have about a minute left to share it. (my guy and i said no computers after dinner tonite so it’s now or never)!

we cracked open the warehouse and there are lots of pretty things but everything needs to be tweaked so i did some fabric shopping today. i love graphics and a few of these vintage benches above could use a mod pick-me-up!

i didn’t even get any of these but it was funny to see what i shot at the end of the day. actually i did get one

i was getting into the linens

and prints

this one was embroidered. it’s the one i got (for a long lucite bench)

scenes from the warehouse

tiny chandeliers

palm beach green circa 1970!

feather tables

well my date’s here, gotta go, more tomorrow!

February 2, 2012. Fabric, Projects, Shopping. 20 comments.

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