where there’s smoke there’s mirrors


hey guys! hope you’re weekend is still in full force and you’re enjoying every second of it!

you know how hard it is when all you do is work. sometimes it’s thankless (well most of the time) but once in awhile you get a little cherry just when you need it. i have some good news and of course couldn’t help but share it. it’s business news, so maybe not all that juicy, but tpa was featured in both house beautiful and instyle this month for products we manufacture!


it’s just a knob but still a thrill to be included in a great spread on vamping up your closet by those trendsetters at inStyle


and two of our chairs are featured in this HB article (and shhh, my guys make 4 other pieces on this spread)!

here’s the slideshow from their site: housebeautiful.com/decorating/looking-for-lucite


after all this time, lucite seems to be returning and appreciated as a real art. it’s been around since the 30’s but got a real bad rap after the 80’s. (below katie is on the original helena rubenstein chair from around 1935. ours was modeled after it).


katie and helena hi mom!

and i do see that the prices for lucite have been going up, making it not such an affordable option even with vintage pieces. maybe cause it’s a hard material to work with as there’s zero margin for error.


and since it looks like we all could use a little to freshen up a room, (according to HB of course)! i’m taking this opportunity to celebrate by discounting (to my bloggers) all my lucite benches by 50% and incorporating layaway plans. (if you’re interested in specifics let me know).


another cool thing in HB was a spread on some design bloggers and their homes. so if you’ve ever wondered how mrs. blandings, decorno, habitually chic and designsponge are living, check it out. the issue is also loaded with beautiful pics!


finally, i did hear from the producer i mentioned a few posts back talking about a show. (i made a couple pilots before with the travel channel and had pretty much shelved the idea of doing that ever again). they liked the idea of doing some green/fleamarketing and reno/decor stuff, but i was wondering what you think you’d like to see? i watched a lot of hgtv lately to see what’s current and am curious to hear what you like and loathe!

also, she does want to hear your pitches so if you have something and want her info, just say the word.

ok that’s it! back to the stocks and thanks for always letting me share my little successes with abandon! xoc

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falling down the rabbit hole


hi guys! yesterday i posted some of the pieces that will go onto the new boutique (if it ever gets launched :)

someone asked me where the pieces were from so i thought i’d share a little trade info about where i’m looking for products and ideas. i get trade mags and visit their sites. there are always leads to fantastic small boutique


companies who work behind the scenes, selling wholesale


like these from beth lacefield



of course i’m also making prototypes and this company will make one of’s for you


i look in places like these : www.textilesource.com

so on goes the search, it’s definitely a rabbit hole…these are some of the iron pieces i fell for



to keep things moderne


ok well i better get off this laptop cause it’s sure a wonderland in there and i’m on the verge of having no life! have a great saturday, à bientôt!

oh and this last one..it’s not necessarily perfect yet, but with the right tweaking…


ps a friend asked me about cards….are any of you talented bloggers making or selling holiday cards? i do know jen at made by girl always has something special! anyone else you can recommend?


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la vie cherie



bonsoir à tout le monde! where do the days go? it’s friday night and i have a second (nano) before i have to get ready to go for dinner but just wanted to say hi cause it’s gonna be a busy weekend.

first i’d like to thank two wonderful ladies who designed yet another beautiful blog, La vie cherie. it’s a sort of modern salon/forum for the fashion challenges we all face with clothing and decor. i love the new wave of blogs that are really multi-dimensional. go on ladies and thank you so much, i’m sorry it took this long to tell you!


which brings me to my task for the weekend, finishing (starting?) my article for RH about the salon hostesses, something i’ve wanted to sink my teeth into for so long. yet these images have been sitting on my desktop for weeks


as i didn’t do it day after day… i’m also working on the site, and the line


surfing suppliers’ sites is so much fun


of course this is the tip of that iceberg


but i should do something with this hair…


so more to come! have a great weekend!! xoc

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