putting today to bed


bon soir mes cheries. ça va? all i can really say tonight is tgif. the wood floors went in (mostly) today and the bed arrived so it’s almost time to spend the night in the new place…but not tonight. hopefully tomorrow but till then it’s just moving stuff to storage, organizing and staying on top of all the projects going on. still, if you know me you know i love to surf the net trolling thru decor porn pics, i’m addicted to it, it’s soul food! anyway i wanted to keep up with the clip file while having the momentum so without further ado, here’s today’s roundup.



just looking at how little space you need to make a statement on a balcony.


still messing with ideas for the shelves but i know i want em

and how the office will be set up is a mystery

pinterest.com but there’s a bed!


this shot may be totally irrelevant but i like the colors






i haven’t gotten any further on the sofa quest but then, one thing at a time. i’m sure it will show up.

citified.blogspot.com i love this bar and can’t wait to entertain!



so this is not much of a taste of the progress but it counts as a before and after i guess. so tada…presenting…the floor! (they let me change the carpet to wood).

it’s a rental so it was a splurge but i figure witha 13 month lease, i should love my floors. it was investment. like good shoes.

alors, it’s bedtime pour moi so i bid you adieu and hope to see you in the stars c’est soir!

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keeping it together


hi my loves!  i hope you’re having a great week. it was hectic here, how about you? guess we all hustle a little more in the spring, n’est pas? it’s been a week since i found a new apartment and the floors are going in friday so move in is saturday! not that i have a stitch. yet somehow i have so much stuff!


i’ve been working hard and putting anything fun like blogging on the back burner. it’s easy to get lost and i definitely indulge so going there was just not an option for the past few days.  of course there’s always time to save images to the desktop  :)

just thought i’d share some with you and get your sofa opinion.

i have no idea how it will evolve but i’m looking forward to living with the elements and using rock, crystal and wood.


and turquoise…bien sur!

we debated light vs dark floors, white won.



trying to hone in on a sofa cause i want all my friends and family to be able to crash comfortably at any given moment.



i’d like to add some decorative and architectural elements


this is from my own collection. i could paint it.


i love how organized apothecary jars are.


i hope to grow fruit trees and herbs on the balconies. one is going to be a zen vibe, the other, hmmm how about …a rose garden!



the floor of the balcony could be almost anything.

liz started looking for art.



for sure it will be au naturel


i’m into super simple stuff right now.


my biggest purchase will be the sofa. i had no idea i’d have trouble choosing one when everything else seems so obvious.

liz found this one at  pb. what do you think? two of them making a corner?

pottery barn

i’ve always wanted a sectional, not necessarily this one but the hunt is on. we measured for bookshelves and a mirrored wall so that’s tomorrow.

crate and barrel

trying to keep up with real life so this was a very nice respite.


there’s about an hour left to squeeze out of tonight so i leave you with this old painting from the selby. if you haven’t been to their site and have a minute, it’s a delicious diversion.

alors, bonne nuit!

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design star: mother nature


hey guys happy sunday!  did the weekend fly by?  i’m about to hit the hay but wanted to go to bed thinking of nature and her colors.


turquoise may be her favorite. mine too.


ok well, tomorrow i’ll be fresh as a daisy and will show you some of the stuff we worked on for the apartment this weekend.

sweetest dreams and hope you have a sunny monday!

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